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  1. Thanks for the link to that article. That's too bad they can't co-exist. Sadly, with Orbx Meigs loaded, most of the downtown buildings lose about 50% or more of their actual RW architecture and other critical buildings are simply missing/excluded. And the DD Chicago Landmarks is sooooo good for heli flying (or just plain manual moving around town, visiting favorite spots), just no way to run both UNLESS a person actually wants to only fly fixed wing out of Meigs and quickly leave the area (which I have done several times in the past). I did find that putting DD Chicago Landmarks ju
  2. Sure would appreciate staying on the topic of how to fix my problem, not Chicago's problems. Thanks!
  3. Just today purchased the recently released Chicago Landmarks. FANTASTIC! Having spent a good deal of time in Chicago and area over the years, great fun taking a heli tour up Michigan Ave and "visiting" a whole bunch of favorite spots around town! HOWEVER, having also purchased Meigs Field awhile back, Meigs is destroying many of the buildings/landmarks in downtown Chicago. Yes, I have Meigs above Chicago Landmarks in the ini file (Meigs is with airports at the top section of file and Landmarks is down just below airports in the landmarks section). Hopefully there is an
  4. Just added GB Central on 2019 iMac (Catalina) using Central 4.1.26. As has happened in previous installs, the jpg files in the Orthos/Textures folder were not deleted. Had to manually removed them. I had reported this some time ago when installing previous Orbx packages, so the problem on Mac is still there.
  5. UPDATE I was wrong on the scenery_packs.ini file. It DOES require rebuilding. For some reason, it did not recognize the same names from the new symbolic links and, thus, put them all at the top of the ini file. Had to go in and resort things. All in all, not an easy, quick task just to move the remote Library.
  6. SOLVED I think I remember now how Central cannot do this on Mac since it creates incorrect symbolic links within the XP/Custom Scenery to the remote library. In the end, in order to move the Library. I had to: Open Central, delete the existing library on the old drive. Move the actual Library folder to the new drive, then create a new empty folder with a new name. After quitting and restarting Central, create a new Library within the new folder on the new drive/ Quit Central. Drag the old xp11 subfolder from the old library to the new empty library folder, t
  7. Tried creating a new empty folder on the new drive and that allowed me to create a new library there, but nothing was put into it despite having used the Find Libraries, selecting the existing one that had been moved to the new drive, then using the Add. But it did then show that there was a library there with the new name. However, it showed it as empty zero kb. I then tried moving the sub xp11 folder from the old library (that had been moved to the new drive) and put it into the new folder that was being recognized as a library within Central. However, starting XP (11.41), the sce
  8. Also, if I scan for libraries, it is finding the new location of the library, but when I select it and tell it to Add, it again comes up with the error: THE LIBRARY LOCATION ISN'T EMPTY. and won't create it.
  9. Having problems with this. Followed the instructions. Opened Central, deleted the library, copied the library folder and contents from one external drive to another. Quit Central. Restarted Central. Clicked Create Library. I give it the same name and point to the new location. However, it always comes up with an error: THE LIBRARY LOCATION ISN'T EMPTY. Have tried numerous times. Have tried a different name for the library, tried pointing to the xp11 folder within the main library folder. Always get the error. macOS Mojave
  10. FYI, Tony had already commented on the Parliament missing bridge section some time ago. He said this is a Laminar error/issue, not TE.
  11. My understanding was (and I could be wrong) that Captnchris had exclusion areas and buildings in the downtown area that were blocking TE SoCal's buildings. Once Captnchris removed those exclusion zones, TE buildings now show. But you are right that the downtown is not light very well/correctly. Not sure the why of that situation. But I'm sure @Tony Wroblewski knows the actual story much better than me! He was going to download the KSAN update and see what he thought, but haven't heard from him on that.
  12. Captnchris has provided a patch for better compatibility with TE SoCal. Seems to work so far, but welcome Tony's feedback (since he knows what his TE San Diego downtown should look like).
  13. Any Orbx input on this? Can I safely trash the removed JPGs?
  14. Just as a FWIW, I just loaded TE Florida SD (Ft Myers Page) on my iMac 27. XP on my internal fusion HD Computer was in the process of installing a 2nd copy of XP on an external Orbx library on that same external USB 3 external Computer was doing a backup of the main HD at the same time Time to load was 7 minutes. Normally has been a little faster than that. Of course, this is the SD version of Florida, so not entirely comparable but thought I would mention it as a reference data point.
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