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  1. Yellow and upside down? Not like you my friend!
  2. Brilliant ground shots Adam! Who needs a joystick?
  3. I have not flown for some time. But I was thinking of Fred this evening. Just two pics for him.
  4. Looking good Adam!
  5. Thank you kindly Gents! Your comments are much appreciated
  6. Well done Laurence! I hope that you buzzed the House of Parliament afterwards!
  7. And a very pleasant Sunday by the look of things Filou!
  8. Great set Adam! Super colours and composition
  9. Super flying and great shots Jack . Under the Clifton Suspension Bridge over the River Avon.
  10. Excellent set, as always, Adam!
  11. Gosh! It looks cold there Jack! Great shots!
  12. Great shots over a classic area Chunk!
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