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  1. so it`s best to have both installed? thank you for the discount for TREES HD owners! already downloaded and installed ;-)
  2. global base pack should be the first thing you buy anyway!
  3. finally! back to short legs ;-) of course i had to use the OBRX Sale and add something to my world: LEBB - Bilbao Airport including the City! WOW!
  4. awesome! thank you so much! this is my favourite airport for my UK trips ;-)
  5. i am hoping for this airport added to v5 soon aswell!!!!
  6. i love those mountain sceneries in Austria! Orbx Global Base + LC Europe do such an amazing job!
  7. a big THANK YOU to everyone! I love just to share my views out of the cockpit with all of you! Orbx makes me smile all the time! just take a look at that, approaching ESSA is always spectacular! The textures are so different up here! True Sky is another dimension aswell! I am using the Rex Sky Force Weather Engine for now, which is working good but can't wait for my old trusted Active Sky to work with V5!
  8. exactly! I will definitely get some TrueEarth Sceneries at one point! can't wait to see that! i own southern california with KSAN and that is awesome! i will try and take some interesting screenshots later!
  9. hello! i just had a weird bug! I am in the fastlane! i started Orbx Central like everyday to check for updates when suddenly LOWW appeared in my list for V5 ready to be installed! So i clicked on it and installed LOWW in V5! Started up P3D to check it out, everything worked fine! I closed P3D and suddenly Orbx Central dissapeared from my app list and i had to search for the *.exe to start it and make a new shortcut to desktop! After starting it, LOWW now disappeared from the List of V5 Airports (it`s not even out yet isnt it?!) but it
  10. LOEI - Pure joy to fly around there with any type of aircraft! this is my favourite shot from yesterday:
  11. Stunning final at ESSA! I love the look of northern europe compared to mid/south compared to LOWW, much greener
  12. wonderful! LOWI is one of the most spectacular airports in the Orbx galaxy
  13. Hello! I am a passionate flightsimmer and i am supporting Orbx since i found them! i love their sceneries and since i am using V5 everything comes to new life! i canˋt stop smiling flying around in this beauty everyday and i have to take screenshots all the time! i want to share my, what i think, best ones with you guys! Nothing is post edited, all straight from ingame by pressing V Orbx LOWI The lightning makes so much difference in P3D, this looks so good in a way! my favourite time is for this is 19:30 so fa
  14. i just joined this forum to share this screenshot of with you guys! i enjoy v5 so much! Orbx LIEO + Global Base + LC Europe
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