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  1. anyone else have this issue where the runway textures flickers between the addon and default in KSQL with NORCAL, SOCAL, GLOBAL, VECTOR, and NA LC thank you for any help
  2. i know this might be the fault of Orbx anyone else have this issue the GP doesn"t work only the LOC for 21R into FAOR
  3. I believe i fixed it because the first I believe the download/install was interrupted. Reinstall of the product and a restart looks like it did the trick thank you for the response nick!
  4. Just Got Africa LC every time i launch p3d it asks me to active the Africa LC why is this? its never happened with anything else (just the first after install) but for Africa it ask every time. I've verified the files should i try a uninstall/reinstall PS: can anyone recommend a JNB airport Scenery thanks
  5. ik but i have the cityscape FTX scenery does it over right one another?
  6. i think that did it nick. second i think this comes with a photo-real city option should i re-install it and not choose that opition? thanks
  7. when i run the compatibly tool all i see is this...
  8. thank you guys!, do i do it for every slider?
  9. Hey Guys, in KPDX theres some houses/trees in the water! lol any ideas? i have GLOBAL, VECTOR, NA LC FTX Portland City and Flightbeam PDX Portland CityScape is above FB PDX if it matters KPDX is not an option in Vector config. thanks for any help
  10. This may be a stupid question, is True Earth Britain meant to complement EU England or in opposition to? Thank You
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