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  1. SUCCESS! It turns out that the problem had been my letting Orbx Central install ObjectFlow in the default location it chose. This was not linking to P3D, explaining the blank add-ons.cfg. I deleted the library Central had created and made a new folder in my C:/ drive, and then forced ObjectFlow into that location. When I then opened P3D it asked if I wanted to activate ObjectFlow. The new add-ons.cfg is no longer blank. One last question. Should I go back and enable Airport Elevation Correction for KSNC in Vectors, or leave well enough alone? Many tha
  2. I have the same problem others have had with KSNC (photo attached). I have gone through all the steps that Charlie McEwan went through, uninstalling, reinstalling the airport, ObjectFlow, and a few other things. I have only one instance of ObjectFlow, in my main library. I have attached scenery.cfg, add-ons.cfg and scenery_add-ons.xml. I have no idea why my add-ons.cfg is empty. Perhaps that is the cause, but I have no idea how to fix it. I have tried starting the sim with Airport Elevation Corrections both enabled and disabled in Vector. I am at my wits end, and very much
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