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  1. it is zoomed out. But the England scenery put the old airports in front of my addons
  2. Hi all I’ve recently had a lot of trouble with my Orbx example all the old airport scenery came over the top of my addon scenery anyways finally found it was the Orbx UK scenery doing this....so I deleted all Orbx and slowly reInstalled it all and turned off FTX AEC all seems fine again bar 1 thing when I go on big World map most of the global vector/Orbx stuff has gone bar a little patch...this patch follows the aircraft so basically all the Orbx stuff kinda works any ideas how to resolve it it’s on FSX Steam I have Orbx global, vector, buildings, trees, Europe
  3. Thanks for quick reply I don’t have dx10 ticked I’ve never used dx10
  4. Hi all just recently I’m getting black blobs instead of lights all around the major roads nothings been changed in settings or graphics any ideas. It’s fsx steam
  5. Yeah after deleting the above ftx files I had to reinstall my Uk2000 scenery again and reinstall their common library files and also afcad files now it’s all back to normal thanks for reply’s
  6. Hi all I’ve recently purchased eu England for fsx and it’s affecting my UK airport jetways not all of them just ones with added scenery EG I have uk2000 scenery for Gatwick and all jetways are removed and placed by the static Orbx ones how do I get rid of the Orbx ones as they look awful thanks
  7. Close this topic finally done it had to shut down all orbx on task manager
  8. Hi all I’ve tried to cancel a recent update of the precipit fx because I want to install other products 1st but it will not cancel as the pic shows it’s been like this for 2hrs and still not cancel tried signing out restarting etc but it’s still there. Any ideas
  9. As soon as I get about 30feet up the scenery is normal too
  10. Very weird I’ve only purchased the global base pack and this is the only airport in uk affected that I know of as yet il have a look at this vector cheers
  11. it’s fsx I’m trying to get pic up now thanks
  12. Lol egcc has massive hills all over the airport in 3D cockpit view any ideas how to resolve this thanks
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