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  1. Looks like it has incredible potential, but we have to hope that they are focusing on what makes a good core simulation, the flight dynamics and simulation of the avionics for a start. I hope they take the game back to its roots and don't just try to milk it for microtransactions and module based expansions (unless they are full-fat). Give us a nice platform to develop over the next decade not a cash grab.
  2. I'm quite happy with no seasons, just go with the most 'typical' representation of a location I guess. At the end of the day, I trust that ORBX can and will make the most logical decision around this.
  3. Okay guys, so I bought Xplane 11 in the Steam sales, and picked up TrueEarth Britain South to wet my feet with the product... but now I've made a grave mistake.. Flight Simulation has never LOOKED SO GORGEOUS before. I bought Gold Coast and Coolangatta Airport for P3D, but I'm afraid of going back... Just wow...
  4. I had a good run and was able to successfully transfer all of my FSS purchases over to my ORBX/FTXC account without any problems. It was an incredibly slick process.
  5. Hey Rod, I'm not sure about the installing from zip question, but did you try to download the latest Firmware for your motherboard and flashing it from a USB drive or something? Could get you out of a pickle if it's just your mobo. Otherwise boot into BIOS and reset to factory defaults.
  6. ORBX isn't your mum and dad. If you want a birthday present that is scenery, ask a family member to contribute towards it.
  7. Thanks for the generous sale Orbx. I picked up a heap of stuff and my wallet is no longer necessary.
  8. Gotta agree with Ron on that one. I bought LOWI on sale and I'm pretty sure the plastic had already been taken off the box and it looked like someone had already flipped through the manual as there were creases on a couple of pages. Ropeable.
  9. Grats on the release Jordan! Looks excellent as per usual. I'll pick this one up once my wallet recovers from the sales.
  10. Service like this really rounds out a well considered customer support strategy. He has my appreciation!
  11. Wow that escalated quickly! Incredible response. Put me down as a pre-order! Thanks JV/Matteo and the team! What sort of wink do we need to give for Hobart to be on the agenda too?
  12. I would buy Hobart and Coolangatta airports in a heartbeat. They are my most popular destinations (home and the gold coast) in reality. Sydney was done by FlyTampa and there is probably no point in redoing it.
  13. Also just want to extend a massive thank you to Orbx for the sale. Just so happened to buy a license for P3Dv4 on Sunday and getting a new computer back up and simming again but didn't want to do the FSX 'dance'. Perfect timing to expand the sceneries. Haven't been inside the world of FSX for quite a while now but it's nice to be back. So far I have picked up FTX Global, NZ S/N, Milford/Queenstown, Canberra+Airport, SCA, and still browsing!
  14. Hi Allan, I am the author of the currently unreleased photoreal version of the primary Whitsunday Islands. I have also recently started creating a very early version of Whitsunday Airport: I've got a long thread dedicated to this scenery over on the OZx Forum.
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