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  1. Hi, Is it possible to have any statement or support about the issue ? regards, Théo.
  2. I took a lot of time testing this issue. Unless there is a problem on my side, it seems you have not tested all the gate stop position properly. Some random test at Gates C and D seems to show a correct stopping point overall. Gate F08, F12, F04, F22 are quite good in stopping position. However, Gate F35, F23, F13, F06 and F01 have wrong stop positions for A32X, They makes me stop at line 1 or 2, and collide with other jetways, or like F01 if no colliding make the jetway unable to move (see screenshot). Moreover, Gate F16, F26, F32, F36, F27, F17, F11, F09
  3. Good Evening, Thank you for your answer. For the first question, I do know and using the static free afcad. However even without a Gsx profile, some gate are missing in the current afcad right ? 2. I'm sure you did, however i'm using the Fslabs A32X, and the fact is that it is not working properly. Do you Have any explanation or Solution ? On the iamge you'll see the VGDS require 9 more meters before stopping, the clearance is not good with the side jetway. again at F01, once stopped at the required point, the jetway can't Operate. A320 should stop int
  4. Good evening, I just bought The Vienna scenery from gaya simulation. Look Nice at first sight, but I suspect it hides a lot of unfinished or quickly done jobs. My apologies if it soundd rude but I never experienced this when paying 30 euros for a scenery in more than 10 years of flight simulation. First question, Can you confirm that the scenery is compatible with GSX ? I ask because on the current Afcad, GSX miss a LOT of gates (quick exemple F09, F03 and others), is it due to Unfinished Afcad ? Second Questions or Request, Is it possible to get a correct SODE
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