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  1. Yes I am aware that I need Orbx libraries installed. I have central and the xml tools, and SODE installed and have verified files, tried again, had no luck, uninstalled EVERYTHING per the recommendation of secret sphere and have spent the entire morning adding all of my 36 payware downloads back into FSXSE, and still..... Orbx products I paid for--- Don't function or improperly display scenery, Airports that are FREE or your guys' demos like Tasmania and Iceland, work just fine. why is that? I won' be purchasing anymore scenery packs from Orbx. This has been the biggest headache and waste of $
  2. The 5e36.... part of my message was just my transaction ID # since it stated it was a requirement to obtain support for purchased products. And every time I have clicked yes on that dynamig object placement message, the sim crashes and I have to re-start it. Is it safe to say at this point that Orbx scenery just does not work with my system? ( aside from the awesome working freeware and demos)? This is kind of a bummer, more than $45 worth of scenery that I can't see or use, since it is BOTH Pacific Northwest and Southern Alaska scenery packages that won't display. and I am NOT using beta, I s
  3. Hello Nick, Thank you for the reply with suggested fixes. I went back to the original off the beta, and went in and verified all the files, and applied the terrain cfg fix to my central and still had the dynamig object placement error come up after the SODE load prompt. I tried flying around and still get the patchy ocean in mountain ranges. also many of the glaciers and points of interest in the different areas are still showing the stock scenery as well. so after this I went in, uninstalled all of my purchased scenery, tried unregistering the SODE, reinstalled all the scenery, a
  4. I purchased the PNW and Southern Alaska packages and upon launching my sim I initially get the Do you want to run this software SODE message, as soon as I click yes, every single time, this error immediately pops up afterwards. I have uninstalled, verified that direct x 10 was not selected, reinstalled and had the same issue. Freeware and demo packages work damn near flawlessly, yet when it comes to the packages I paid for, I can't use them. When I Elect not to run this software, I end up with patches of ocean on mountain ranges, and randomly placed in areas where there is no water.
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