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  1. In MFS2020 Can you remove the trees on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in your KTIW Scenery or is that something that Microsoft has to do Regards denwagg
  2. FYI Not sure if this has been covered. There are buildings floating 2-300 ft above ground approx 2 miles south of the runway on an island. Not sure if this is a Orbx issue. I removed all of the Orbx Scenery and did a complete re install, rebooted and same issue. Addons are Envtex,Navigraph Simlink, Fsuipc, Reality XP, Orbx Global terraflora 2 and Obx Object flow Regards Dennis Waggoner
  3. Trying to purchase Tacoma Narrows For P3d and it says I already own this product and will not let me add it to the cart. I previously purchased this Product and ask for a refund because I did not have P3d at the time. Now I have P3d and would like to purchase it. Regards Dennis Waggoner
  4. I have several hundred dollars of Addon Orbx Scenerys Which all worked fine in FSX. Reinstalled Windows 10 and did a clean install of Prepar3d 4.5 and then added Orbx scenerys.. Isolating problems I discovered that If I load the Orbx Librarary files my load times go from 30 sec up to10 minutes. If remove the library back down to 30 secs. This is 100% repeatable I tried everything I can deleated prepar3d.cfg, scenery.cfg, Terrian.chg. Shaders folder and noting helps. I have disable antimalware and acronis services, I have 2, NvMe Drives That my operating system is on on
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