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  1. Agreed, when you pay for a scenery pack it's rather frustrating to find you have to do extra work to fix things like this. It's a bit like the issues with flat roads that look like mountains
  2. In true earth GB south, London city airport (EGLC) has a large step at the eastern end of the runway, just after the turning circle. London city airport should be completely flat
  3. Bump? I have no problem with a company having a support line as a forum, but so far I've had two responses that I have covered in my original post that weren't the problem. For a paid for product I'm quite disappointed at the lack of help here
  4. Not really looking for a cause at the moment, just want to know if I can fix this or whether I'm going to have to uninstall and wait another few weeks for my internet to be topped up before trying again. Was really excited to get this scenery but now I'm £31 down with not a lot to show for it
  5. Thanks Jon The two drives I had for download and install had 300GB and 1.5TB free respectively so I suspect that wasn't the issue either
  6. Thanks for the reply doug. I can confirm that I have enough free hard drive space. This was also the post I referred to when I mentioned I have already tried re-running the verify files process. I have tried running it again and it still isn't working
  7. Hello I have recently purchased (order number in account) and installed orbx true earth great Britain south to my Xplane 11 installation. After first install, xplane loaded and I started flying for about an hour before xplane displayed the error message that a terrain and texture file couldn't be found, and quit. No whenever I start a flight in xplane, after loading scenery I get the same message and it quits again. I read the installation help post that mentioned running verify files again, which I did, with the same result. I found the two files it mentioned and removed both, verify files recreated the .Ter but not the .DDS file, and I still get the same error message when starting a flight in xplane. It is the same after a restart. I am reluctant to uninstall and reinstall if there is another fix due to the size of the download on a metered connection. The missing files are aad0xfb90x17M.ter and aad0xfb90x17.dds (see photo)
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