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  1. They should have left Livingston like that.....
  2. Nice shots, but you missed out West Lothian (where I live )
  3. Thanks but there is no option to remove statics in the Scottish airports, which I use most often.
  4. Thanks for your help.I can see the option to configure at all the English airports but weirdly not at my Scottish ones (Edinburgh, Dundee and Sumburgh) TG plays havoc with LCY and is unusable. I found that in X-plane settings you have the option to draw static aircraft or not, so that solves my problem (except for LCY). Thanks agaon
  5. Nice pics, I was there last week!
  6. I've just bought Traffic Global and found that at Orbx airports, the TG aircraft are parked on top of Orbx static aircraft. Is there any way to work round this please?
  7. Approaching Connel (Oban) airport in Scotland with the Connel Bridge spanning Loch Etive.
  8. Very nice, this actually happened a few days ago when a Spitfire from Duxford flew to Inverness.
  9. Thanks, aerotow behind the Stinson
  10. Soaring in the ASK-21 over the wonderful Compton Abbas in Dorset. I used to fly gliders there for real in the early 1970s and the trick was to always keep an eye on where you were because it was very difficult to find, especially if you were to the south because it is completely hidden by a forest. They had a double deck bus in the far corner to help pilots find the place. Great memories and great scenery.
  11. This large object looms up in TE GB North in Central Scotland and can be seen from above both Edinburgh and Glasgow. I've searched this forum to see if anyone else has mentioned it but can't find a reference.
  12. Turning finals for runway 08 at Compton Abbas, on the longest Day
  13. Hi Laurie, thanks for the link, very interesting. I was a radar tech and spent most of my time on airfields but I did a two year tour at Troodos.
  14. Never got sent there. This was the place where the radar blew over the cliff in a storm. Thanks for all the comments.
  15. Quick flip round in the Cirrus
  16. Thank you very much, that is very helpful. I was stationed at RAF St. Mawgan and fly there a lot so it is great to have it corrected. Thanks again.
  17. There is a problem with Watergate Bay in Cornwall.The beach is at clifftop heigh on top of a 'lump' of the sea.
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