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  1. Hello Nick, Thanks for the reply and you were correct. I don't know how the scenery complexity slider got moved, I must have moved it in error, everything is good. And those files I thought that were deleted are still in the directory but have .inactive after them. Thanks for the Help! Dale
  2. Good morning, Bought a new computer, did a install of FSX (Gold Edition) and re installed my Orbx products plus a few freeware airports of yours. Everything is fine and working as it should. In FTX Global Vector it mentions to re-auto config if you have added or deleted add on scenery so I ran that program. I fired up FSX and a message came up saying it was going to Delete "Orbx\FTX_vector\FTX_Vector_AEC\scenery\AEC_cec7" and it went on about a dozen times for files within the Orbx/FTX_Vector directory. I did not think to get a screenshot of what the FSX message said. So after I closed and re opened FSX and went to CEF4 there was only the runway and the fence and the rotating beacon no trees or anything else. I went over to CYYC (see Pic) same thing. So I checked the Scenery.cfg and there a lot of files with inactive beside them, the files appeared to be not deleted.There a 3 scenery.cfg files, one is the original FSX that was backed up when I installed your product and another one that I think FSX created when it went on it's rampage. I'm not sure what to do here uninstall and re install Global Vector? I only wrote down seven of the error messages FSX showed and I'm not sure why it did this. Maybe running the re-atuo config caused this? Thanks Dale
  3. Hi Nick, So the setting that was changed in the Vector was "Frozen Surface (in winter only)' option. So is there a way to fix this? Could this be fixed using the ADE program? Thanks Dale
  4. Hello, Came across this airport CFN4 in AB,CA. in the middle of a river. On May 26 I had another scenery issue which was resolved. On that issue I did verified all my files and replaced the terrain.cfg file, and changed one setting in the Vector config. Any idea's on this one? Thanks Dale
  5. Thank you for the reply Doug, That took care of the problem. Does this setting need to off even in the winter season? Thanks DAle
  6. Flying around airport CYOJ High Level, AB, CA. Came across trees in the lake and also square lakes? I verified my Base pack, Vector, open lc North America, and the Airport Pack. Backup org Terrain.cfg, and d/l Orbx terrain.cfg. Ran Orbx Central, Run Sync Simulator I did tried to rename Iclookup.bgl but FSX Gold Edition would not start. No change, see attched pics
  7. Hello, When viewing outside the cab of the aircraft this is what I get in my view. Now, if I move the camera a bit this goes away and when the camera goes farther around it reappears. If you need more info please let me know. This is CEF4 (I think it was in your airport pact)and this is the only airport I've notice this. Thanks Dale
  8. Hello, My first time posting, I hope this is the right forum. I've just installed Global Base, Global vector and Global openlc north America. When I fired up FSX I noticed a lot of black squares. I think they might be lights but some of the lights seemed to located in weird places. I've done some reading in your forums and the issue with Directx 10 has been disabled. I've included some pics.
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