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    We are trying to put the people into place to make that happen, yes. I myself would like to see how it looks and performs, for sure.
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    Hey, everyone! 10 hours from Port Moresby to Pago Pago, strong and hight thunderstorms over Vanuatu and Fiji, icing, hot air, turbulence but Connie did not disappoint and gently landed under the applause.
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    Emmsie will be along with his final shots any moment, but here's a few more teasers...
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    V4.4 Orbx - Santa Barbara Active Sky A2A I decided to reinstall AS and do some flying, something I haven't done for a long time.
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    Following the philosophy of simple is best (thanks Filou ! ) , this is XVision with saturation at 25% and my custom calibration lut using Reshade. Straight from the XPlane "V" key. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
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    Well, not so high if you start a flight in Hammerfest... ... turn round ENHF Valan... ... and cross the (hidden) Nordkap. Passing a windfarm ... ... on the way back to Hammerfest, ... ... ENHK Hasvik, ... ... and finally Tromsö. I had to go around, increasing my chances to see the northern lights (sucessless). And finally we were allowed to land.
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    The new KSUN to Boise, KBOI. Came back around for an inspection. Now off to Boise, I miss it so much. I used to ride my motorcycle and go fishing and camping here. Land of the alleged "Bigfoot" Used to water ski in this river. Coming into the city area, it's exactly like this. I used to live near the State House. Below you can see the Boise River, and a 13 mile bike trail I'd ride on every day. Used to work here, miss it a lot. This is what happens when you have no rudder pedals.
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    Not TrueEarth GB, just "old FTX England stuff"
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    Hello everyone, KSUN Friedman Memorial Airport for Prepar3D v4 is now available! Developed by Turbulent Designs, Friedman Memorial Airport includes 715km2 of 60cm per pixel photoreal for the airport and valley. This mountainous area also includes 1ID5 Lukes Wood River Medical Center Heliport for those wanting to take a little more time to explore the valley. KSUN will feature buildings and vegetation textured in high definition and stunning detail. As attention to detail is key, we like to treat every airport area as a feature area, built with exploration in mind. Not only will KSUN look stunning from your aircraft, but it will look even better up close and personal. We recommend everyone have a wander around! Modelled and textured by Russ Linn, the airport terrain is where most of the new features are located. KSUN also features dynamic season textures using v4 native scripting. We opted to model the entire airport area as a mesh, giving us the opportunity to create a sloped runway, different levels in terrain, an insane amount of detail with some cool weather and lighting effects. Effects include realistic oil, reflective puddles during the winter and rain, icy runways and taxiways during snow and even the reflections of lights in puddles at night time. As always, we also like to include our custom modelled buildings for a nice buffer between the airport and autogen. All of the custom buildings are highly detailed with plenty of variation, giving those urban and industrial areas a nice natural look! Key Features: Friedman Memorial Airport and surrounding area in stunning detail 715km2 of 60cm per pixel photoreal for the airport and valley 1ID5 Lukes Wood River Medical Center Heliport Dynamic seasonal textures Sloped runway Realistic lighting effects including oil, reflective puddles during winter and rainy weather, icy runways and taxiways when it's snowing, and reflective lights in puddles (especially noticeable during night time) KSUN Friedman Memorial Airport is now available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $24.35 / €21 / £18.50) For the best experience, we recommend using KSUN in conjunction with our Central Rockies region.
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    Shalom and greetings all my pals, Here are nice simple screenshots of my first arrival at iBlueYonder KACK Nantucket airport scenery as part of my successful testing of this cool scenery. Taxiing to gate Approaching the gate Arriving at gate Leaving the passenger terminal to go to Nantucket beach! Thank you for viewing. Please stay tuned for next flight report. Regards, Aharon
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    Just some "snaps" from the Isle of Arran . Little bit faster than my previous trip with my beloved Cessna. This is an experiment -- I love playing a bit with light and colours ..... All are straight from the Xplane "V" key - Vibrance, curves shaders along with a custom colour calibration LUT I created yesterday. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
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    It's a wintry morning in Stockholm... ...the land seems frozen... ... visibility is reduced... ...snowflakes are dancing in the air. So is the Swedish winter! The United Airlines plane that's being catered at Gate Foxtrot 36 finds itself in this winter story... ...and is being de-iced right at the gate. The passengers inside the plane observe the de-icing crew doing their job without protecting their heads and hands against the cold. Those hardy Swedes! A few minutes later, the Triple-Seven is being pushed back from the gate... ...and starts to taxi to the runway. The snow gets no less on its way... ...flaps and slats are kept retracted to prevent icy material to attach to the flaps mechanism and potentially freeze there. How different the sight, only a few minutes later! A bright morning above the clouds. The airplane cruises high above the snowy landscape of Scandinavia... ...and above the ships that traverse the Atlantic Ocean. The New World is no less covered with snow than the old one. Somewhere over New England... ...the sky looks even colder than at the other side of the pond! Who might populate those snowy hills in this time of year, when even the bears retreat to their den? New Jersey and Staten Island ahead! And a massive bank of clouds... A/P off at 270' and touchdown. After more than 8 hours, the plane has made it from the wintry cold morning in Stockholm to the wintry cold morning in Newark. Content and relieved, the passengers leave the plane through a comfortable jetway... ...and probably face the worst part of their voyage on the highway to home. That's it, I hope you liked it. Cheers.
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    Approaching Launceston in the beautifully done freeware Seafire. Many excellent aircraft on this site for those who haven't come across it yet. http://www.robertjamesrichardson.co.uk/index.html
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    Very very happy about. Now testing the settings. Poweful MSI 1070Ti card and 2TB Samsung SSD.
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    Close to Mount Ratz, BC not AK. Thanks for the correction OND!
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    Hi everyone, EGPB Sumburgh Airport is the first ever airport for X-Plane 11 designed to integrate with TrueEarth GB North and it's coming soon to OrbxDirect! EGPB features realistic night lighting, highly detailed airport modelling, and a large coverage area of photoreal scenery. Sumburgh Airport is the main airport serving Shetland in Scotland and is located on the southern tip of the mainland. The airport features a helicopter runway and the western end of RWY09 crosses the main road between Sumburgh and the northern mainland, with access controlled in real life by a level crossing with barriers closing whenever a flight is taking off or landing. Key Features Large 30 cm photoreal coverage Includes the stunning "Fitful Head" Fully custom modelled airport Detailed models of surrounding landmarks High Definition ground polygon Complex car animations in 3D Realistic rendition of light sources on all 3D objects Superb airport night lighting Fully integrated with TrueEarth GB North EGPB will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $23.40 / €20.65 / £18.15). Remember that if you own EGPB for FSX/P3D, you get 40% off the X-Plane version! Please note that you will require Orbx Libraries updated and installed to version 1.55 which is also now available. MacOS/Linux users will have the latest libraries included in the cross-platform download available from the support page. Please also note that for the best experience, we recommend using EGPB in conjunction with TrueEarth Great Britain North. The scenery will work without it, however some users may experience the following: Missing or misplaced forests Missing or misplaced buildings surrounding the airport Photoreal blending Here are some screenshots from James Eden, Filou, and Jon Murchison - enjoy!
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    XP11.32 / xEnviro 1.06 + Experimental clouds / xVision / 4K
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    Lake District - Scafell Pike -England's highest peak Lake District - 'Old Man of Coniston' peak Approach into EGSG Stapleford Over Blackpool Approach into EGKK Gatwick