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    Hi all, Just a quick update on where we are with the updates to the Australian airports for Australia v2. We appreciate that many are keen to get them up and running. We we are planing to release these updates on the new Orbx Central app. Orbx Central is nearing completion and will go into a public beta next week sometime. The updates to the airports are still currently under testing which is being done in tandem with Orbx Central testing. Further information will be provided next weekend.
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    Here is mine for the month . Good luck everyone! Cheers Renault TE Washington Location: Near LeConte Mountain , midway between Sentinel Peak and Spider Mountain Latitude 48.378 , Longitude -121.033
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    More soon chaps. cheers Iain
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    XP11 / UWXP 2.5 / My new xVision preset / 4K
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    Here is mine True Earth Great Britain South Tavistock, South West Devon
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    We've kept this one a little quiet for a while, but I'm pleased to say that Alderney is almost done and will be in beta soon. Here are a few screenshots of the beautiful coastline, from Greg Jones' PC. FSX/P3D version will be released first, with XP11 version to follow soon after.
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    In the starting blocks to explore a scenic area in the State of Washington
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    USMC AH-1W Super Cobra refueling at Bear Gulch ....... Good Luck, Everyone !
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    Following the reveal at FlightSimExpo, we are happy to announce EGLC London City Airport for X-Plane 11! EGLC London City Airport is the closest airport to central London. Located in the Royal Docks in the London Borough of Newham, in between Canary Wharf and the City of London - the two most important financial districts in the country - EGLC provides important transport links between the capital and the rest of the UK as well as continential Europe. London City Airport has a single 1,500-meter (4,900 ft) long runway, and a CAA Public Use Aerodrome Licence that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flight training - but only for training necessary for the operation of aircraft at the airport. Only multi-engine, fixed-wing aircraft with special aircraft and aircrew certification to fly 5.5° approaches are allowed to conduct operations at London City Airport. The largest aircraft which can be used at the airport is the Airbus A318, which has been modified with a "steep approach function". Features: Full HD PBR representation of London City Airport and surroundings. HD textures throughout PBR groundpolygon with dry, damp and wet states. All new highly detailed PBR Ground Service Equipment and Clutter models Realistic road traffic on surrounding streets Includes the Excel building, Tate & Lyle Sugar factory and all surrounding high-rise buildings. 60cm orthoimagery blended to match TrueEarth GB South Includes realistic approach and airport lighting. Introducing all new detailed HD PBR static aircraft models Dynamic Fire & Rescue response - fire service will respond when an aircraft emergency is declared on approach. Fire trucks will deploy to your aircraft position once on the ground P3Dv4 users, don't worry. EGLC for P3D will be announced soon! EGLC London City Airport will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $22.95/ €20.50/ £18.20) Please note that you will require Orbx Libraries updated and installed to the latest version. Please also note that for the best experience, we recommend using EGLC in conjunction with TrueEarth GB South. The scenery will work without it, however some users may experience the following: Missing or misplaced forests Missing or misplaced buildings surrounding the airport Photoreal blending And without further ado, the screenshots!
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    It is getting hard to compete with XP11 ! So my entry for this month is an old screenshot from P3Dv3. A view of the Half dome and Nevada fall in the Yosemite Valley.
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    Well then chaps Thank you all for taking the time to enter the contest and vote so many great shots by the way. Now the winner is........ digital 896. now if you shoot Ed an email ed@orbxsystems.com Saying which prize you would like with your OrbxDirect account details Ed will add your prize to your account. cheers Iain
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    V4.5 Orbx REX SkyForce for cloud textures
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    Hello people thought I would let you know my Dad Iain is 60 to day, He will have a shock when he reads this he has gone to the papershop. Happy Birthday Dad. Love Ayiesha x
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    We are pleased to announce the release of a new Freeware airport for you from new developer, Sandro De Sarro - EG20 Clench Common Field. Sandro is a real world pilot that flies at EG20 and has recreated the airport with a high level of realism and has been designed to work with TrueEarth Great Britain South. The airport features some tricky runways to land and takeoff from, so be careful! Add it your Orbxdirect account from here.
