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  1. thanks Nick. I noticed to late that i posted it in a wrong topic. So I postend an own ticket and Doug from your team already resolved it - had to verify the files again and than re-initiate the sim-connection, after that it worked perfectly fine :). dont konw why it messed up in the first place but many thanks for you and your teams fast help and cant wait now to explore EIDW in depth :). cheers Jacob
  2. Wow great Doug. That really did the trick. Thanks so much for your fast help! Looking forward to exploring Dublin now! Cheers, Jacob
  3. hi, i purchesed EIDW yesterday and tried to install it through Orbx central. I am running P3D v4 and already checkt that I have the latest version installed. Orbx central says that everything is installed successfully, but once beeing in dublin I still see standard scenery and a lot of jetways standing around somewhere on the apron (see screenshot). In Add-ons and Scenery the Dublin Scenery does not show up thats why I suspect that installation is not done correctly through Orbx Central. I already tried reinstalling it through Orbx central and find no other option where to configure some
  4. unfortunatly for p3d v4 it is not working. installed it through Orbx central and only get jetways scattered around the field. even uninstalled & installed it, no change. Any idea why this is happening?
  5. Hi, Just wondering: Does LOWW (from gaya) with P3d v4 will also work without Orbx global as it is not mentioned in the requirements, but once you scroll through the manual I find a screenshot where it is shown that it needs to have either obrx global or austria hd...? just wondering if it will work without global as I dont plan to buy it as Fs2020 is just around the corner... thx and regards
  6. any news if and maybe when nzmf will be avialble in v5? would be a shame to miss out on this one...
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