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    A couple of Vertigo Studios Bearcats in Europe. TTM (P3D v4.3)
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    LR C172 somewhere in Western USA. I had installed an UltraWeather XP update but realized I hadn't finished the processes required when this was shot. TTM
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    Another Vertigo Studios aircraft, the SBD Dauntless, on its way from Austin, TX, to Denver, CO. TTM (P3D v4.3)
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    All of these screen shots are winners! Amazing what we are able to experience in sim theses days!
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    ... here is my picture for May - Cardiff ORBX TE GB - Xplane 11 - Sunset near Cardiff
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    When you realise you havn't installed Meigs Good luck everyone Cheers Graeme
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    In Liverpool airspace:
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    So where is this airport coming along?
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    Nice look at the Freeware Aerofly Piper over Orbx Scenery by Bel Geode
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    V4.4 Orbx REXEF/SF Carenado - C152
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    Just a quick flight around Meigs in a Turbo Arrow.
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    XP11 or P3D? I love both. But these ORBX UK airfields for XP11 are a jewel...
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    V4.5 Orbx REXEF/SF Alabeo
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    For people asking about compatibility with DD Seattle airports, above was what we shared in the original announcement topic. We have purchased their airports and Tony is trying to make our mesh fit in with the DD airports but ultimately without their mesh source files it may be difficult. There may need to be a patch issued by DD to allow their airports to work with our mesh. Don’t be too concerned. Ultimately a solution will be provided. If DD want to sell their airports to work with TE Washington I am sure they will patch it if our efforts come short.
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