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  1. What other kit do you have if you don't mind me asking? Looks like Virpil and Thrustmaster. What about your TPM unit?
  2. Got to be honest Nick, I have only removed one Asobo airport and it has never been reinstalled again to date. This sim moves in mysterious ways it seems.
  3. Regarding the removal of the Asobo Liverpool airport, no need to go hunting in the official folder. When in Sim, go to your profile > content manager. Search for Liverpool then click on it. This will give the option to delete it. This not only clears it from the sim but frees up the disk space. If you want to add it back in, come back into the content manager and you will now have the option to install it - you will never lose access to anything you delete from the content manager and this can remove many things including other airports, aircraft, bush trips etc.
  4. Enjoy, that is a beast of a system that will serve you well.
  5. Will need some more details. What version of the sim? What hardware are you running. Which airports and which 3rd party content do you have installed?
  6. Full weather but AI traffic turned off. EGLL was Asobo Premium Deluxe airport. A320 was stock.
  7. Yes, it’s just luck if you can score a 3080 at the moment.
  8. From what I have seen, a 3070 would be the bare minimum for 4K but with everything maxed out I would aim for a higher card like 3080 or up. I personally don’t think the 3090 is great value for money but everyone has a different perception and it would give the best experience for MSFS at 4K.
  9. I don’t see the problem, most socks come in pairs.
  10. Now that looks like one of the best snow implementations I’ve seen at an airport. Looks excellent!
  11. EGPN working fine for me after yesterday’s update including the CGL file active. Would also recommend clearing your rolling cache if you haven’t already done so after any updates.
  12. A lot will depend on what resolution and settings you are planning to run at. I did a quick comparison between the 3070 and 3080 at the following link which may help guide you. This was at 3440x1440 resolution so kind of a half way between 1440p and 4k:
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