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    Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that Australia v2 is now available for purchase on OrbxDirect! https://youtu.be/lf9Ph5B3zaI A monumental redesign of one of our most beloved products, AUv2 brings to life the entirety of the Australian continent with the latest region-based technology. Clocking in at a staggering 8 million square kilometres, AUv2 incorporates an enormous diversity of topography and geography. From the tropical rain forests of far-north Queensland to the wind-swept coastline of south-west Tasmania; from the temperate urban metropolises of the east coast to the desolate beauty of the red centre, explore a variety of stunning landscapes not seen anywhere else in the Orbx world. Features: Our largest and most popular region; 8 million sq km in full Orbx region quality Ultra-HD Melbourne Cityscape 370+ upgraded and 280+ all-new airports Over 50+ large-scale photoreal areas of interest such as salt lakes, mine sites, tidal areas and many more High-quality mesh, with high-resolution LIDAR data for the majority of the eastern/southern seaboard, major cities and Tasmania Completely new lakes, rivers and shorelines - much improved quality and accuracy Entire Great Barrier Reef in photoreal Completely new road and rail networks Improved and new landclass types Hundreds of thousands of new geographical features; dry lakes, parks, railyards, industrial areas etc Much-improved populated area shape accuracy Completely new powerline networks, windfarms and other man-made features Improved and updated bridges, harbour objects and marinas Complete seasonal variations Airports optimised for use with AI traffic, particularly our enormously-popular AI Traffic for Australia Completely compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-v4 We are currently updating all our AU airports to be compatible with Australia v2's higher definition mesh. Please keep an eye out on the release announcement post or our Facebook page for further information on these updates. Orbx AUv2 will be available exclusively via OrbxDirect for AUD $54.95 (approx. USD $38.50/ €34.25 / £29.50). AUv1 customers who have a copy in their OrbxDirect account will receive a 40% discount. Enjoy!
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    Orbx is not involved. MS have not reached out to us. They did a good job keeping it secret. We have no more information than the trailer and press release. We don’t know if there is an SDK or third party support. We don’t know who they partnered with for content, certainly not us. This does not change any of our product plans at all. Remember MS Flight? I hope MS learnt from that experience This will be Windows 10 first, then ‘maybe’ XBOX later. Finally, “2020” could mean January or December 2020.
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    A second batch of Washington screens from me... Again a bit of a mix, but the last section are caps of a long flight from Spokane heading west towards the Columbia River. The variety of landscapes within this package is quite remarkable... I hope you like them All shots using xVision with my presets, apart from shots 3 & 4 which are using xEnviro 1.10.
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    This fellow who had worked in advertising/marketing died and, upon entering heaven, met St. Peter. St. Peter said, "In the interest of fairness, we want to give you the option to stay here in heaven, or to go to hell. You can look around here for a few minutes, then go visit hell for a while before you decide. The catch is that your decision is final -- no changing your mind." So, the fellow started walking around heaven; what he saw, he thought to be a bit boring. People were playing horseshoes, bridge, drinking tea. It wasn't bad, but it did look kind of slow. He mentioned this to St. Peter, and asked for his visit to hell before his decision. Immediately, he found himself standing in front of two huge doors imprinted with "HELL". Expecting the handle to be hot, he reached gingerly for it. Surprisingly, the handle was cool to the touch. Proceeding through the doors, he found a flurry of activity. People were standing around eating, drinking, dancing -- in general having a great time. The marketing fellow thought that this looked like much more fun than heaven, so he promptly returned to St. Peter and told him that he had chosen hell. Once again, he found himself in front of the huge doors. Reaching to open the door, he scorched his hand on the blisteringly hot handle. After entering, he was faced with a wall of flame, and he could hear horrendous screaming and moaning. He stood there, incredulous. The devil walked up and asked if there was some problem. "Yes", the fellow replied, "I was just down here ten minutes ago, and it wasn't hot, and people were partying and having a great time! What happened?" "Well," the devil replied, "that was a demo!!"
