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  1. Dear community, below I have attached 2 pictures of Orbx Germany South promotion with a mountain area in the south of germany at the boarder to austria. 1 picture is attached where you can see my Orbx Germany South inside P3D v4.5. Why does it look so different, especially ther mountain quality ? And what can I do to get the same quality ? Thanks and happy new year.
  2. Hi Nick, I did not want to ... but I thought, that the mountain-quality in the Orbx Germany South (still within german territory) would be much better than my screenshot showed !
  3. Thanks Stewart, my question still is : germany (and the Orbx scenery South Germany) is germany - and austria is austria (with its scenery). So isn´t it possible to have the nice mountains for germany from Orbx and nice ones in austria from austria HD ?
  4. Thanks Nick, but does that mean, that south part of germany (covered by Orbx Germany South, additionally all Global-Orbx-products like Base Pack, Open LC Europe and Vectors) and more precise, the mountains on german border to austria can not be displayed in better quality because of the fact, as you mentioned, Orbx is landclass and austria hd is photo-scenery ? Can´t I put the germany south scenery on top of the austrian one e.g. to have better south german mountains, which is still germany and should not have anything to do with the austrian country ? Or are the mountains develope
  5. Thanks Nick, so the mountains in Orbx Germany South are usually better detailed ? How can I solve the probleme ? And with water, I will try to disable the "frozen" part.
  6. Is this supposed to be like this - raw mountains with no details, artificial and simple inside Germany South ? In the background you see Austria with Austria HD scenery, what a difference ! And what can I do with the blue area on the water you can see in the screenshot ?
  7. hi nick, I made a flight out of LOWI and it works. Thanks again and regards
  8. I heared about this sequence ... but this is different to your suggestion to lift the Orbx lowi scenery on top ?
  9. hi nick, that is one possibility, but not the best. a few weeks ago, before the last Orbx-update i have done, everything worked fine in parallel, so Orbx lowi scenery and austria hd together without a probleme. now it is different, and i am searching for the reason why ?? by writing "you will still need to keep the austria hd version disabled", do you mean only the "airport part of austria hd, or the whole scenery pack with all other stuff like "elevation", "objects" ... ? so in fact, as you say, Orbx lowi is not compatible with austria hd ? thanks nick
  10. hi nick, I unticked all austria entries and LOWI looks as it should now ! but now I do not have the wonderful austrian mountains and scenery anymore to fly through. what do you suggest me to do? days before I deselected the 2 files as seen earlier and today additionally inside P3D v4.5 (scenery library) all austria entries. how can I have the beautiful landscape around LOWI back ? And is there a special sequence, I should put the austria files infront or after the Orbx files ? thanks nick for your reply.
  11. Hi Nick, I found only these 2 files with LOWI in and set them to "off". But there is no change inside P3D v 4.5 as the picture try to show (even after running the Orbx Scenery Manager again and hit "apply" afterwards). I added a screenshot of my scenery library. Thanks for any ideas.
  12. Thanks Nick, sory I am a newbe, what exactly do I have to disable or deselect, and where ? Thanks for your quick response
  13. hi community, even after running the Orbx-secenery-manager (to get a sequence inside all sceneries), I have problems with Orbx LOWI Ground. All static aircrafts, vehicles and people are below ground-level. I have the Orbx scenery and Austria HD-west for this area. Do you have any idea how to solve and get the sceneries in a correct row to have all displayed correctly ? Thanks
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