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  1. That's fair, but the fact that disabling Simlink, which doesn't utilize the graphics card, immediately fixes the issue leads me to believe the issue lies elsewhere.
  2. Interesting. What makes you think it's a graphics card issue? I don't have issues in any other systems or games, and Simlink to my knowledge, doesn't utilize the GPU since it's not rendering anything, only transmitting the Aircraft's in game position. I don't have issues if I open Navigraph Charts. The issues only start if I have the Simlink addon active in P3d.
  3. Hello everyone. I recently purchased Orbx Global Base, Vector and took advantage of the free to play PrecipitFX as well. I installed everything via Orbx Central and configured my sim according to the user guide. When I loaded up the sim, I was getting 0.5fps according to P3d, but when I actually timed it, it was closer to 0.02fps. After a lot of frustration, I figured out there was an addon conflict somewhere thanks to a Redditor who helped me in my post to r/flightsim about this problem. I turned everything off except for the Orbx scenery addons and restarted the sim. Lo and behold, it loaded
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