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  1. I use FSX-SE. I use Orbx global and vector on it and just a few airports and land classes You cant load it up with scenery because of the "out of memory problem" but its still great. I install all my old military base stuff that does not work in new sims, and also install the STB CVN 65 and do carrier landings. I still have a lot of fun with it and will keep using it for a very long time.
  2. I would like to start seeing Africa being updated with city, land, and airport improvements. Pretoria in South Africa is missing the Union Buildings, and the Voortrekker Monument, and a bunch more points of interest. There is a ton of SCENERY work to do in Africa and none of the developers seem to be interested in it. Orbx needs to find some developers already living and established in South Africa and ask them to do it. There are quite a few of them. Africa is a very interesting continent lots to see.
  3. Thank you very much. Got it fixed. I used to go to this place quite a bit with my parents growing up in South Africa. If you ever get a chance to visit the Chobe River game lodge it will be a experience you will never forget. I learnt to ski on the Chobe river amongst the crocks and the hippos. I also did some Tiger fishing. Awesome place saw some ot the larges Elephants I have ever seen in my life at Chobe. Maybe someday someone will come up with a rendering of the lodge and place it in Orbx. Now that an IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi Nick Thanks for the answer. Could you please show me where the OLC_AFC scenery folder. The other one is installed Thanks Toto
  5. Hello. Flying to Chobe River game lodge in Botswana and landing at Kasane north end of Botswana. This is how the airstrip looked. I verified Library and Africa and then ran Vector. Did not fix it. Kasane in P3DV5 is fine no problems
  6. Hello. I have a crazy thing happening to me and my simulator. I have never experienced this before. I use P3DV5 with the Hotfix and also all of my Orbx and TOGA PROJECTS together. I will be flying along in any plane does not make a difference which plane I am in, after a while look out the window and see the ground has gone blurry. I then switch to outside view any outside view and my ground is back in focus!!! sharp as ever. Back in the cockpit looking out the window all looks normal again. I can also get the terrain to look sharp again by pushing either the F9 key or my F11 key which are the default keys for outside and inside the cockpit. I have had the blurries before but never like this. Has anyone else experienced this in P3DV5??? or could anyone explain to me why this is happening? Thanks!!!
  7. Thank you Ripcord. Would you please let me know when its done I would really like to have it. and are you the Ripcord from the Freebirds???
  8. I wonder if Orbx could do a really nice Whidbey Island NAS for us, with a Carrier parked close buy with a hard deck to trap and take off on. Years ago in FSX there were some really cool freeware Whidbey Island, bases you could put into your FSX steam or Box version and have a lot of fun with. Make it look real military looking with C130 and C17 parked around with fire trucks, and ambulances and F18 taking off and landing etc. Military vehicles moving around from one way point to the other. Whidbey Island has never been done by Orbx for some reason. It would be very cool to have.
  9. No! my Orbx is installed into a full download with the new hotfix in.
  10. Hello. Went to Lockheed Martin. Downloaded the full version with the hotfix in like they suggested. Installed it on my system. Worked just fine. Flew around using the default flight. Refigured all my controls and landed and shut the system down. Restarted my system and fired up p3d v 5 again, and started right up into default mission. Started loading Orbx did Global Base, Buildings, Trees and LC Africa. Closed down Orbx and then tried to start up P3D V 5. Everything seemed fine, till the end and just got a black screen for about 15-20 second and then ctd to desktop. Rebooted system and the same thing happened after loading up all the terrain stuff, just got a black screen with engine running in the back ground for about 15 seconds and then ctd. What can I do now to fix this???? Thanks
  11. Since the update to accommodate P3Dv5, I have been experiencing g force effect in the cockpit. My head gets thrown around like a ping pong ball just like a real pilot would experience from G force effects in a turn. This never happened before the update. I am using TIR 5 and when I push the center button it does not center on the HUD like it used to!!!! but centers on where ever I was looking. I was using Chase plane in both FSX-SE and P3DV4 and it worked great and the same in both sims, UNTIL the update to V5 I now experience this G force effect in both sims. A little G force would be great but I get a huge amount. I have been in the control panels for both TIR and Chase plane but cannot seem to resolve the problem. Can some one here help or make a suggestion. Thanks
  12. Now that Orbx has released AFRICA I would like to see trees that grow in Africa. For example the big thorny flat bottom tree that you see in every Africa wild life picture. This is a joke I see the same tree in Africa that I see in America.
  13. Hello. This Discover feature in our Orbx CENTRAL is really fantastic. I was just wondering if you guys could make this into a FLIGHT PLANNER.
  14. Anyone here familiar with Chase Plane??? I have recently purchased it through ORBX and so far!!!!! with my little knowledge of the product REALLY LIKE IT. Wanting to hook with someone of voicecoms who really knows the product well who can help me with a few things and understand it a little better. I have discord and teamspeak.
  15. I fly along the Fort Walton Destin area, and other coastal city area's, and see no people on the beaches. Just sand sand and more sand. I would like to have a little eye candy added to the beaches like chairs, umbrellas, people, dogs, cats, vendor stands, etc etc even some skantily clad beautiful girls frolicing in the water. Maybe even some nude beaches!~!!! Yea now that's on idea!!!!. All I see is sand sand sand. I am sure this will not be to hard to change. SOMEONE PAH-LEASE!!!!!
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