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    Hello everyone, Here's a quick sneak preview of TrueEarth US Washington for X-Plane I've put together. It really shows the incredible diversity of this amazing new region. Bush flying is finally on the agenda for XP11 users! A full announcement is coming next week with all the info you need. Enjoy!
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    CAE3 Campbell River Water Aerodrome is coming to Prepar3D v3 & v4! So... you have been to CAC8, CAX6, CAG8 and YRC; where to next? How about Campbell River Water Aerodrome and the city of Campbell River BC? CAE3 Campbell River Water Aerodrome was said to be the busiest seaplane base in the world during the 1970’s. It’s not so busy now but instead has the character that no polished facility can match. No PA system with that well modulated voice you can’t understand. A look at the odds and ends on the seaplane docks tells you that it’s a working SPB. CAE3 is located on Tyee Spit at the mouth of Campbell River just north of the centre of the city by the same name. It is the home of Corilair, Grizzly Helicopters,Vancouver Island Air and West Coast Helicopters . Campbell River, the “Salmon Fishing Capital of the World” and in particular Tyee Spit are famous for the salmon fishing. At Tyee Pool the fishing is done from rowboats which you will find modeled in the scenery. The city of Campbell River lies at the junction of the more populated southern part of Vancouver Island and the mostly undeveloped northern half. It has the feeling of a little bit of both. Key Features All of Tyee Spit as a large model, including Corilair, Grizzly Helicopters, Vancouver Island Air, West Coast Helicopters, associated docks and other buildings. The city of Campbell River North Campbell River Nystar buildings and dock with detailed static ship Ocean Wind John Hart Generating Station Five Campbell River marinas with custom boats Campbell River ferry terminal Quathiaski Cove ferry terminal Cape Mudge Lighthouse and grounds April Point Marina and Spa, with helipad The AI cruise ship Norwegian Jewel going from the Campbell River Cruise Ship Terminal to Victoria BC and back. The AI boat CCGS Cape Palmerston attending a sailboat aground An AI Ranger 29 powerboat that crosses Discovery Passage Models of Whitehall rowboats used for salmon fishing around Tyee Spit A couple of ‘Extras’ to amuse you Developed by @Larry_R And now what you really want to see - the screenshots by Larry and Emmsie:
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    A little flight out from Orbx Shoreham (Brighton) airport, whizzing over Lancing, where my grandmother lived and we spent many a family holiday, and then turning towards Brighton and the South Downs. Amazing detail... you can read the text on the memorial plaque. This looks like a nice spot to watch the coming and going... My gran had a house almost at the end of the runway, before moving closer to the sea, which was also great for plane watching. Setting off in my freeware Grob (great name ) ..... Some lovely detail on display at this airport. Lancing... The flats below the right wheel is where she moved too... it was great, with a hop just over the road to the beach, and a huge pleasure park (Brooklands) just down the road. The old docks at Shoreham and the exit of the River Adur. Brighton with its sole remaining pier, with the west pier (which was already abandoned and in decay) burning down in in 2003... You can see the remains accurately modeled in True Earth, just above right/center... You can also see the British Airways i360, which is a 162-metre observation tower a little further right, on the beach. Heading out over the Downs, now a National Park A27 from Brighton to Lewes. For these last two shots I turned on XEnviro, for some real time weather... nice, if blustery conditions; and the clouds look very nice. This is v1.07 with HD replacement textures. Thanks for looking.
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    Hi some BOREALIS Tromso ENTC and PAFA Fairbank time March 2019 from Fairbank PAFA
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    Not much time to fly lately with house restoration after the disaster. Here's part 1 of a flight from EGPE to EGPD.
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    Have not posted any shots in ages so A real mix of sorts some using the New UWXP 2.5 which looks fantastic but a lot to learn and apply me thinks hope you all like. M
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    The last set of shots of this flight. Landing at Aberdeen in some cool weather.
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    Just testing the new UWXP 2.5 update which was released today. Using mostly default settings, with water, skies and cloud colours set to auto, default XP11 weather and X Vision. Cheers,
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    All over TEGB South. Thank you Mark for your settings.
