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  1. I purchased MSFS 2020 a month or so ago . After the six hour download , ( due to the Neolithic properties of my internet connection ) , the sim ran well and I was more than pleased with it . Then the new patch ( the second one ) came along and , to quote an old expression , ' all the wheels came off ' . The new patch deleted the original download . So after deleting all files , three more unsuccessful attempts were made to re-install , uninstall , re-install etc .... After having ' clocked up ' over 60 hours of this I knew when I was beaten and asked for a refund from Ste
  2. Again , thank you Jon Clarke . I will do as advised and will return with a relevant post . Last week I had to reset my computer and I was sideswiped by the mayhem that that caused . ( Blue wall of death ) . FLY75 .
  3. Thanks for your reply . Further to my last post , 16/7/20 , I will uninstall/re-install SAM libraries first and see if that does the trick . I have also included the latest main log file from my system which makes specific reference to Leeds/Bradford . Much appreciate your help in the past and hope that this problem can be addressed . Thanks , FLY57 . Log.txt
  4. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: Latest X-Plane 11 Screenshot: Issue: After having dealt with the infamous ' Blue Wall Of Death ' and having to re-install XP-11 and all the addon scenery again , I find myself confronted with my ' old friend ' Leeds / Bradford Orbx scenery , giving me the familiar message , ' something went wrong and the scenery may not look correct ' , or words to that effect . I have verified the file and done all that has been advised in the past . Nothing is working and out of desperation am posting the log and ini.file to
  5. Everything working but I detect some scenery , eg . Liverpool , is lacking what was there before . Maybe I'm imagining things but I'm sure the Liver Building was there ? now I cannot see it . If Jon Clarke or anyone has a few minutes to spare , I would appreciate their appraisal of my current ini.file which I will post now . scenery_packs.ini scenery_packs.ini
  6. I have followed your advice to the latter/letter and now have a functional working system . All airports , along with their intrinsic functionality work . Thank you sir . FLY 57 .
  7. Thanks again Mr . Clarke . I will follow your advice and , because I am a novice at this , will take things VERY slowly and methodically . It may well be a few days before I am on the Orbx Community again but will , hopefully , post a notification of success soon . Again thanks for your time and attention to detail . FLY 57 .
  8. OK . Finally got it and am posting it now . Thanks , FLY 57 . Log.txt
  9. Thanks for your prompt reply . I have verified the files in Orbx Central . I will follow your advice on uninstalling then rebooting my PC . Further to that I will hunt for the elusive XP log file and post it , if I can find it , in a few hours . Much appreciate your time and help . FLY 57 .
  10. I recently purchased Leeds/Bradford airport from Orbx which , at first was ' as it should be ' and working fine . After a Windows 10 update that was not the case . I have included in this post a screenshot of my problem . ( Also cannot locate ' log text file ' ) . After taking five or so hours trying to iron out the problem , ( and didn't ) , I fear for the well-being of my sanity and have reverted to a site where I know people look at problems with a genuine interest in helping folk like myself who are new to these things . I have also included a snapshot of my in
  11. Thanks for your reply and help . Much appreciated . I haven't been on my flight sim much of late but will follow your advice . Cheers , FLY 57
  12. Very much appreciate your quick response . I will do as suggested . Thanks again . FLY 57
  13. I purchased Innsbruck and whenever I go to the airport a message , ' Requires custom scenery EDNY Friedrichshafen ' , comes up on the screen . Some assistance would be appreciated . Thanks , FLY 57
  14. I have uploaded my configuration if it's of any use . scenery_packs.ini
  15. Thanks for your reply Iain . I am new to all of this and find it fascinating but a fairly steep learning-curve . Would you please give guidance as to the meaning of ' up the settings in the world objects ' . Thanks , FLY57
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