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  1. thankyou thankyou for everything you have done
  2. thankyou! can i ask what shall i do with my scenery files shall i put my addon ones in the new scenery folder?
  3. thank you! it has worked i would like to say thank you on behalf of me and my dad we really do appreciate it... REALLY thankyou for your help guiding us through the situation it was worth every penny and second
  4. i know how to verify files so is that all i do? thankyou for your help i really appreciate it also what do i do with the ini file shall i leave it?
  5. on my c drive i have got 18.8gb left but before i installed the product i had more should i change temp to E:?
  6. sorry im terrible at wording things out when i install the TEGB it just said xxxx files failed to install it is this and i pressed clear is this enough info? thankyou for helping
  7. ok size:2.71 GB (2,918,260,976 bytes)custom size:1.46 GB (1,571,616,259 bytes)overlay size:178 MB (186,648,014 bytes)orthos size on disk:2.80 GB (3,012,034,560 bytes)custom size on disk:1.81 GB (1,946,550,272 bytes)overlay size on disk:1.51 GB (1,630,535,680 bytes)orthos thanks scenery_packs.ini
  8. hi there @Jon Clarke hope you are having a good day i am leeh's son and i have got everything drive: 1tb drive seagate e: space:i have got 533 gb left with the product installed but still losing files as my dad has explained logs:underneath thankyou for your help! Log.txt central.log
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