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  1. Dear Mr. Cooper. Thank you so much for your cooperation. It finally worked out. (see picture) I'm very grateful to you. 2020-3-25_22-13-7-800.BMP
  2. I have done that. I shall close my computer and start again. and then I lokk for the result.
  3. I did exactly what you told me to do. But it didn't work out.
  4. You can rename that one and replace it with a copy of the default one from the FSX folder. I do'nt know what you mean.
  5. Most Area's have no titles. I do'nt know what you mean. I am not a computer expert. I can tell you, earlier I had a very good Innsbruck airport and now I have no buildings, Can you resolve it for me /
  6. Dear Nick. I have found Sync Simulator, no problems Still no buildings to be seen at Innsbruck Airport What can you do for me ??
  7. I can not find the Sync Simulator in Orbx Central
  8. Hi Nick. Enclosed the dll.xml files DLL_XMLG_Before_Mega Airport Munich X_was_installed.cfg
  9. Where can I find the dll.xml files. Inclosed I send you the scenery.cfg Scenery.CFG
  10. Mr. Cooper. I have installed Innsbruck and Libraries aand both again insstalled I moved the sliders of the scenery to the highest position. I show you the result, Please help me. 2020-3-24_16-31-52-159.BMP
  11. 2020-3-24_16-32-5-553.BMP 2020-3-24_16-32-20-869.BMP
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