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  1. Hello.I was trying out xplaneuser's freeware rendition of Murwillumbah for Xplane 11.Unfortunately, I keep getting this error that there are issues with the scenery and certain objects like 3D grass won't show up. Wondering how to solve this. Thanks.
  2. It’s freeware, a dropbox link, provided by a youtuber in one of his videos in the description, who made it himself Update: It turns out the link is available in the comments section of his video, apologies.
  3. Hello.So I tried this link to the South Aussie airports scenery for xplane 11, and it didn´t work.I was wondering if anyone would have it by chance. Thanks.
  4. Hey.It works now, I guess you’re right.Just had to be a little more patient.
  5. Hello.I was recently looking up the VH-JKN textures for the A2A C172 on Avsim.However this was presented now with a 404 error.Is it possible that anyone still has a link to these textures? Thanks.
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