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    Neil's passion continues on. New airports have now been added to the Global Airport Pack by long time co-contributors - Larry Isenor and John Barner. By Larry Isenor BGBW Narsarsuaq, Greenland CEM5 Swan Hills AB CJQ5 Carlyle SK CFH4 Fox Harbour NS CDS2 Disley SK CHL2 Hillaton (Kings Aerodrome) NS CKL9 Regina Beach SK (disable AEC) CNL3 Brockville (Tackaberry) ON CPV9 Poverty Valley SK CRL4 Kirby Lake AB CYCK Chatham Kent ON CYHM Hamilton (Munro Airport) ON CYYE Fort Nelson BC CYYH Taloyoak NU CYZR Sarnia (Hadfield Airport) ON TKPN Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis By John Barner 0V2 (KANK) Harriet Alexander Field Airport Salida, Colorado (AEC Disable) 2V1 (KPSO) Stevens Field Pagosa Springs, Colorado (AEC Disable) 3B3 Sterling Airport Sterling, Massachusetts C24 Mineral County Memorial Airport Creede, Colorado (AEC Disable) KDUX Moore County Airport Dumas, Texas KGNT Grants-Milan Municipal Airport Grants, New Mexico KGUY Guymon Municipal Airport Guymon, Oklahoma KRTN Raton Municipal Airport/Crews Field Raton, New Mexico
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    Home... Devon for me, although we are very close to the Somerset border, so a lot of the places we spend time are there too. Not long after take-off from Dunkeswell, heading north over Culmstock Beacon. Over my house, which is bottom left... Nice to see Orbx has given my studio a nice new blue roof... it could do with it Haddon Hill a few mins from home on Exmoor... a high spot and favorite place for us to go and blow away the cobwebs. Leaving Haddon to head deeper into Exmoor. Over Dunkery Hill, which is the highest point on the moor at just over 1700 feet. Minehead town can be seen to the top The distinctive patchwork quilt of Devon & Somerset's fields. Porlock and the Bristol Channel, with Wales just visible through the haze.... And a staggering amount of trees on display in the deep coombes. Heading towards Lynton & Lynmouth... Lynmouth suffered a devastating flood on 16 August 1952 when a huge storm overwhelmed the River, killing 34 people. A quick flick back around to see the spectacular Forland Point. The drive between Porlock & Lynmouth is stunning!. Heading back south over the bleached moorland. All pics taken with True Earth: South in XP11.33 B1... also using XVision 1.2.1 with my own preset. Thank you for looking.
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    Continuing the "let's tweak the hell out of any sim" story, I decided to take JV's advice and install the FlyWithLUA suite - and the excellent VMI Twick VR script (all freeware). I'm a great PTA/P3D fan, so I'm also using Yuri's xVision (payware). There's a lot of overlap between the two, so it's not easy to arrive at a "definitive" tweak. TEGB Lake District: Over to ORBX YBRM for XP: For anyone that uses xVision, my preset is here: Adam XV 121_01 Adam.
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    Where am I? would say Gerold Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, full ride here. Orbx weather # 4 is magic too Cheers Carlos
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    XP11 + TEGB: I'm just testing an xVision preset - all the more complicated as I'm using the FlyWithLUA plugin as well. Work in progress ... Although my new home (NZ) is beautifully rendered in P3D, it's great to see my old home in all its beauty in TEGB/XP1: Gloucestershire - with a newly acquired JF C152: Heading over from RAF Kemble to the Mach Loop (which I don't think I found!) - in another recent JF acquisition: ... then it started getting dark! .... so I landed at RAF Valley and picked up a Spitfire the next morning: Landing lights on - just showing off! Adam.
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    (For best view – click on pictures to enlarge them and use next arrows to scroll through) P3D v4.5 Aircraft: A2A P-51 Mustang Civilian “Glamorous Gal” REX – Sky Force Orbx – Global: Base, Vector, HD Trees, Open LC North America; NA Northern Rocky Mountains, CEF4
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    Just tooling around on a calm evening. Kev
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    Departed Broadford airport on Skye - headed for Inverness. Perhaps the most photographed castle in Scotland - Eilean Donan. Two lochs here - on the right, up to the Sky Bridge, Loch Alsh and exiting left, Loch Duich. The little town is Dornie and, of course, the castle. Mountains everywhere - not Himalayas but tough climbs regardless. The legendary Loch Ness, a large part of the 'Caledonia Canal' between Inverness and Fort William. From the fertile mind of Tony Wob - keeps the tourists coming back.
