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  1. Just installed the beautiful KBUR scenery MS2020 and now I get a no pushback available all the time.
  2. Ok..I downloaded KSBA from Orbx Central..its in my MS2020 Offical/OneStore folder MS2020 doesnt reconize the scenery..How do I fix that? central.log
  3. I purchased this thru Orbx direct..MS2020 doesnt reconize it..how do I fix that?
  4. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  5. just realized on Orbx cenrtral theres a switch at the top to switch from 4.5 to 5.0 Sorry Im tired..
  6. So I still have 4.5 installed. Orbx central is not recognizing 5.0 Ive quit Orbx central started p3d 5.0 and its still not recognizing 5.0 Also, where are the libraries on my pc located to copy one from to the other? Im on the fasttrack and I updated central.
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