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  1. I have installed all my add-on aircraft (including Carenado and Alabeo, plus over ninety freeware downloads) into a completely separate folder from P3D, and referenced them through .xml files. This prevents them from overwriting core P3D files, which could be the case here. ALL my add-on aircraft work as expected. Plus I can 'turn them off' in the add-on menu, and use the same aircraft files for P3D v4 and v5 without wasting hard drive space with duplicates. There is a guide here https://www.nzfsim.org/fsx-p3d-tweaks/add-ons-outside-p3d-root/ I used the template for the
  2. There is a reason why the hardware has a 'default'. That's what it was designed for, and more importantly, tested at. For example, I chose DDR4-3000 memory for my recent build, not because it's cheaper than DDR4-3600 (it's not), but because there is a trade-off of clock speed against latency, and the lower-latency 3000 outperformed the 'faster' memory in many real-world tests. I could overclock it to higher numbers, but then I'd throw away that advantage and probably build-in a load of instability. If you look closely at memory modules, you will find that many of them are physically the same,
  3. I'm also using HD Trees + Terra Flora in v5.1 HF1 and not seeing any anomalies with trees, aside from the known blue edges bug. However, I don't use EA because it eats my VRAM. I'm actually quite glad about that as it seems to be causing nothing but trouble. The lighting has definitely changed in the new HF - for the better. It was too dark before. Since the HF I've been able to turn down the brightness quite a bit and I need to adjust my shader profile in Envshade slightly as it's a bit undersaturated now. I'm using HDR.
  4. Thank you for the replies. Quantum Amiga, I appreciate your assistance but we are using two different versions of the simulator, so our experiences will not be comparable. The important information I now have, thanks to Larry_R, is that other users of P3D v5 have not reported this situation, so it looks like it's something at my end. The first thing I tried was verifying the files, and that didn't change anything. Over the weekend I updated to P3D v5.1 HF1 - having missed out v5.1 entirely as the feedback wasn't very favorable. I completely uninstalled all the components of P3D an
  5. Nothing? Scenery packages with no content or incorrect pathways not a problem worth discussing here? Something only I'm seeing? A reply would be nice.
  6. So hasn't anyone else ever experienced this? I know some of the screenshots look normal, but there is definitely something strange going on with the water around Orbx Australia v2. It's solid and in some places it's at the wrong height. I'd really like to know if it's an issue with my installation, something already known or a new issue. Radio silence isn't very reassuring.
  7. Yup, I got it. There's an 'instructions' PDF as well, but Acrobat is misbehaving and I can't open it at the moment. I'm loading P3D v5 right now. ...and it does work if you convert it into an XML add-on package. Slightly pointless, but I like the option to turn it off if I don't like it.
  8. Aha. I didn't know that. That's a much neater idea. I'll do it now. Is there any point trying to keep my v5 folder 'clean', or shall I just install it in there and forget about it? Again answering my own question, the installer will only let me point at a P3D folder, so I couldn't make it into an optional package anyway. At least not easily. However, the more difficult things are, the more determined it makes me to get it working. I tricked the installer and now have the file I require.
  9. How did you apply the Drzewiecki Design grass to P3D v5? I downloaded v2.5 from DD's (old?) website, which has an installer for P3D v4, but not for v5. I ran it on my v4 installation anyway in the hope I'd be able to copy the files from the folder shown in the installation path, but there is no way of knowing which of the 16,082 files in that folder were changed. Edit - belay that! By sorting by 'date created', I have located the files. I'll move them to a safe place and try 'installing' them into v5 as an xml add-on package so I don't have to overwrite anything in my installation.
  10. I tried a few different places and the most noticeable effect was at Cottage Point YCGP. That's the D18, hovering a foot above the water. Interestingly, the (scenery?) aircraft in the background is sitting on the water, and moves with it, unlike mine. That's also a horribly low-res texture in the background. All the other Australian bases are about the right level, but the aircraft is static like it's on the ground. I can hear water sloshing in the VC view - possibly Accufeel at work there. The Mallard is at Palm Beach YPLB, the Soloy C206 is at Rose Bay YRAY and the C185 is at St
  11. I've been doing a bit of housekeeping with the Lorby add-on organiser (I install all my add-on aircraft & scenery as XML 'packages' outside the P3D directory and use the Lorby tool to link them), and noticed that something called FTXZZ_OLC_FixedAPT is purple. This apparently means that the path is incorrect, or there is no .bgl file in the folder it's pointing at. My Orbx library is exactly as it installed itself, and I have no intention of fiddling with it! Is this something I should be concerned about? My installation is very stable and rarely crashes, although it does take a while to lo
  12. Hi. Over the last few days I've been flying with my collection of flying boats and floatplanes, and I noticed something odd regarding the water levels in Australia. If I start a flight in the water at several different Australian floatplane bases, my aircraft is hovering a few feet above the surface, and is static as if it's on land. I've also had a situation where the aircraft is at sea level, but is static. I tried moving to seaplane bases in America, and the water behaves correctly there - the aircraft bobs about on the waves and I can hear the splashing from inside the cockpit.
  13. I don't have EU Scotland so I can't speak for the airfields used there, but I do have all three TrueEarth GB packages. I've flown around Lossiemouth where I used to be stationed a few years ago, and Lossie / Kinloss airfields are excellent. I even found my old house on the Hopeman road, which is a bit weird! I've also had a look around Brize Norton which seems pretty accurate, although it's changed a lot since I was there. The airfield buildings are generic ones though, so if you are at all familiar with the real airfield it will look odd. This is made doubly confusing if you use a texture rep
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