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  1. Hi i know what holding patterns are and how to deal with them. What im after is the Offline ATC issuing me to go into a holding pattern at any given airport. randomnly on occasion on any flight.
  2. Hi I just can not seem to get an answer to this query at all from the huge world of aviation sim fans. I play with FSX. The ATC in FSX does not issue holding patterns or ever tell you to enter one. Does anyone here use an ATC Addon that actually issues the pilot to enter a Holding pattern. I have spent 4 weeks learning about holding patterns and holding pattern entrys and now im ready to fly the sim I dont want to loose this. I want to practise it more! ATC addons i know of below. Radar Connect Pilot2ATC (Asked them already
  3. hi thanks for the reply. so Orbx version of east midlands is a no go. now the final query. can I use uk2000 scenery addon on top of Orbx stuff. I want to purchase the Orbx global. Apply the free Orbx airport patch. Then apply the uk2000 scenery addon of east midlands airport will this work?
  4. hi thanks for this. how ever once again on the list it is showing east midlands airport being only for xplane 11 or p3d. I thought p3d versions work with fsx. I really want to purchase it before the offer vanishes. Also if that does not work will the UK2000 scenery one work on top of the Orbx global. PS.. people keep saying Orbx direct.. im not sure what that is or can not find it. I found Orbx Global addon.
  5. Hi im totally new to fsx. did some lessons etc and I want to add some scenery. I wanted a global scenery addon and there is one here or flyawaysimulation site. If I used the paid one here will it effect fps. and also can I still use various other addons from different people ontop of the Orbx global. I want to install east midlands airport which is near where I live and its the main airport I use for flying around on holidays. This website offers a great version of it. http://www.uk2000scenery.com/newsite/My_Homepage_Files/Page29.htm
  6. Hi was about to purchase the base addon. The whole global world thing. Does this update the whole worlds land mass textures etc? trees? buildings? fields? Also there is then a free airport update. Does this include east midlands airport in England. It doesn't say what airports are supported or revamped. Also I did find East midlands airport separate. But it seems its only for the p3D program or whatever it is. Does it not work with FSX TOO> Also I did find a great third-party update for the airport. Will it be compatible with Orbx ba
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