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    P3d v4.5 Orbx Northern California
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    ftx global + vector + open LC ... : Svalbard Spitzberg Longyearbyen ENSB
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    P3Dv4.5 Orbx, Terra Flora, Activ Sky Carenado DA62 Flew an evening flight from Bouchs to Geneva Switzerland. Had such a good time I think I nearly wore out that "V" key on this flight.
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    Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a nice typical Ansett airline operated TNT 707 cargo flight from YMML Melbourne Airport which is Australia's second busiest airport located 14 miles northwest of the city centre of Melbourne to YMLT Launceston located in the rural area of Western Junction nine miles from Launceston's city centre in Tasmania. Loading cargo goods on a rainy day There are lots of cargo bins to be loaded!! Tsk tsk tsk bad weather!! HEY you forgot one more cargo bin over there!! Thunderstorm's lighting brightened the plane that just finished its pushback (yeah must be tough to take screenshot at PRECISELY SAME SPLITTING SECOND TIME as lighting happens!) Taxiing to short of runway 16 Check out the airport's cargo hold apron ground! Leaving cargo apron Still taxiing to short of runway 16 Passing the airport terminal Leaving the airport terminal behind Crossing runway 09/27 to continue long taxi on taxiway A Holding short of runway 16 awaiting for take off clearance from airport tower controllers Engines after receiving take off clearance started to roar with thick black smokes while entering into runway 16 for immediate take off Airborne on climb to FL250 pass background view of building complexes of Qantas Maintenance and Jetstar Support Passing Melbourne suburb called Keilor East Making left turn with background view of railroad tracks called Sunshine Railway Line Linear Reserve seen in front of the plane's nose Passing the same area mentioned above Climbing through clouds Yeah flying through clouds can be fun as long as you do not run into lightings Now above thick clouds Sorry that thick clouds are blocking view of ground textures preventing me from identifying suburbs Wow the clouds are as high as the plane's cruising F250 altitude! Passing YFLI Phillip Island Airport seen in front of the plane's nose which is small private airport on Phillip Island that is connected to mainland Victoria area by bridge called Philip Island Road or highway route number B420 also seen in front of the plane Cruising past some Aussie town next to WON waypoint Crossing waters of Bass Strait Approaching Tasmania which signal time for descent Starting descent! Descending through clouds Approaching Tamar River that is popular for pleasure cruise boats Passing in front of nose a lake called Curries River Dam which is popular fishing spot in Tasmania as seen on this video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2B-Abt6SSI Passing town of Georgetown bordering Tamar River in Tasmania Passing landscape of Tasmania At 3,000 ft past lake also called Tamar River Tasmania is famous for very green landscape In front of nose of plane shows high green hills called Reedy Marsh Forest Preserve and Brushy Rivulet Forest Reserve Still at 3,000 ft with background view of mountains called Mount Maurice Forest Reserve Time to make left 180 degree turn to runway 32L Deploying landing gear On final runway approach Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN Braking down past the background view of the airport terminal Exiting from runway into taxiway D Taxiing past Qantas hangar that is actually Sharp Airline hangar Arrived at cargo apron where trucks are waiting to pick up cargo goods Thank you for viewing and stay tuned for next exciitng flight! Regards, Aharon
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    E Komo mai " Welcome to my flight" Low flying over Honolulu Iroquois Point Joint Hickam Air Force Base & International Airport Keehi Lagoon Honolulu Harbour & Waikiki in the Background Ala Moana Kakaako (Honolulu) Honolulu by night is just stunning Punchbowl National Pacific Cemetery Landing at International airport Pearl Harbour Flying towards Mount Kaala (4025ft) Naval Telecomunication Centre (near Whitmore Village) (Extreme low flying , but I did not crash!) Flying over Keaiwa Heinau State Recreation Area with Highway H3 below entering the tunnel (on the right Mount Puu Keahi a Kahoe) Following the H3 Hway the Vilages of Kaneohe & Kailua Crossing Kaneohe Bay on approach Landing at PHNG Mokapu I hope you enjoyed my Hawaiian journey A Hui Hou ( Until we meet again) Charles
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    If you've not seen today's 'insider'update, here's a screen shot which shows the complexity of the buildings generated in MS 2020, and the interaction with the weather very well.
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    I remember in a 2018 road map I believe it was-There were mentions of some Alaskan airports in the makings one of which was barrow. and 2 others. What ever happened to these? are they still in progress/planned to be released? I am a big Alaska/PNW/PFJ fan and would love to see more Alaskan airports. Thanks
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    in CA Epper Passage Provincial Park Patrick
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    Well, we are surely enjoying the camaraderie of the camaraderie in Georgia right along with you two, even enjoying a bit of the hike by the pond!
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    Thanks a lot! Yes, you are right, I have to clean the windshield but the entire plane is a bit dirty anyway... Thank you Jack, they have to polish every screw, takes some time....and they need a special version for every license. Glad you like it Adam! Thank you very much Iain! And thank you Mike!
