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  1. I was checking the log to check simHeaven was installed correctly alongside TE X-Plane (I have the three UK ones and Florida), running on Arch Linux. AFAICS the scenery is working fine and your product and the free product work fine together, but there is an error which suggests a specific plugin (Ground Traffic) is missing a specific linker function and is 32 bit. dlerror:Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_GB_South_TrueEarth_Custom/plugins/GroundTraffic/64/lin.xpl: undefined symbol: __atan2f_finite dlerror:Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_GB_South_TrueEarth_Custom/plugins/GroundTraffic/li
  2. Hi. As I live somewhere where the internet is only marginally faster than Morse code, I was wondering if you can run FSX:SE while installing products, primarily Scenery ?
  3. Hi. I have Base, Buildings, Trees, Vectors, OpenLC Europe/NA and the EU UK scenery for FSX. Are the motorway bridges supposed to look like this ? I notice Vector has bridges but am not sure how far they expand. I appreciate Orbx has done wonders with code which is 15 years old - at least (The picture is the Lune Bridge just North of Junction 34 of the M6)
  4. Hi. I have had to reinstall X-Plane 11 and I think Laminar's server is broken (I'm getting an internal server error 500 erratically from what I think is their authentication server). I can get the core up - the registered demo , because that doesn't require authentication while downloading, but I can't add scenery. (This is not Orbx's problem obvs.) However, I do have Orbx HQ scenery for the UK and Florida. My question is, if I install this before installing the 'normal' X-Plane scenery, will it cause any problems ? I won't have to reinstall it later on ; the ordering o
  5. Hi. I'm thinking of upgrading to P3Dv5 from FSX:SE. I have several products including Global Vector ; can I carry these forward to P3D ? I ask specifically because of Vector, which appears to be a different product for v5. Regards, Paul.
  6. Well it clearly doesn't work. If you look at this screen shot you will notice : 1) Connection interrupted. (No, it isn't. Your programmers are lazy and have interpreted any error from downloading as "connection interrupted". This might be acceptable if the whole point of the application wasn't to download things. Spend more time on that and less on pretty scrolling boxes. Nobody cares what downloaders look like. They want them to work reliably. Or test it. Amateur hour) 2) /tmp has 7.9G used and is 100% full. It's not doing anything else (outside the DE/Xorg/etc). (7.9G i
  7. Trans ID/Receipt : TT5e354636aa749 (wasn't sure where purchase order # is) Priority : Low Hi. I have Global, Trees, Buildings, OpenLC Europe, Vector and the Airport Pack. It's not a huge problem, but some of the missions are now difficult or impossible. e.g. on #4 (the taxiing) you are invited to taxi through another aircraft and a building, and on #6 (mountain flying) the landing strip is a very short hole in the ground. Is there a quick way of returning to the default without uninstalling please ?
  8. Hi. I've just purchased Global, Buildings and Vectors for FSX:SE. I'm extremely pleased with these products. I only have one problem. While the roads look better at low level, at a more distant range they have a somewhat ghostlike quality, they appear to be a "bit transparent". The picture is the A11 South from Norwich in England (the default tiles here are a bit out, this actually should be almost all green fields - this is still the original MS mesh though ?) ; it looks slightly transparent reasonably close and looks almost like fog further on. I have the settings
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