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    EXPLORE THE ENGLISH CHANNEL! The classic Earth Simulations Alderney has now been wonderfully brought to back to life and rebirthed for FSX and Prepar3D. This version is greatly enhanced over the original with super accurate water masking, superb ortho imagery and a brand new airport made by the Turbulent Aviation team including a completely updated new airport terminal by Russ White. Everything inside the airport fence is incredible 7cm/pixel imagery and hand-painted. Immerse yourself the all the little details that made this classic title such a delight to fly into and over. Best of all, the Type2 Autogen has been completely optimised and overhauled so the performance is super smooth and you can set all sliders to max to really enjoy the scenery as it was intended. We have included the animated wildlife and sounds from the original version, and optimised all the 3D models for higher efficiency. FEATURES Incredible 15cm ortho imagery, and 7cm inside the airport fence 1m elevation mesh Beautiful coastlines and shores Detailed water features Custom UK autogen houses Faithful to the original Earth Simulations classic Dozens of custom POI 3D models Brand new airport modeled by Russ White HD ground poly Includes original sound pack Animated wildlife Great performance EGJA Alderney is in late beta testing and will soon be on short finals. Other Orbx Channel Islands destinations based on the Earth Simulations originals also planned for 2020
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    Great to fly in the Artic ftx global+open LC+vector 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 One per a day and ... Happy Christmas (All screenshots from Greenland, Canada Alaska and Svalbard...and Chukotka !)
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    Flying along the north coast of Washington from Sequim Valley. 1. KCLM Fairchild International at Port Angeles is named after William R Fairchild who started a flying service here in 1953. He was also the airport supervisor but lost his life in an accident in 1969. 2. At Striped Peak and the start of Crescent Bay. A landslip caused Navy surveyor Henry Kellett to give the mountain it's name in 1846 but the feature has now overgrown. 3. Near Lyre River, Clallum County. 4. Clallam Bay and Seiku 11S. The Clallam Bay Correctional Centre is obvious!
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    TE Washington SD 2W3 XVision preset: Adam XV 130_01 It's so nice to be back "simming". Today I decided to depart from Eatonville during the day and then return at dusk.
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    One of the 4 Orbx US-airports made for AFS2 lies in the mountainous scenery of the Colorado Rockies. A take-off with a B737-500 in 'American' livery :
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    It has been a while that I visited this fantastic scenery in Utah just over the border of Arizona, virtual a jear ago and for real 9 years ago. Time to post my flight in a vintage Lockheed p-38L :
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    VCol subject aircraft on its way from Belgium to EGLC. Shot is over Belgium, in Spring. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault Arrive AM Depart PM
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    Another day. Another DC-8 This time over Holland, on the way to Paris from Amsterdam. I understand that this is an imaginary repaint. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    Ticker reminding me to take care, but love the stream of shots from you others. On approach to KSFO, R10L, 4.5 and the new NGXu. Certainly not a salubrious suburb under the flight path.
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    My first flight into London City The Caribou is ideal for the steep approach.
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    Taking off from KTIW Tacoma Narrows and heading south going nowhere particular. 1. 2. 3.
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    p3d4, Aerosoft A320, ASCA-ASP4, ORBX ground everywhere... using a program called A pilots life at the moment, has me flying jobs currently for Easyjet..... todays trip was a return leg from Dusseldorf to Gatwick.......using a mix of Simbrief, Navigraph charts and Aivlasofts EFB to flightplan, using SIDs & STARs......great flight and also my eldest daughter had a baby girl whilst I was doing it so today was very happy..........
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    Great shots Adam!!! This scenery is 100% spot on from the looks of it. My house is in the coverage area!
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    nice shots, love the detail with the race track and stuff....evening colors look good to ......
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    Many thanks to Adam over there in NZ for reminding me of his wonderful Anson repaint. Here are 3 images from the start of a flight from Queenstown to Invercargill I took last evening. 1. 2. 3.
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    A beautiful series of views Adam.
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    A magical series of views Dario. Some splendid ones at dusk too.
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    Wow that is beyond wonderful. Looking at them winter shots gave me the chills and I'm wearing my Long Johns now. Well done Marcus.
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    Congrats on the new Granddaughter Wain. very nice set of shots as Well!
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    Grand shot Martyn. cheers Iain
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    Very cool. Is it "complex" like a PMDG?
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    A beautiful plane, wonderful images Wain.
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    That is a nice looking Jet!!!!!!! Nice shots of it.
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    Yup, and it's a HUGE disappointment for me. We've had snow now and then the last 28 years but it's not often. What I like doing more than anything in life is hiking in my forest in the snow while it snows. If I could have that just once this year I'd be happy. I doubt I'll win the lottery so I can't move back to Boise.
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    Great shots Dario. I live about 4mi NE of that airport at your 12 o'clock in the 7th picture. Have been fortunate to experience a lot of these areas on the ground and in the air. Look forward to one day having this product for P3D to explore it on the sim.
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    Wow, it looks so real!!!!!!!!!
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    An excellent set of planes and sceneries
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    Wow! Really really nice shots Bernd!
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    Forgot to mention this - there is a visible control malfunction in one of these. First one to spot it gets to send me a bottle of single malt.
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    Beautiful images Dario. A shame to hear about your problems with P3D though. I hope you can eventually get it sorted.
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    I totally agree with what you say Stefan and your repaints are terrific. You now have the license to bring out the graceful lines of these planes with your imaginative artwork. Liking the colour blue the second one is my favourite of the two. Keep them coming!
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    Outstanding shots, specially like the third shot and the last shot!!!!!!!!!
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    It was an American show Adam.
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    Splendid set of shots Bernd! Reminds me, I Haven't flown the C-46 for a long time.
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    Smashing set of shots Bernd !! .
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    Somehow, when I installed Quatam River Airport I got the mesh in the wrong place & ended up with a floating log lifter & a Moh Creek that could easily be placed in a roller coaster amusement park. However, with help from PropStrike, who contacted me privately, I now have it sorted. In a nutshell - Quatam River has 2 entries in Scenery.ini. The Airport entry I had near the top, that was ok. The Custom mesh somehow got disabled & was also below some other meshes & orthos at the bottom of Scenery.ini. Per instructions from PropStrike I moved it above the orthos & other meshes. I also checked the box, 'Runways Follow Terrain Contours' in X Plane General Settings. Ticking this box & positioning the custom mesh are important as regards making it all work. Now I can get out & see how it should be seen TTM The grounded log lifter. It lifts the logs & trundles to the left & drops them on another pile, [which it is doing in the shot). Very cool to watch. Pretty tight, but got out ok in this PropStrike modified C172, which is a freebie off their web site. https://propstrikestudio.com/
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    You mean John you haven't got it or like me your skill levels are lacking!
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    That is a big stake you used for your tie downs Adam! A moovelous series of images!
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