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  1. Hi, Yes there is a chance that our newest airports will make there way back to X-Plane sometime later this year, and if they do - yes they would be compatible
  2. Welcome to EGTK London Oxford for Microsoft Flight Simulator! The Pilot Plus team have worked closely with airport management to ensure realism and authenticity. The virtual environment captures the vibrant atmosphere at London Oxford, you will find something new to explore around every corner. Available Here $22.99 AUD ~ £12.49 GBP Features include An ultra-realistic rendition of London Oxford Full PBR implementation, from buildings to airside clutter and ground Dynamic rain on the control tower and ter
  3. Hi Wain, We are intending to redevelop EGGD for MSFS. This will not be a direct port as there has been many airport changes and we want to take advantage fully of the MSFS rendering engine. This will likely be sometime later this year, but you can stay up to date on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pilotplus.io
  4. Hi, As Jon stated above, the bing issue that caused CTD for many custom airports appears to now be fixed, I experience no CTD at both EGTB and EGMC. EGTB has no known issues and works with the new update, EGMC is the same minus the below: Asobo may have changed how taxi lighting works in the new update (or introduced a bug).Therefore many larger airports that have manually placed blue taxi lighting now experience a bug where taxi lights are placed randomly across the airport. This has been raised to Asobo, we are awaiting comment and hopefully it can be patc
  5. Hi both, We'll look into the support ticket that you submitted. Joe
  6. Hi Nick and All, Just took a look into this given a few user reports for issues at EGTB. I belive that the error seems to be with the bing data streaming in specific areas. Disabling bing online data, setting all bing settings to off - then delete rolling cache fixed the issue and I experience no conflicts or crashes. Interestingly, if I re-enable this online functionality the CTD occurs once more. There must be an under the hood change going on here, in the mean time users that wish to fly without issues at particular airports may need to f
  7. Thanks both @Nick Cooper and @Jon Clarke, It would appear that your freeware mod is causing trees to be placed additionally in existing vegetation polygons. We use the native SDK when preparing our sceneries, and all processes align to that. Editing a published scenery, that functions correctly with native MSFS - purely to support freeware packages is a nightmare for us. With the amount of freeware popping up, it is impossible for us to manage or even expect compatiablity with those that arent official add-ons. As nick suggested, I imagine another freeware
  8. EGMC London Southend for Microsoft Flight Simulator! $25.99 AUD - Orbx Direct Welcome to London Southend! Pilot Plus can't wait for you to immerse yourself in this ultra-realistic rendition of Southend Airport! London Southend has been no small project, starting with an on-site visit by the team many months ago, every aspect has been studied and faithfully replicated. Navigating around the airport you’ll find detail on and around every building, every asset looks beautiful and the ground materials are no exception. If you visit the Restoration
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