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  1. Good luck with that getting fixed the issues with this scenery have been going for months since 4.5 if it gets fixed you might wait a while that’s why I don’t reported it no more just get ignored majority of the times even when you are polite and civilised Orbx quality and customer service as changed over the years to many developers and too much work involved the standards have dropped a lot
  2. So what you trying to say Is that Orbx don’t want to fix the issue that is obvious on the scenery that customers paid for I don’t care who develops the scenery I have paid for the scenery on the Orbx website and this is the Orbx official forum why did you reply above saying that you are gona have a look at it and come back to us soon and then you didn’t even bother plus you just ignored the messages for ages
  3. Have you checked this issue with the scenery yet please or the support and fixes for the scenery have stopped
  4. Have you had a look at this yet or only the new airports you are designing are getting attention I am not asking for a fix I am asking if there’s one coming as the posts keep getting ignored and this was posted on the 7 today it’s the 27
  5. Any news on this I know it’s difficult times but it’s been 12 days now and not a single word is it being looked at at all
  6. I am sure this last patch was just to repair the dynamic lights not working wen coming from another airport but I agree with you this needs attention
  7. I have the same issue as well and I have never used uk2000
  8. Can the scenery developer help with this issue please or at least acknowledge this that there’s a problem and a fix or solution coming please
  9. I am having same issue with this lights anyone from Orbx can shed some light into this um issue please p3d4.5hotfix 3 thank you in advance
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