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  1. Hi, sorry if I am repeating the same question but I cannot find the answer on the forum I have just installed MSFS 2020 and ran Orbx Central but it cannot find the program and the option for MSFS 2020 isn’t listed How do I link Orbx to the sim? Thanks in anticipation Charles Hill
  2. Another small point is that Scrabo Tower on the small hill west of EGAD is slightly in the air as if it is hovering! Regards Charles
  3. Thanks for that answer Most of the runways in the U.K. and Ireland changed about a year or two ago For example my home airfield EGAD is now 21 03 15 33 26 08 and EGAB is now 14 32 the major airports seen to be ok but minor ones aren’t Its not a big problem but would be nice if they where fixed One other thing is that I read in the forum that DX Scenery Fixer is good but was wondering what the best settings would be for it regards Charles
  4. Hi I have EU Ireland and EU Northern Ireland and was wondering if Global Base Pack, Global Vector or Global openLC Europe would enhance the scenery on them? I am also disappointed that they don’t incorporate the latest runway deviation of approx 10 degrees ie runway 04 is now 03 My order numbers are : 5e7e891a26ffe and 5e831a94b17d4 Regards Charles Hill
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