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    It has been quite awhile since I have posted any shots here on the forum . I have been dealing with some very serious medical issues that keep me in quite of bit a pain on a daily basis . I am able to medicate for the pain but my focus on flying has really taken a back seat . But with the release of AU2 my spirits have been lifted and hopefully doing some flying will take my mind off of other issues in my life . Anyway here are some shots I took as I flew NE out of Townsville Queensland : Thanks JV and team for this long awaited upgrade for AU . Cheers John
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    Well then chaps Thank you all for taking the time to enter the contest and vote so many great shots by the way. Now the winner this month is Heka48. A grand shot indeed well done to you now if you shoot Ed an email ed@orbxsystems.com Saying which prize you would like with your OrbxDirect account details Ed will add your prize to your account. cheers Iain
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    V4.5 Orbx REXEF/SF Alabeo
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    Hello, Finally, the complete edition of the freeware and payware airport list, with runway details and airport elevation, is ready. It will be updated regularly. The file is in PDF format, easy to download from the link below. Cheers! https://francoisouellet.ca/en/orbx-freeware-and-payware-list/
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    Just some fun at Warnervale.
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    RL Video from Campbell River BC : Thanks Larry for this fabulous new freeware area . Cheers John
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    Taking a Porter from Harvey Field to Half Moon Bay & at 15,500' when the diuretic kicked in. Spied a golf course way below & tried Beta mode , per - eased throttle until at 80 kia, full flap then pull prop lever all the way back to feather. & gently nose down. Porter comfortably held 80 to 100 kia all the way down, never any sense of losing control. Nice feature. TTM
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    Taking the Porter into Alice Springs at dusk. (Not recommended unless you have good sunglasses, the landing was directly into the setting sun) Distances here are vast. What i thought would take about 15 minutes took 45. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    Why do we always have this discussion EITHER a game OR a hardcore sim? The old MSFS series was certainly more game-oriented in the base version (recall the default planes) but was scalable to an ambitious sim via addons, and I still believe this was on the base of its success. Kind regards, Michael
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    Into Homer from Kenai. TTM
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    porter003 porter002 porter005 porter006 porter008 porter010 porter011 porter012
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    AU2 out of Sydney Rwy 25 Departure y... Decent into Cairns. Nice Reef Guys About to turn Base for Rwy 15 at YBCS About to turn Finals for Rwy 15 Localiser Approach via TODEG, CS402, CS404 STAR. AWESOME JOB to the whole ORBX team. After just nipping up the east coast, Au2 is a triumph.
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    YPEC is the airport that made me fall in love with ORBX. After AU DVD, YPEC was my first airport purchase and I still marvel when I visit this place. It looks better than ever: Jose
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    V4.5 Orbx - Jacksons REXEF/SF Aerosoft
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    First, I have to say that Melbourne Central is of Cityscape standard, a brilliant piece of work or is it a MARVEL? My first two shots are taken turning over Melbourne central. The first features Melbourne Port and Fishermans Wharf, the container terminal. Beyond them Brighton Beach and the beaches of Port Philip. The next is more of a closeup. Australians and Melburnians are sports mad and in this shot under the right wing is of Dockland Stadium, the home of Australian Rules Football, allegedly invented to keep cricketers fit in the off season. Now it is more like American Football without protection. Also above the right wing and to the right is another stadium with big lights. This is the famous "G" the Melbourne Cricket Ground the home of test cricket and international matches. It is an English game, and baseball is a poor substitute. The third is a closeup of Dockland Stadium. I cannot relate the advertising to anything football or Orbx. Why Marvel, come on Melbourne team 'fess up. It's there for a reason, so cough up. But what a high standard of work that I can zoom in to this scale. You have treated Melbourne city extremely skilfully. Moving into NW Victoria with more open farmlands the LC becomes a little more evident. And then into the dry and saline lakes of northern South Australia. Lovely from a height, hard hard country in which to operate. Moving into Woomera, archly known as an experimental weapons testing area, but it is where perfidious Albion tested atomic weapons after the second world war. Much of the area is still sanitised. One for the road. And lastly, Broome in NW Australia, on a coast that claimed more than a few 18th and 19th century Dutch explorers. Broome is one of the northernmost resort towns on the west coast of Australia, the Kimberley Region as it is known. It is well served by airlines, and should be on all your bucket lists.
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    These pics are Au v2 with the ORBX Brisbane airport scenery The only thing the Do 228 is missing, is PBR Thanks for viewing
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    I too got AUS V2 right away. For me, the selling points were the better mesh (check!) and the enhanced airfields (check!). I did a reconnaissance flight near Wollongong where I've been in real live. P3D v4.5. Extra add-ons used: REXSF, Tomatoshade and Milviz P-6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cheers, Ben.
