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  1. Yes, and I think the file was loaded on the Xplane 11 copy on my Steam copy on a seoond hard drive on my laptop. I thought since it is easier and quicker to use my home router that is faster than where my sim is located to download the files from Orbx. My intentions was to be able to download and save the files and load on my sim computer at a later time from a external harddrive copied from my laptop. I even tried to direct the download to my external drive to eliminate one step, but when I verified the files it appeared to load everything in the Steam Folder into the Xplane 11 fold
  2. Thank you, I still have the issue of taken off my laptop and installing on one of my sim computers....
  3. I just downloaded Orbx today on my laptop, where I have a Steam copy of Xplane 11, I tried to direct the downloaded files to an external hard drive since my intention was to download the file and use my hard drive to download the copies into my two licenses copies of Xplane 11.41 running on two computers, one set up for visual and panel computer set up for instruments with Air Player. My delema is once the files download they were compressed, do I un zip each file and just drop back into the parent folder removing the compressed folders? When downloading using the down load m
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