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  1. I would really like to see ORBX do Game parks. Kenya and other parts of Africa are full of game reserves. What ORBX could do is make these parks in packages so we can buy them just like we buy land classes. These PARK LAND CLASSES would merge into the already placed ORBX GLOBAL and would provide the camps in the parks with dirt roads, with road traffic, and place landing strips here and there, not at every camp. Keep it real life realistic. Also do animals roaming the park and do birds as well . I have seem some video's of animals in missions provided in the old Microsoft FSX, and the animal animation looked great even back then. So with today's technology the animals should look even better. This is something I would buy in a heartbeat and just love to have.
  2. Hello. This morning, got up, made a pot of Starbucks, poured myself a cup and went on down to the basement where I have my simulator all set up. I enjoy being down in the basement as its cool there in the summer time, and also I don't get bothered there a lot. Yes in the winter its as cold as a witches tit but I dress for it, and also love the winter time as that is the time I overclock my system. In the summer I run my system which is a 5820 Intel with a 110 Corsair water cooler at stock speeds around 33,5 gigs. In the winter I overclock to 45 or 46 and the system if very stable with the extra coldness in the basement. Anyway this morning I took of from Beale AFB in California. Crossed the valley crossed the mountains all the while heading sort of North East and finally found myself on the coastline somewhere in Oregon I think, with the most beautiful shore line rendering I have ever seen. Reminded me of times when I was down at the beach and there is this dirty white froth all over the place. And lots of it. It looked so real!!! We need to see more of this along the beaches and shorelines. Very realistic looking and true to life.
  3. Just recently I was faced with the choice of installing ORBX TREES. I am using P3DV4 and the default trees look pretty darn good, which explains my hesitation to install the ORBX Trees. Anyway curiosity killed the cat and I installed them. Two things happened to my sim. I am also using EZDOC 2.5 latest and greatest update, 11. Well firstly I noticed that turning off the Dynamic vegetation stabilized my EZDOC control. It started working really very smooth with no glitches at all, very smooth. Secondly my FPS increased by about 3 overall and the trees look fantastic. Yes install them.
  4. Hello. I would really like to see more realistic colors when in comes to inland rivers and lakes. I live in Kansas City and there is NO WAY !!!!! the Missouri River looks the beautiful blue that it is in Global. Actually we that live here all wish the Missouri River looked like that in real life. This is the part of the world that jazz and blues originated in. Ever heard the term....... MUDDY WATERS!!!! The Mississippi as well, muddy water sort of green brown in most area's. Rex Texture Direct 4 now that it has just been revamped for P3DV4 has some really cool looking inland river and lake colors but you can load them all you want they just don't show up. I wish they would. I just recently bought the LC's for South America, its wonderful I just love it, but its the same story........ all the rivers are blue. And of course Rex Texture Direct 4 inland rivers and lake water textures have no influence there either. Please folks don't get me wrong I am not trying to sell Rex in any way. I don't have too, we all know who they are, and what they do. And on the other hand I don't want to upset ORBX either. I own just about all of there products, and ORBX has given me many hours of flight sim heaven, BUT it would be very nice if ORBX could mod there coding in Global, and allow Rex inland rivers and lake textures to work, or maybe ORBX can do it them selves. I don't know how this would be accomplished but it would be nice to see somewhat correct textures for inland rivers and lakes. Please don't shoot me I am just a simmer
  5. Just recently spent 5 days in TAOS New Mexico and while there hiked down the gorge to the Rio Grande river. Also went to Ghost Ranch, which used to belong to Georgia O'Keeffe. This would be a fantastic add on to our ORBX scenery collections and much to my surprise can not find any scenery made by any developer to enhance this area. The Georgia O'Keeffe ranch called Ghost Ranch, is aprox 40 miles south west of Taos Mun Airport. As the crow fly's, it took us about 11/2 hours by car leaving from Taos New Mexico. Can easily be found on Google Earth. The ranch and the scenery there is just spectacular. The other city south of Taos is Santa Fe. It has a lot of history and it is part of the Rio Grande Valley. So a scenery developer could use Santa Fe at the south side of the scenery package with Taos and Angle Fire in the north side with Georgia O'Keeffe's ranch Ghost Ranch in the middle. I wish I could include more photo's of the area. If you want more photo's send me a link and I will gladly send them. The photo included is take from the bridge that crosses the Rio Grande Gorge. The whole area is spectacular, and a scenery developers dream come true. Referred to by tourists as the Enchanted Circle, Oh and not to mention the Hot Air Balloon festival in Albuquerque New Mexico every year.
  6. Can we no longer use PayPal to make our purchases.
  7. Hello. There are numerous P51s available. I have all of them. There is a Stuka a Heinkel and Me109 also a P38, a P38 Thunderbolt, a P38 Razorback, P40's, Spitfire's, clip wing and regular. B17 bomber the Avro Lancaster the B25 bomber the DC 3 the T6 Texan the Hurricane, and many more, that were made specifically for FSX and not portovers. Enough to start a war with.
  8. ORBX needs to put out a GRAND CANYON package. The grand canyon I fly over using global and the new NA LC''s is pretty lame compared to Mega Earth's Arizona Package. It looks so real and detailed.