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    I haven't posted in a while, but I just took AUS v2 for a spin and thought I'd share! I flew YSSY (Sydney) to YCNK (Cessnock) a short flight I've enjoyed doing in the past. While it's hard to be specific without a side-by-side, v2 looks beautiful and it actually feels like the performance has improved slightly if anything, which is a bit weird considering that I would have thought the better scenery might use up more FPS. I'm still working through a short-hop world tour that started in Sydney and is currently in Canada. But it looks like that will have to pause that for a while, because I'm going to need to re-explore Australia now If you look closely, Sydney seems to have fireworks going off (in the middle of the day)! Some shots on route from Sydney to Cessnock over the Central Coast and Hunter Valley The topography and definition of those hills looks very nice and clearly improved from V1 Who needs photo scenery when land class can look this good! On the ground at YCNK (Cessnock)
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    Hi all !! Take off on a foggy morning from Juneau International Airport (PAJN).
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    I made a test flight yesterday over Bilbao in the A319. I put only 1000 pounds of fuel on board and flew around till I ran out of gas just to see what would happen. Well, I circedla round for a bit and everything went quiet, no engines, nothing, so I dead sticked it in for a perfect landing. I loved it.
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    A Careflight Beech 200 departing from Leigh Creek in South Australia. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
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    A nice late evening sunset over southern England.
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    This was a nice little helicopter flight from Walker to Hobby, 77S.
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    LR ASK 21 circling after an eventful aero tow out of Lasham. Have not been invited back. Tow pilot has retired. TTM
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    This was a delightful flight from Block Island, KBID, to KMTP, Montauk. I would love this.
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    I have found the website for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. They have a list of current flights. I chose a flight from Cairns to Horn Island and decided to fly the Flight 1 BE20 in their livery. I chose a random spot to spawn into Cairns and found that I was right in front of their hangar!! Well done, ORBX!! The aerodrome at Horn Island was magnificent, as well. Are there other RFDS hangars at other hubs? I may be tempted to explore the rest of this big new scenery!! Thanks again ORBX, and thanks for the discount too!! Scott Sinclair
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    And it's pretty fair today... although it should be as it's (flaming) June. We had thunder storms yesterday in Devon, and in general it's been rather unseasonal these past days. Anyway, just trying xEnviro 1.10 which has finally added it's true 3D volumetric clouds to X-Plane in their real-time weather app. It can look very good at times, but the clouds are grainy when viewed close up. It also takes over all post processing, taking away any changes made by xVision, and therefore losing control as to how the sim looks... that being said, it does a good job with lighting for the most part. Frame rates are cut in half for me when using it, which is a shame.... I'd say it's an interesting development, that needs more time to mature, and certainly worth a look if you already own it... The clouds are quite pleasing to the eye, and remind me of FSW's trueSKY implementation. Lovely glare effect from the sun. You can see the granular make-up of the clouds towards the top left. Overall lighting is very nicely handled. Thanks for looking.
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    When I get a new piece of scenery I never start there.. got to fly there. It's just me... Manukau Heads First look Across the coast Sale A decade of suburban sprawl Turning final on to 34 The performance over Melbourne was surprisingly good. I've turned off the extra ships, but that's about it. Time to jump in a 737 or Dash 8 and head to the country... Mike
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    I just did my first night flight in the PMDG 737Ng from Hobart to Melbourne at dusk. I'm running UT Live and REX Skyforce 3D and REX Environment Force. WOWser! Cannot think how this stuff is gonna get any better. Coming down through the clouds to line up on 34, with the skies full of traffic and the Melbourne skyline in the background was gob-smacking. This is going to lift my cockpit to a whole new level. Just amazing guys, truly! Thanx for all of your Great work, Frank
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    Took a Red Bull promotion plane from Prague... ... with a nice city view shortly after. About 100 km east of the capital I crossed Semtin, an outskirt of Pardubice (and you can already see the airport to the right). Now some flight action... Next trial: OK, I give up... ... and return via Prague, ... ... and Karlstejn Castle... ... to Horovice: Another old bird to be met here:
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    The new Milviz PC-6 Turbo Porter on a shakedown flight out of Gisborne, NZ. Fascinating engine start up sounds even off a ctrl + E start. Lot to learn on this one but a very short flight indicates it is something special. Thanks to Osh at Milviz for sending me my discount coupon from Disney World, Orlando. TTM
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