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    Its been a bit cold where I live and I needed a little something to warm me up Beautiful scenery, ocean mist and blue ocean - TE Nor Cal to the rescue Cheers Renault
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    Big Nose at Coffs Harbour. Whilst it is not the most elegant of planes it is nothing to be sniffed at! 1. 2. 3. 4. Now off for a sedate trundle down to Port Macquarie.
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    Everts Air Cargo JF Curtiss C46 heading for Calgary from Spokane. TTM (P3D v4.5.13)
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    TE GB (this is TE GB North, over Glasgow) for XP11 is spectacular. I love every single flight.
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    Great shots. Nothing fishy it all came out awash. And it's not nice to make fun of poor Charley with his Tuna Chicken of the sea.
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    jk4616 jk4624 jk4625 jk4630 jk4632
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    AWX freeware DH82 in fictitious livery by paulmort attempting to land at Quatam River at the end of day in misty conditions. Bounced off logs & ground looped. Not recommended in an aircraft without flaps. TTM
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    Nice shots and I guess the gates in the last shot are for hover craft.
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    Very nice shots, especially that last one. Can you send me some snow?
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    Cool bird !! Thanks for sharing. Cheers !
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    I'm sure the good folks in St. John's , Newfoundland would love to give you some from their most recent one https://globalnews.ca/video/6430618/cars-doors-buried-under-mounds-of-snow-as-blizzard-hits-st-johns
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    So sedate, so beautiful, it must be nice to live in a place like this.
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    Who said penguins cannot fly. 1. Our friend here has offered to fill the cockpit on a flight to Southampton. 2. Unfortunately we had to empty the cockpit after he had landed and left. Damned Krill!
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    Flybe don't fly from Luton to Newquay and I cannot pilot a Q400 either but that is the beauty of Flight Sim! 1. Taking off from Luton Airport after a change in the weather which was 8/8 and raining. 2. Very close to Aylesbury I get the navigation working so I can sit back and relax, watching the countryside pass by. 3. The Thames can be seen here also Didcot with it's power station on the left and Oxford below the tail. 4. Passing Wantage.
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    Many beautiful images from the City of Culture. My how things have changed since I was there in the early 70s!
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    How nice it must be to leave the frozen windy city for the sights and warmth of Hawaii. Incidentally, you chose the wrong plane for your flight!
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    You cant beat travelling with good friends! A fine array of images and a great collection of planes in the last image.
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    Top class images Gerold and that is some flat country you were flying over.
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    Stunners Mikee! All stunners.
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    Don't be sorry, I love looking at your paints!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks . I was watching them all the way down. I would drift from 2r,2W to 4W but could compensate. I can't image trying to taxi IRL when it was like this Cheers Pete Thank you. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the dialogue Cheers Thanks Adam Thanks Martyn "As real as it gets" may have some downsides Cheers Pete Thanks so much Iain Cheers Pete Thanks Gerold This one was a bit "finicky" to install. I daydream when a product will have it all & my "tweaking days" will be a distant memory Cheers Pete Thanks Jack Your suggestion helped a lot!! Cheers Pete Thanks Dario Cheers Pete
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    Seeing how beautiful these images look, it is impossible for me to kill my hopes for OpenLC Asia following. Hopefully the Africa sales figures will convince the Orbx decision makers to take Asia back into the possible future. I hereby promise to purchase Africa (and Asia) on the day of release at full price. Thumbs pressed.
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    oups, sorry, Iain, is this better? jk4673 jk4674 jk4678 jk4679
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    Super Shots Frank I like them all !!
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    Well done , those landings are pretty difficult, I understand that you slide off the tarmac, those strips are very steep indeed an be a real trap if you not aware of it. I truly like your shots like the one with chicken or those people seeing you farewell in dark. Tahini and Kokoda are a must in every simmer collection. I personally , literally spend days before making successful landings on those strips. Charles
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    Thanks Martyn. Yep that boy sure has a lot to learn but he means well . On a serious note I am so saddened by the wild fires and I hope to God that it will stop soon. God speed Australia.
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    #7 !!! Well done! Cheers !
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    PTA is simple enough for me to use Gerold and you can see the results. Always plenty of people on here to help too.
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    Wonderful news and doesn't it look so good.
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    Thanks Paul! It was Mango-licious!
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    Sorry, looks like I missed this one: Note that most of the airports have been done a long time ago by Neil Hill who left us a while ago (see Neil Hill memorial lounge). He (later on joined by Chris Clack) but an insane amount of work into those airports. Far beyond what would ever be commercially reasonable. Because they are so great and and still look a heck of a lot better than default airports, we have included them in the True Earth regions as well but they won't receive any further updates. Which is also the reason why we don't advertise them on the product page. Unfortunately drawing CVX grass polygons over PR scenery is not possible. P3D will always draw PR over CVX no matter what. The only polygons that could be drawn over PR are the hard shaped ones like asphalt polygons - which would look very 90ies style for grass bodies. If anything the P3D file compression for the TE regions shine against the X Plane version. We have settled at the optimum compression setting between a minimum filesize and a minimum number of compression artifacts in the imagery. Bests, Sascha
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    Thank you for that Pete I needed that as well, great shots!
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    So I looked it up, it's a joke, to scare tourists, I fell for it
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    Good looking Waco and nice shots of it and the scenery,
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    Sterling set of shots from Alaska John!
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    Thanks, glad you like them.
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