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  1. Hey there, Recently I bought LOWI and now I have no runway markings or the true textures on the ground (see screenshots). I tried several things: - Disable and restoring Envdir settings, reinstallation without 'Airport' textures - moving Envtex in scenery library below the airport - verifying LOWI files in Orbx Central - checked the 'add-on.xml' I usually save all my add-on.xml's in the default Documents / Add-Ons folder for P3D5. I also moved the .xml over from the installation folder of LOWI to a separate folder in Documents, so the content within
  2. Hey Nick, Thank you!! I didn't own any Orbx scenery except the global range (Base, Vector, etc.) but your products are great. Kind regards
  3. Hey there, sorry, at first look this question might sound a bit dumb but because it doesn't made sense to me I wanted to ask. So I looked around a bit in Orbx Central due to the sale at the moment. On some airport pages (for example YMML Melbourne) other scenery is required to use them. In case of Melbourne it is Australia V2 but what happens if I only buy and use the airport, are there any disadvantages when I only use the airport without Australia V2? Is it only recommended or really required? Thanks a lot! Kind regards
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