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  1. Spitfire in NZ!

    Hi Stewart, I could not wait until tomorrow so I took two test flights in the Spitfire in P3Dv4 . Details - Mk IX (not clipped wings) , reduced weight to 7,077 lbs by setting fuel at 30% and removing ammunition. Took off, flew a little at around 2,000ft, turned around and lined up for a landing. Gentle descent. Once lined up, reduced speed to 160 mph at which point I lowered undercarriage and flaps and opened canopy. RPM around 2,400 or less. Gentle descent. Reduced RPM and speed to 125 mph. Gentle descent. Reduced RPM to achieve a final approach speed of about 100 mph at 'airfield boundary'. At this point full back on stick aiming for a three pointer and reduced RPM as appropriate. Both times I had one small bounce before the aircraft settled. Allowed aircraft to slow down a little. Still keeping stick full back VERY GENTLY applied the brakes. Only reduced backward pressure on stick when aircraft had properly slowed down. Sorted! So, yes, I can confirm that the RealAir Spitfire lands OK in P3Dv4 (even though I didn't achieve a three pointer! ) Cheers Paul
  2. Kakadu

    My pleasure Gerold - you always make an effort with your posts. Yes, I agree that Cessna paint is very attractive and really suits such a flight.
  3. Kakadu

    Well. Gerold, you certainly made the effort with your narrative, geography and craft. Well done my friend . I do like that livery on the Cessna also, very nice . But you sound a bit underwhelmed by the scenery?
  4. Spitfire in NZ!

    Thank you my friend! . Much appreciated.
  5. Spirfire in Norway

    Yes, that's right Stewart. I ignored the add on scenery and the scenery folders as they are not required. I just moved the Effects, RealAir and SimObjects folders into P3D.
  6. Spirfire in Norway

    Thanks Stewart! . Well, I set up a fake FSX on a spare data disk and then installed the DVD there. That allowed me to see every file. I then updated that install for any repaints that I had in FSX. I did a comparison with the P3D structure and also checked the nature of all of the files - gau, dll etc. Finally I did a copy and paste from that install into P3D. All looks fine so far. Although I might be tempting fate even saying that!
  7. Spitfire in NZ!

    Thank you Stewart! . Yes, I got it down OK, although it is not the easiest of planes to land anyway. I think that later or tomorrow I will land in FSX and then land in P3D as a comparison. That should be a good test .
  8. Spitfire in NZ!

    Thanks again Magic!
  9. Spirfire in Norway

    Thank you Magic!
  10. Spirfire in Norway

    Thanks Sniper! . It is such beautiful scenery. Orbx did a great job here.
  11. Mount Whitney and Kings Canyon area.

    Great shots John! That looks like a challenging flight!
  12. Spitfire in NZ!

    Thanks very much Sniper! . Yes sir, she is a little bit racy!
  13. This is part 2 following 'Spitfire in NZ'. Once again thanks to Stewart, Andy and Flavio for their encouragement. Well, everything seems pretty good so far - animations, sounds. effects etc So, RealAir Spitfire in P3Dv4. Departure from Narvik, Norway. P3Dv4, REX4, PTA, ASCA and ORBX.
  14. New forum up vote/like system question.

    Ahhh...................but Jack might have the key
  15. Part 2 of - 5 Countrys

    Excellent Stewart! . Tremendous clarity in your shots. Really High Res! I also like your ground colours. I guess that is Adam's latest PTA? I must give it a shot. Anyway, well done my friend!