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  1. Thanks for making us aware - we will take a look into the ATC runway issue you have noticed, With regard to parking position, I am under the assumption that a random avaliable position is selected - of which there is the main parking area and the opposing side with the couple of hangars. However we will investigate where appropriate.
  2. As I am sure you can appreciate, it is not physically possible for any developer to test their scenery in combination with every other available offering, but we are always monitoring and looking to patch any bugs where possible and if able to - by our own means. With regard to Taburet Shoreham conflict, have you firstly checked that it loads with no problem when EGTB is disabled? (I have seen a comment elsewhere stating that a installing this scenery to the community folder had caused crashing), and if not then as nick suggested this could be due to conflicting CGL Orthoimagery -
  3. A great find for this bug and its solution! - I can confirm a formal patch is in the works now, as well as mitigation for other possible file system conflicts. Expect the patch to come very shortly. Thanks, - Jack
  4. Hi, I'm taking a look currently into the causes of the conflcit with a couple of these other add-ons, Bare chills, can you please confirm the version of Tacoma you are running? - I have just installed tacoma into my communty folder, and this does not seem to conflict/cause a crash with wycombe installed on my end? Thanks for your patience, Jack
  5. Glad you found them all With regard to the waste containers and crates. The industrial area (South) is home to both Serco and R&S. Serco is a waste management company, with booker being a depot for those operations, R&S is a commercial vehicle recovery and repair company also using the space!
  6. Some great looking shots there Andy! We love seeing users explore tucked away areas of the Air Park!
  7. Really nice images! We're glad you love the airfield! Joe PP
  8. Hi, We are aware of this unfortunate issue, sadly this is a problem rooted in the sims shader (causing objects with transparency to appear as your image shows). We have alerted Asobo of this, and you can actually see the same issue in some of their handcrafted airports too! Glad you are otherwise enjoying the product! - and of course if it becomes possible for us to fix this, we will provide a patch. Best, Jack
  9. Great shots! Thanks for sharing! Joe PP
  10. Current owners of Wycombe Air Park for P3D or X-Plane are eligible for 25% discount on the new MSFS version. This discount is a Pilot Plus initiative. That should be applied in your account if you are a current owner of EGTB in the other sims. Joe PP
  11. Great looking shots Iain! Thanks for sharing! Joe
  12. Wycombe Air Park is now available! https://orbxdirect.com/product/pilotplus-egtb-msfs
  13. Thanks Ron! We're glad you love Wycombe! We certainly have more projects in the pipeline! Thank you!
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