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  1. The trees seems to have worked but I got another error for another DDS file. Looking at my veglib folder, I have no other DDS image files except for the one we copied over. I am assuming we should have a whole group of DDS files?
  2. Hi Jon, I appreciate the quick reply. TXFP_Trees_1024_TE_NA is not in my folder, unfortunately. I have also verified the installation via central and it is still missing.
  3. Hi, I'm coming across an error in X Plane 11 after installing TerraFlora. I currently have TerraFlora, Washington, and Anacortes in my ORBXLibrary folder that is not in the same folder as where I installed XPlane 11. I haven't had any issues prior just having Washington and Oregon installed. When loading a flight that starts at Anacortes, I am getting an error that reads: "Error, could not locate image file for forest Custom Scenery/Orbx_orbxlibsXP/veglib/TFXP_Trees_1024_TE_NA.dds" I've attached a screenshot as well. Any help would be great
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