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    A free scenery gem - Moruya - YMRY
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    Hi again, now I did some more little flights and screenshots of the wonderful scenery. I switched autogen from "very dense" to "extremly dense" in between, so could be there are some less houses somewhere. It doesn't make much difference in performance. This kind of scenery really is much more realistic than the landclass. But of course it's a lot more data. There are a lot of nice ships at Portsmouth. Popham airfield is really melted into the scenery. Here you can see Hurst Castle and Hurst Point Lighthouse, the entire castle is modeled. Compton Abbas Field is also a part of the surrounding scenery. I love this airport, it's good to practice because there is a lot of space next to the strip. Very nice colors here. Later I will do some more shots of Cardiff. Next shots are north of Cardiff. Much more realistic than in the region scenery. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
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    Hi all, now I did a little flight in PNW again, started at Ganges Water Aerodrome CAX6 and wanted to go to KBVS, but I had to Interrupt it because of RL. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
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    Winter Night Scenes 2019...the Orbx Version Thanks for viewing, Darryl
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    Ignore the livery.... Cheers Graeme
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    Thanks Ziggy, The PR for CAE3 does not include CYBL so unless Don's version extends well beyond the airport itself there should be no problem. There will however be a problem at Cape Mudge if you use a PNW lighthouse package that places a lighthouse there. The same problem will occur at the Merry Island lighthouse that is part of CAG8. I'll try to describe the solution in the compatibility forum when the time comes. Oh, yes, the time and effort: a year for this one.
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    Thank you Orbx! You made my miserable rotten week and tonight after I saw this post on your page of my screenshot out of Half Moon Bay. It is a pleasure getting close to your scenery like that. Have a great night all, and thanks again orbx! Here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/orbxsystems/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARDbkA9i1FF-tM6Dj3sCAkgTxeWua2fMxwrBPoo7gFzeSZmp1b4sf7H88j3Ajny7mqT73omh-GPW2eJ7 If it's not allowed, I understand, and here was the image if the link is not allowed. I know how busy you guys are Orbx, so a reminder on what one it was...
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    Free you say ........ I would pay good money for this area . Thanks Larry and Orbx , you guys ROCK !! . Cheers John
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    Highly recommended freeware aircraft which was released a few days ago:
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    This is the new Airfoilabs Kingair at Southampton and flying in local area. Kev
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    Evening all, on a recent actual flight from Faro into Birmingham I grabbed a snapshot passing Heathrow with my iPhone. Decided to recreate snapshot on XP11 TEGB for comparison. 1. XP snapshot. 2. Real life snapshot. ATB, Dave
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    Descendant of the DC9, Boeing agreed to make them after they absorbed MD. They were soon replaced by the B736/7 and the A328/19 but Qantas bought early, and then later bought a number from the Spanish line Volotea. Although having been around a long time, with excellent Qantas maintenance they will continue to serve the long thin routes so typical of this lightly populated country. Here we approach Townsville in Northern Queensland the main administrative centre, over 1000 nm north of Brisbane. Below the right wingtip is Castle HIll, iconic and home to doctors and lawyers, in the background Magnetic (Maggie to the locals) Island and ahead of the nose the joint use Air Force and civilian aerodrome.
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    On final into YBUD, Bundaberg, a regular destination for Qantaslink, and like most now with a RNA/GNSS approach. On the ground in Bundaberg But at the last moment someone moved the centreline.
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    Had a few days holiday there last month, it's getting very busy, strong population growth. Cheers Ken
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    Thank you very much all, it's very much appreciated I have had a wonderful day... just a quiet one with my family (last year was a BIG one with party).......... The weather has been absolutely stunning here; really warm, with not a cloud in the sky, so we have simply spent most of it in the garden chilling-out. Getting a take away this evening, and maybe watch a film once dark...... and eat some Easter chocolate as well Me and my boys enjoying the sun in the garden.
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    ENBR to ESNQ Good day and Happy Easter
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