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    ftx global + vector + open LC ... : Svalbard Spitzberg Longyearbyen ENSB
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    Is it possible to create a new Happy Birthday forum like the Neil Hill Memorial Lounge, so people can post their congratulations there instead of in the "normal" General discussion forum? Jack the Swede in Spain
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    Tatton Mere is the water to the right hand side of the image with EGCC Manchester International above that and further back Manchester City centre above the fuselage with Salford and Trafford Park the lighter colour to the left of Manchester Tatton Park below the main wheels Mere Golf Resort and Spa just below and in front of the nose The roads are the new A556 bypass and the old Chester Road both crossed East to West by the A50 heading to Knutsford. XVision 1.25 with Renault's natural preset and UWXP 2.5
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    This is in the spirit of light hearted humour . ( If I can't laugh at myself then something is really wrong) Yesterday, my joystick completely "packed it in" . Nothing would work and I tried it on different usb ports ….. Nada ! I'm not able to drive yet, so my wife took me down to the local computer store and I bought a new one I left my computer on "running XPlane" thinking that I would just plug the new one in and life would be good. Got home, put the new one in and again nothing. Decided to shut XPlane down and realized that I had been looking at a screenshot all along and XPlane was happily running without issues underneath. To put it mildly , my "better half" was not amused!! Cheers R
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    A feature we have added to both the XP11 and P3D versions of EGPH is fully animated moving trams arriving and leaving the terminal station (yes and they are PBR and have lighting ).
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    Hi guys, I’ll let the developers answer a question that Callum from FSElite asked them:
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    G'day everybody, apologies for disappearing off the forums without warning. I have been having a hard time of things of late with depression and the like. Anyway I thought I would make a return to the forums and to flight simming although after doing my first flight last night, since March, I have forgotten where most of the various buttons and controls are! Regards Martyn
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    Airborned from LEBB-Bilbao into the Biscaye Gulf on the North coast of Spain
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    All taken in XP11 with TEGB - Scotland: I created a new (photoreal biased) preset for TEGB here: Adam XV121_04 Photoreal Adam.
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    Hello everyone, The latest airport in our British series is EGHR Goodwood. This airport is near and dear to our JV's heart - not only is it his local airfield, but it's also the site of the Spitfire sim which uses TrueEarth GB! EGHR Chichester/Goodwood Airport is located in Chichester, West Sussex and is the first airport Orbx released for England. The developers have tried to capture both the history and the natural beauty of the aerodrome and the surrounding area. Almost every single object seen at the real airport has been photographed, modelled and placed, allowing you to immerse yourself in a realistic flight simulation environment. The airport is located on Goodwood Estate which was the home to the Dukes of Richmond for over 300 years and was donated by Freddie March, the 9th Duke, to help in the Second World War effort and was used by the RAF. The airport's surrounding road was converted into a racing circuit after the war and creates the unusual cocktail of racing and aviation, which has been perfectly captured. Fun fact: The Boultbee Spitfire Academy is located in the large green hangar - see if you can find it! Key Features: 15/60 cm ground imagery Static aircraft and cars Animated Ferraris racing! Varied vegetation Includes Goodwood House Includes Goodwood racecourse Animated clocks Photographed on site Matched to TrueEarth GB Please note that for the best experience, we recommend using EGHR in conjunction with TrueEarth Great Britain South. The scenery will work without it, however some users may experience the following: Missing or misplaced forests Missing or misplaced buildings surrounding the airport Photoreal blending EGHR Goodwood Airport will be available to purchase from OrbxDirect soon for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $24.35 / €21 / £18.50) - Previous buyers of the FSX/P3D version will get an automatic 40% discount.
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