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    Hi, i7 2600K is a good chip, 16GB or Ram is all you need for Flight Sims or other games, my old Pc my son has now, is a i7 2600K GTX560 DDR3 16GB Ram, runs like a beast still, so a 1050Ti will be fine. And the guys are right about leaving FSX installed, personally, I still do FSX Missions, am still a big fan of the old girl, great sim.
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    Obx FTX OLC and Global , City barcelona, EUGermany South, North from Barça departure some city crossing over by night : Andorra, Toulouse, Mende, Lyon, Dijon, Mirecourt, Nancy, Metz, and view on Dusseldorf by night with Jahnstadium .. very nice flight by night Thank STAFF ORBX for night rendreing cities light .. Patrick
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    Thank you Carlos. This DC-3/C-47 is by Manfred Jahn and has been updated for P3D v4.
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    He may have more Gerold, maybe it was 12K in just Georgia
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    *** *** *** ORBX Barcelona, REX SF3D/AS4 actual Weather/Time, P3D v4.5
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    Filou, reminds me of the song I'm just breezin' along with the breeze,Trailing the rails, I'm a roamin' the seas.Like the birdies that sing in the trees,Pleasin' to live, livin' to please.The sky is the only roof I have over my head,And when I'm weary, mother nature makes me a bed.I'm just goin' along as I please, Breezin' along with the breeze. Thanks!
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    Jack: I guess Martyn explained that if you come from Downunder we have to make the most of our airfares, hence their odyssey still to come. You softies think long-haul means crossing the North Atlantic! I have just looked up, finally you have the right to sigh, 25GA. I didn't realise just how close to KATL you are, and also close to a place called Campbell Town, a name that would make my McDonald grandfather turn in his grave! We of Scots descent hate hard and long. Of course I have known many Campbells and they were nice people, but I assume that is because of the civilising affect of colonial living!
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    May not be custom but I really like my Corvette.
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    I think everyone and everything is taken into account. The fact is you don't need to purchase the latest software from Orbx to enjoy flightsimming, particularly in Australia. With OZx and AUV2 and any airports you may have already purchased, there are thousands of flights and circuits you can undertake across the length and breadth of the country. You can also get freeware scenery covering large areas of the globe if you need to go further afield. Purchasing an Orbx scenery is purely a lifestyle choice. It's a luxury yes, but it can never be called a necessity. And just about every airport such as YBCG and Gold Coast Cityscene can be run on an i5 with a GTX970 or better, you just have to configure the options in the scenery and the sim to suit your rig.
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    Night lighting came out nice in those. Well done.
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    jajaja sorry I meant # 4 Jesus!
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    Very spooky shot ond. Love it.
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    Your posts are always a lot of fun Karl!
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    Should have taken the advice Karl. Time for a new plane I guess.
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    Great shots Andreas. Beautiful scenery. However I noticed there is a bit of birdie doodoo on you windshield. Nice Piper though, well done.
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    Ah thanks ond that is exactly what happened. Thank you
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    Good for you Greg! That’s great, I hope your day goes really well.
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    Thanks! This is still the very best scenery for x-plane I think! I've spent hours flying there, and since it's out, I guess I've almost stopped flying somewhere else because this new standard was so high that there was simply no other scenery that can offer the same level of details on this scale. The only thing that I feel could be better is the decays on the ground, I've removed them for this flight, because after reaching 2000 ft, it makes a very obvious pattern on the scenery. Hopefully, it's easy to fix. Best! M
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    Sorry about the geography folks, nothing like ONDs moody lights, and Jack's humorous sequences I know. But I just love following progress by reference to other maps and the like. In the first shot the bridge in the centreleft comes over from Annapolis if that helps orientation.
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    You and that plane do well together, Jack. Great way to show off scenery. Keep 'em coming. Thanks!
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    Wow, andiflyit, whatever tweaks you made, I don't see how you could bring up any more detail. Amazing. Thanks!
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    PORTLAND WEATHER. Yes, the clouds can be dark purple on the underside. That means run for your life because it's about to rain really hard. If they are dark grey, that means stroll toward shelter because it will soon rain steadily. If they are light grey, it means do your errands now because it will rain drearily later in the day for the rest of the day. If there are no clouds, it means carry your coat and be ready for it to rain as soon as the clouds gather again. (I grew up in Battle Ground, just across the Columbia on the Washington side.)
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    Wooooaaaah, you are not teaching Martyn this way of flying, do you?
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    jk1294 jk1293 jk1292 jk1303 jk1306 a new paint for the Flight Replicas Bf-109G, of the aircraft of JG 51's Geschwaderadjudant in winter camouflage
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    They're like magnets Ken, must...not...fly...under....
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    Bump bump. cheers Iain
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