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  1. Another option is to have Ultimate Alaska X installed, on lower priority of course, to cover every Alaska region that SAK doesn't. I have this setup in my system, way way better than the default scenery. Though I haven't yet compared it to OpenLC NA + Vector + Global... at least as far as textures and landclass goes..
  2. I can confirm that the issue has been fixed. Purchased X-Plane 5 minutes ago with the discount applied..
  3. Hi all, I also seem to have issues with the ORBX coupon discount. Some minutes ago I went to buy X-Plane 11 using the coupon, for which was mentioned in these forums: "These deals aren't sticking around though - all of them will end at 23:59 BST on 8th April 2019." But when I entered the coupon I got "This coupon has expired". Shouldn't it expire today night at 23:59 BST? Did I get something wrong?
  4. No sir, not well said at all !! You measure the right of a person to express an opinion, or his experience on a subject, by his number of posts in this forum? Not wise... Now, That is an appropriate answer!
  5. Outside SAK don't forget the very good Ultimate Alaska X scenery that covers all of Alaska, including the Aleutians. It's not Orbx region quality (it couldn't be, given the scope) but complements SAK very well, at least until we get another orbx region there. It includes almost every little airstrip, enhancing the general scenery and residential areas.
  6. Is there an area coverage map available for SoCal?
  7. Frank is the mountain 'master' of FSX! Some years ago I downloaded his fabulous freeware HD renditions of Everest and Matterhorn and was really blown by the amazing detail. He has also rendered some other Himalyan mountains for FSX like Makalu, Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, K2. Hey, I even have a scenery folder in FSX named "Frank's peaks" in my computer... I am very happy to see him working with the Orbx team to produce such great scenery! Thank you Frank!
  8. I respectfully disagree. Though the memory is divided in two banks, a 3.5gb fast one and a .5gb slow, the memory manager of the driver does such a great job managing memory allocation that the REAL fps loss is about 1-3% when all 4gb are used. It's not the first card that uses such a memory sceme, but the problem was that NVidia hid it at first. I usually use 3900+ gb of vram in XPlane without a single fps loss. I have the Gigabyte G1 gaming 970.
  9. I've heard that the local Nepali sherpas are avid flightsimmers...
  10. Great find Brad, Incidentally, yesterday I was flying at exactly this area!! Coming from the north, I landed at all these strips with my C337: Glacier Creek -> Peavine -> May Creek -> McCarthy -> Jakes Bar and ended my trip at the Ultima Thule Lodge where I spent the night near the fireplace drinking bourbon.. A beautiful dreamlike landscape! I may post some screenshots tonight.
  11. You can try the following scenery for PAUN (Unalakleet). I have it installed on top of UTX Alaska, and it's really great: http://flyawaysimula...alaska-scenery/
  12. I feel you.. The upcoming SAK project managed to actually make me STOP flying (!) in anticipation of its release..
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