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  1. Does anybody know how manually add true glass? Because i' triyng to install with Orbx central, but i can' see it on add on list.. (when i load DHC£ milviz that support it) Thanks
  2. Yep i did install with Orbx central, is there another package?
  3. I opened this thread cause i can't see trueglass working... I got dhc3 MILVIZ and TRUE GLASS TFDi, is there any tip?
  4. Perfect!!! After sychronized it works perfect!! I see all the stuff!! THANK YOU!! The only thing is that in dhc3 milviz i can't see rain effect with true glass...
  5. Thank you! I solve the landclass issuess, it doesnt' work in main directory, so i re installed in p3d directory and now it works properly.( i don't know why...) But i keep can't see grass on the ground and object like wooden logs ... I see only darker zone ... And, the worst is this stuff at EGML: No grass, no buldings and big hole in the middle... Thanks for your answer scenery.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml add-ons.cfg
  6. Anybody can help me? I paid a lot of money, but nothig seems to go....
  7. I have issues with all Orbx scenery In this CZST lacks the cutted trees on the ground and then suddenly finish the right landclass despite i got pacific fjords
  8. Thanks, but nothing changed...v
  9. Hello, how can i fix it? No grass, no buildings, and wrong elevation. I tryed to: use vector airport elevation tool re-install unistall every fsx steam scenery (that i used before) search manually egml files and delete it change the priority set at 5m mesh i have steam installed on same ssd ( but a lot of people does have without proble,s) EU england Pacific Fjords Global vector ( but it shows in this way even before Global Vector) Any ideas?? thank you...
  10. ...I can't delete this topic, please help me because i already postedit in TIPS and TRICKS
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