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  1. Roulettes getting up close and personal at the Sydney air show...
  2. All fairly sound thinking but remember VRR is one of the components of G-Sync so don’t treat them as separate decision points. If you have g-sync then you already have vrr.
  3. Any on these monitors will be just fine for MSFS and they are all very similar in spec - same size, screen technology and feature g-sync which will work with your RTX 3090. I would strongly look at an ultrawide screen for MSFS though as I think it is more immersive and your GPU is more than capable of driving 3440x1440 for example.
  4. I have this same monitor. As mentioned, the extremes are usually noticeable with a little stretching, especially coming from a monitor with a more narrow ratio but you get used to it really quickly. Just a by product of trying to fit a wide field of view onto a relatively flat, 2d surface. It’s also the same for all monitors with the same ratio in MSFS. Just be cautious that zoom level will exaggerate the effect, especially if using the drone camera and zooming out.
  5. I don’t recall the default setting but I would recommend enabling it if you are not experiencing any issues with it as it is essentially caching the most recent locations which is helpful if you fly the same regions frequently.
  6. It’s recommended to delete the cache between updates. I would enable it again and test and hopefully it is resolved- it’s easy enough to turn it back off if the issue appears again.
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