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  1. Ok that worked. When I started P3d it said a scenery area I believe 151 was missing and offered to delete something which I said Ok to. P3d then crashed, but upon restarting seems to be working again and Chaseplane appears intact. What scenery was that? Greg
  2. Hi Nick, The files I am talking about are not listed under the Libraries page. There is a file Lockheed Martin/Prepar 3D V4/ORBX that contains about 2.24 GB of data that was placed there when I installed Chaseplane. it contains Config, FTA_AU, Scripts, and User Documents Sub Folders. The FTX_Au contains a folder FTXAA_ORBLIBS subfolder where most of the GB of files are located. Greg
  3. Thanks Nick, I found Chaseplane in C: Program Files/Parallel 42/Chaseplane directory with the expected very small footprint. It was not directed there by choice at installation, as you said. Since I am not familiar with ORBx please tell me exactly how I can uninstall the Orbx libraries. I don't want to mess anything up with my Chaseplane functionality.Thanks for undertaking clarification of the installation process for future customers. Also it is important to know where the program installs because of potential for virus scanners deleting it and to prevent it being scanned and affecting functionality. I do not use Windows Defender so did not opt to go through that phase of the setup of Chaseplane. Greg
  4. Hi I just migrated my Chaseplane account. All seems to be working, butthree questions: 1. I chose the option of installing to my P3d folder, as no libraries were available. Is this going to create problems if I update client or content or scenery for P3d in the future because I will be deleting those before I update. I would have preferred that Chaseplane not have been installed in the P3d folder. 2. I cannot find where Chaseplane is in the P3d Folder 3. While installing Chaseplane it was said that installing ORB x libraries was mandatory for the product to work. Now I have 2.14 GB of textures in the ORBX folder of P3d. I see no reason for those textures to be there. Why are they necessary for Chaseplane to work? They are taking up a lot of space. I do not own any ORBx products.
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