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  1. KMMH (Mammoth Yosemite): viewing the IMC conditions before taxiing Cheers, Mike
  2. in terms of atmosphere, PAKT is one of my favorites! nice shots, Carlos! cheers, mike
  3. hi nick, would it be possible to add the ICAO codes of the airports to the product description? like that one could just open up ftx central (or the product web page) to see what the pack contains. cheers, mike
  4. hi jack, its p3d v4 with the usual add-ons (Orbx SoCal, A2A Comanche, Active Sky) and pilote pete's pta preset.
  5. Thanks everybody! That was indeed how it happened started off as a straight forward VFR flight. When I got closer to the coast, the fog started to come in more and more until I had to quickly open an IFR flight plan for the last bit of the route. That kind of situation would have been a lot more stressful on a real world flight though
  6. Some misty shots from the LDA/DME Approach Into 20R. Cheers, Mike
  7. thanks very much sherm! cant wait to try this out in the evening
  8. very nice lighting in that shot! do you have a current link to that pta preset? cheers mike
  9. yeah, Orbx and A2A make a perfect team thanks everybody!
  10. Just two shots from an approach into Sonoma County Airport. Northern California is done so well by Orbx, one of my favorites Cheers, Mike
  11. finally my home country gets some attention i'll definitely get that one! edit: and i also will get every single future product you do for switzerland
  12. I'm afraid that I won't be flying outside TrueEarth anymore, once this is out :S
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