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  1. I have EGGD running really nicely in Vulkan now after a couple of days of hard work, much of that spent on trying to get as close to the real thing as possible. The only issue I have yet to resolve is the vegetation beneath the sculpture on the roundabout near the Airport entrance. For some reason the transparencies are not working and I am seeing rectangles with vegetation on them surrounded with black. I have no error messages at all though, it loads up perfectly suggesting this is a rouge texture somewhere. I have a really nice working ground traffic file now with vehicles driving properly around the two roundabouts at the north and south sections of the airport and around the A38 as it curves around the east end of the airport. My previous solution was default roads but the sim doesnt have the first clue what a roundabout is and I got fed up with seeing lorries driving round and round like nutters. A ground traffic file is a much better option. Other improvements include the vegetation being darkened to match the Orbx trees in TE so it blends in better. Security gates where these exist in the real airport bordering the A38 and the lane at the north west end of the runway with wire security fencing bordering the A38 too. In reality this road is sunken down a bit, I cannot replicate that but I also noted that there are in fact no street lights along the A38 where it curves around the airport so all street lighting that doesnt match the real world has also been removed too. What PP did looked very nice but its not accurate. I also replaced all the flood lights with Laminar default floods instead which has pushed the frame rate well up into the 40 and 50's. I want to sort out the cars over time, some of them just dont line up with the detailed orthos beneath and it looks a bit rough in places but that's something I can do anytime. For now I am happy to have my PP EGGD Definitive working in Vulkan with excellent performance and lots of life around the airport.
  2. Glad it worked for you. Hopefully it will work consistently. I made a lot of changes in some areas including taxiways onto the runway because WT3 was taking routes across the grass rather than coming off the runway on suitable surfaces.
  3. apt.dat You can try saving your existing apt file from earth nav data somewhere safe and replace it (not the NOSTATICS one) using my attached atp to see if that works.
  4. No I even deleted the terminal buildings and was still seeing low frame rates around mid 20. Eventually I stumbled on a solution when I got rid of, or modified some parking. One for example resulted in a plane sticking half way out through a hanger door so that was deleted. Others were moved so that the AI programs could park properly. Somehow those mods when compiled in wed sorted the issue out.
  5. One of those things a bit like scenery developers who still cannot get their heads around the fact that we drive on the left in the UK and continue to have ground traffic in UK airports driving on the right. These small details dont seem to matter as much to developers as they do to us.
  6. You only get an error message if the sim expects those objects to be in the scenery. That cannot happen if you remove objects from scenery in Wed then export the scenery pack. But I dont think its the answer anyway. I experimented with removing lights but it did not result in the sort of performance leap I got at Leeds-Bradford or Edinburgh which suggests something else is going on at Dundee.
  7. If I were you I would un-install Dundee then uninstall the trial XP or delete the files that are no longer required if its already been uninstalled then re-install Dundee into the correct steam version.
  8. I had some issues with the frame rate at Dundee when facing the terminal building and it got worse the closer I got to it. After a great deal of trial and error to try and find out why this was happening on such a small airport, the problem went away after I altered the parking to better suit WT3 and removed some static aircraft so WT3 planes could taxi too and from parking properly. I never did find out what was causing the issue and my altered version is still rather poor in 11.41 but I rarely use that version of X-plane now anyway. See if your problem occurs when facing the terminal. If it does try reducing your HDR setting to medium to see if that solves the issue, it certainly did in my case before I stumbled on my better solution for 11.50B9 quite by accident. Having no HDR kills apron lighting at night unfortunately.
  9. Its not a support question as such (Please use this forum to discuss any topic related to Orbx's products or plans). And I was asking the because PP said they were working with Orbx on it. Is that not the case?
  10. Bring on the eye candy I say. For me, the attraction of flight is seeing the world from a different point of view. I see little point in playing with switches and sitting there looking at blue sky and clouds for hours on end, its not as though we get the physical sensations associated with real flight after all.
  11. I note that a recent, now closed topic on the PP EGGD Sloped runway states that PP chose not to implement the sloped feature. That is certainly not true for the X-Plane version. They have a definitive mesh but it doesnt work with TE. When I last contacted PP about it thery said they were trying to find a workable solution on this with Orbx. I had hoped that the latest TE updates would include a solution. Clearly its possible to have a sloped feature because the Leeds-Bradford airport has a sloped runway. So what is it that is preventing us from having a sloped runway with the PP EGGD scenery. i,e why doesnt their mesh work with TE and what can be done to make it work?
  12. Wed has an always flatten airport option just under the airport id in the right hand lower panel. Just click the airport name to bring up the guid etc and you will see it. Try that.
  13. I get that the jet pilots who fly A-B at 30,000 feet or more may not care that much about scenery accuracy but for others who fly low and slow and have the ability to hover, they may actually want as much accuracy as possible. There is nothing wrong with that, its just a different set of priorities. Settling for what is provided just results in mediocrity, asking for more raises the bar and increases quality.
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