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  1. You need a new version of the ground traffic plugin to make it work with Vulkan but one does exist.
  2. You will find the apt file in the Earth nav dat folder within the EGPH scenery folder and the DSF in the +50-010 folder within the Earth nav dat folder.
  3. Its not too difficulty. You have to import the DSF and APT files first to load the airport into Wed, then click the light strings and press delete to remove each string then export the scenery pack. I would suggest watching some YouTube videos to get to grips with Wed if you are not familiar with it but as SDK type applications go Wed it fairly easy to use.
  4. No, my solution it to take out the car park lights, they seem to have the biggest effect and even cause issues just trying to use some of the ramps that face the car parks. At the end of the day we are flying, not driving around the car park so its a compromise solution but it works. You may be able to add some different lights from Wed though and keep the frame rate up. I was going to try this but never got around to it.
  5. I responded to anybody that asked how to get around the frame rate issue, I am not aware of anybody that is still waiting for a reply. But yes, deleting the ;light strings in Wed helps a lot.
  6. Another raid of my wallet but I knew this one would be a must have. Looks really good!
  7. Actually the work he has done Nick, does improve the Thames considerably. All those sunken landing stages,, ships, boats etc, not to mention water running uphill looked terrible, just a mess to be honest and his mods do a lot to tidy things up. Your package deals with all the bridges etc and adds much needed buildings to the London skyline but in a couple of places if your buildings were altered slightly to sit on the ground at the elevations that his mods create, it would look even better. Give his mods a go with a flight over the Thames and I am sure you will agree that seeing th
  8. In a recent review on YouTube for Orbx EGLC for FS2020 I noticed that the green taxi line lighting isnt placed in the middle of the taxi-line and the spacing between the lights is a bit of a mess too. Is this a sim limitation or something that will be addressed in an update because to be honest, as they are the video I think they look a bit shoddy?
  9. MS have shot themselves in the foot with this debacle. I for one will now never buy anything through marketplace again.
  10. Yes and its good too, quite a lot of new features and changes.
  11. The London Landmarks City pack is really good news. London really needs this sort of addon to improve the out of the box experience. The airports will be great too.
  12. That's great Jon, many thanks to @sentry11 for this, much appreciated.
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