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  1. I can see the lights no problem at all without any aircraft lights and that's it from me to you cos your attitude its not the best and I don't have time for people like that you already gone on another thread saying that the developers are the issue wen the issue its clear either your scenery its not right example :using a profile for tomato shadeor pta that its making the scenery go really dark or you expecting night club lights that are not the real thing below pictures at midnight with tomato shade and no aircraft lights and I can see the taxi lights all there
  2. I work in aviation industry for 20 years at Gatwick and I have never seen an aircraft taxi without lights even during the day
  3. That is the people flow bgl file is named pl. bgl file in the scenery folder regarding the taxi lights I do have taxi lights in my scenery nothing wrong with them maybe there’s is an issue with your scenery folder
  4. Try and delete your shaders file and let it rebuild and then try it as well
  5. It’s not terrible but it’s average it’s all gona be down to your settings and add ons I give u am example I got a i9900k at 5 ghz and a 1080 ti and I get 40to 60 frames with medium setting it’s not about the frames it’s about how smooth it is if you are getting 20 25 FPS smooth then there is no problem if it’s not smooth you might have to drop your settings down specially your AA settings you gpu it’s not bad but your cpu at 3.4ghz and amd it will struggle
  6. What do you consider a substantial rig ?
  7. First things first the taxi lights actually reflect the reality at the moment nothing wrong with them before they where not real second I do agree with u there should be a toll to remove the people but there is a solution for that go on your egph scenery folder and delete the pl bgl file and people will disappear
  8. It should be an update soon for kos but knowing the term soon in flight simulation it might be a while
  9. No and I shouldn’t need to do that you don’t even need to do that with inibuilds as well that’s optional
  10. no this dindt solve the problem still persists
  11. Thank you raz I will try it wen I get home and report back to you thank you
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