  9. Hello ORBX developers. This is off the topic of enough is enough and back to business. I live just south of Kansas City in a small city called Olathe. Over the years living here i have learnt that the default airport in FSX called New Century Airport used to be a US navy training and recruiting facility. I have spoken to people that lived here during the late 50's and early 60's before the closing of the naval facility that they used to go and watch navy planes practice there trapping. The planes that they mostly saw were navy A7 corsairs and Talons and a occasionally Navy F4 Phantoms. Today the airport houses the Heart of America,Commemorative Air force Wing called Ghost Squadron. The Commemorative air force is mostly 2nd world war planes and every year in July sometime the Commemorative Air Force puts on a very spectacular airshow at New Century Airport. I have been to many of the airshows and myself and my wife have flown in many different planes, mostly 2nd world war trainers. However flights in FIFI and B17's and various 2nd world war fighters are available for a price that we cannot afford . One year I did manage to land a job at the show and cooked over 1200 hamburgers and probably 12000 hot dogs. The show itself was a huge success, and from what I heard the Hamburgers and hotdogs were pretty good as well. Anyway my point to all of this is ........... Would it be possible for ORBX to do the New Century Airport and possible have 2 versions of the airport. One version being a time travel back to what it used to look like when it was a Navy training facility, with a trapping landing strip, and a few Intruders, A7 Corsairs, Talons and F4 Phantoms parked around, with emergency vehicles parked, fire trucks ambulances etc etc. You could even have AI planes taking off every so now and then. And then off course a version of how the airport looks like today only revamped to look better with more detail. Being a somewhat historical forgotten airport I do think the project would be a worthy project. You could put it up for sale or include it in your updates. I would prefer to see it on sale with both versions. Anyway I just thought I would throw this out there, does not hurt to ask. Thank you for all your hard work and I really enjoy your products.
  10. Fuzz. I don't know how involved you are into flight simulations and take my 2 cents worth of advise. I have been doing this now for a very long time got into it when Microsoft released FS 98. The flight simulation world has come a very long way and now thanks to companies like Genesis and ORBX and other third party vendors out there, who are to many to mention in this post, but very appreciated, we now have a wonderful product that can give you and others, hours and hours of enjoyment. But be patient. Do everything the right way. You have Global, next step Vector, next step Mesh, then your continents. You will find after you have installed Global, Vector, and the Mesh you will have a great world wide terrain to move around on. Don't forget the ICELAND, free install, and also the free airports and the free Tazmania install. These are all wonderful FREE GIFTS and you will really enjoy them. Doing it this way will diminish the urgency to buy the land masses and wont be so hard on your pocket book, but you need to eventually get those as well, they are just fantastic, and add the icing to the cake. You will finish up with a wonderful hobby. Also if you going to do this you are going to need a very large capacity hard drive I would say about a 750 gig at least. My FSX folder is close to 300gigs and growing. I have a 1 Ter drive in my system. Hope this helps you on your journey into the virtual sky
  11. Fuzz. I had FS Genesis and still have it, but pulled the trigger on the 2010 Global Mesh. My understanding is that the Genesis mesh is compatible with FTX Global but I reasoned to myself that if I needed trouble shooting, it would make it much easier for myself and those helping me, know that everything was bought at the same place, and in this case the product itself. Makes it easier for the trouble shooters to fix the problem and you also eliminate the blame game.
  12. I downloaded the PNW 5 and 8 just fine this morning. I use a download manager for everything and have never had a problem with it .
  13. Hello I do not think this is not a support question but rather a general question and this is why I have placed this query here in this forum. However I do want a reply from a very technical savy individual working at ORBX and not just a tech wannabe like myself. Lets take the scenario that a person had just formatted his hard drive installed windows with all the updates had just finished installing A FRESH COPY OF FSX with ACCELERATOR.. After flying around in FSX and setting up the controls etc etc the individual has all his payware ORBX scenery land classes, his payware Orbx airports, and Orbx Global on a external drive and is NOW ready to install his ORBX scenery. How is this to be done? for best results. Do you install Global and updates fist onto FSX or Land classes and updates first.? When do you install the payware airports? After or before you install GLOBAL? Do you install the UPDATES or Patches to Payware land classes before you install Global ? There is a million different ways a person can install everything and I personally have experienced some dissapointing installs, Thinking that I did everything right!!! with new downloads from the vendors, I found texture lines in my install and various other annomalies like houses and trees floating in the sea or in the sky. I know these problem should not be there, and I have had many hours of enjoyment flying without them, but seems just lately with Global, Vector,. and all the old scenery packages we have bought over the years to get it to work together is like trying to send a rocket to the moon. We need a step by step system on how to install everything. Maybe there is one if there is could someone please show me where it is Thanks Toto..................................... OUT
  14. Hello I have just reinstalled everything. I thought I did it the way I was supposed too, but something went wrong. I get a error notice with the FTX Control Central when I click it. Says......... Terrain cfg has no (LAND CLASS) section. I can still enter fsx with no fatal error or anything, but terrain has no roads looks very blurry. Please advise on what to do??? Thanks!!.....................Toto
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