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  1. For me, performance was indicative of the whole of the UK. London is noticeably harder on performance though as are areas where you also have an updated airport installed. If you are happy with how it performs for you then go for the purchase. I did the same route and have been very happy. This was on XP11 for me.
  2. The English Electric Lightning.
  3. Basically a rebranded T16000.m for the side stick although the throttle looks interesting. Just a shame it is missing the hat switches of the TWCS throttle.
  4. I'm assuming they mean there is not a seamless transition between the TE GB and the airport scenery for such airports. I'm not at my home pc but would it not be possible to run the same process against the airport terrain files?
  5. Yup, I'm still on 11.41 but could notice. Nice to have a way to removing the pattern though - much appreciated.
  6. Thanks for this - I have just gone through this process today with my central and south TE GB. Works fine but a couple of pointers - once you select all the files in the folder, the app will be unresponsive for a while with the circular pointer - it was about 1.5 hours for me. After this, the normal pointer returns and you can just press apply. The application only took about 2 mins for me - you get a green progress bar and then confirmation at the end of how many files were updated. At this point, hit exit - do not try to select the next folder as the app will hang again - presumably it is evaluating the same folder again. Once you have exited, you can open it again to select the next folder and repeat the steps. I was able to do do photo editing while the decal app was doing it's thing so it's fine to multitask if you need - obviously just avoid running X-Plane! I no longer have that repeating pattern that was eating away at my OCD! It makes fields look slightly less detailed but I prefer that over that pattern.
  7. Liking the 3rd shot as it’s flying over my home town of Livingston. The lack of sunshine is accurate.
  8. it is out and not an insider release as I have it but I believe it is a gradual roll out - not sure what the criteria is. I haven't stepped up to the Vulkan beta yet though - 11.41 is working well for me at the moment.
  9. Genuinely surprised but chuffed to bits as well. The competition is so inspiring with so many great images posted each month - and expensive too as it makes me want to explore new aircraft and sceneries! Many thanks!! Andy.
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