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  1. Nicely done, @Jordan Gough. Looks very pleasant to fly. Congrats, Mate!!
  2. I dare you ORBX Developers

    Wow!! This airfield is incredible!! I too would love to fly an ORBX rendition of it! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Spotting small grass airstrips from the air

    Try learning some navigation to do it like in real life. There is a lot of resources and lessons about VFR navigation if you Google it. To summer it up the basics: Find a VFR chart; trace your route (usually a straight line from one airfield to the other); identify ground features like road intersections, rivers, cities etc; take notes of the distances and the time you should make it with a constant speed; go fly and follow your notes, adjusting the new time for each ground milestone, taking account your speed and wind. Just do simple arithmetic for that. Actually this comes with a lot of fun!! And ORBX regions are very well depicted so that you can take raods, rivers, and some POIs out of any VFR chart and match it with ORBX terrain. Have fun. PS. Don't just use your GPS in the beginning. It is like picking and you are very safe in your desktop to make a mistake and try to find yourself up. Besides, what would you do if you were really up there and your GPS went down?
  4. Is this the flying car you have been waiting for

    Merging all computer science, robotics, aviation, engineering and so on it will some day produce a very safe self-flying car for sure. Too bad it didn't make it to 2015 (BTTF fan detected hahahha)!
  5. Good point. Here in Brazil this is exactly the way things are handled. If the passenger is already boarded, he cannot be forced to leave (due to overbooking). All the negotiation is made BEFORE boarding.
  6. This is pure art! Again, congrats Jarrad!
  7. The passion for the flight - Harrison Ford

    Many thanks for sharing this great video, Maurizio!!
  8. Just wondering.

    My guess is that you're seeing just how any modern machine behaves bringing the most recently used stuff from disk to memory and level caches, thus the next time you call it it is "closer".
  9. KPSP to San Fransico

    Wow Iain. The first one is a winner to me! Congrats!!
  10. Beautiful California

    Excellent trip and photos. regarding the OOM this soon will be past stuff with all projects 64 to come.
  11. Up the welsh coast

    Nice shots! I particularly liked the first one more!!
  12. Well deserved. Great shot!
  13. Best Landing I Ever Made (Touch down at :54)

    Very nice indeed!
  14. Serenity - Fairchild 24

    Wow!! They look so real and beautiful!! Congrats!
  15. Thanks Orbx

    We very much appreciate user's feedback, but we feel achieving something good when they are just to express gratitude. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Jorge.