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  1. Hi Nick, Thank you so much for the quick response. I will leave it like this and won't worry if it is in the correct position. Can you maybe confirm aswell why certain sceneries are ticket and unable to move and certain aren't? Just wondering. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Jim
  2. Operating system: Intel I7 9600K 3.6ghz / Nvidia GTX2080 / 16GB ram. Simulator: P3D V4.5 Screenshot: Issue: Hi all, After I have installed a nice amount of products of Orbx and really enjoying the beauty of it all I wonder the following thing. I selected my insertion points in the Orbx central application below my 3rd party scenery, and the OpenLC is below that. Now I check my scenery library quite often and discovered that only 1 of the OpenLC is still on prio 1. The FTXAA_ORBXLIBS Orbx Global openLC Europe. See the 2 screenshots included. I have tried anything but can't seem to move it down. Can anyone of you help me out in this case, or tell me if this is an issue for other scenery when flying the sim? As it is quite odd it drops it on top whilst the rest is all below the 3rd party scenery. Attached the log file and 2 screenshots of p3d scenery library. Thank you so much, Kind regards, Jim centrallog.txt
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