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    So I just decided I have had enough sunshine for a while. I don't have a external cloud/weather plug in , so I decided to see what I could create using just XPlane and a few cloud data references. Not quite up to par with some of the superb screenshots that work their way through our great forum, but it is what it is. So enjoy and be kind folks …. I'm too old to get upset anymore - bad for you I've been told Cheers And as always thanks for stopping by for a while Cheers R TE Oregon SD TE GBS & Southampton XPlane 11.35 XVision 1.26 Rehade 4.3.0 - Custom LUT for colour control Weather - "Creative license " All Cessna shots are at 2710' more or less ( I discovered wind gusts )
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    XP 11.35R1 Orbx's TE Washington xVision preset - Nordic Made a relaxing flight from WA56 to 74S in the default Piper Cub The next shot is where I had a "yard sale," my term for a crash. I may never get the knack for tail draggers and no longer care.
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    near Juneau PAJN with ftx SAK+global+openLC... Alaska in summer
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    X-Plane Orbx's TE TBM 900. Renault's new water mod via lua.
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    The temperature at YAYE / Conellan airport was quite demanding, as you can see on the EICAS: Outside air temp. 39°C in the morning. Warming up engine or pilot not necessary. The whole scenery in one shot: Uluru, Yulara village, Kata Tjuta. I followed the road eastwards. At Curtin Springs you see "Fooluru" to the south (right). Turn left at the first crossing in Angas Downs. Continue left in Wallara. Hard to spot these settlements... Here we cross Kings Creek Station. https://www.kingscreekstation.com.au/ Ian ynd Lyn Conway would be happy to host us - next time. Passing Kings Canyon... ... towards the nearby OZx airstrip. The main terminal has what it needs: Check-in counter, duty free shop and spa area.
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    Darrington Muni is indeed a very special airport. I love it. Wonderful field and surroundings.
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    Thanks Iain! We live in such wonderful times. I remember years ago when I visited Seattle for the first time. The Alaska way was multi leveled and I thought what a modern place and how innovative ( I lived in Hicksville & we had just gotten television) Now thanks to Orbx we can explore it any time we choose Priceless! Cheers Sir! Pete Thanks Jack See you Pete Thanks John! Cheers Thanks! Cheers Pete Thanks Rodger See you Pete Thank you very much Cheers R Thanks Adam Cheers R Thank you Cheers Renault Thanks Dario See you Pete I have faith. This things generally work their way out Cheers Pete Thank you They are extremely well made Best part is no fps hit! Cheers R Thanks Patrick Cheers! R Thanks! Cheers R
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    Quite nice shots of the Outback lately Gerold, all I keep thinking is it seems so desolate and hot and lonely. But it has a real stark beauty doesn't it?
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    We've kept this one a little quiet for a while, but I'm pleased to say that Alderney is almost done and will be in beta soon. Here are a few screenshots of the beautiful coastline, from Greg Jones' PC. FSX/P3D version will be released first, with XP11 version to follow soon after.
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    Stunning shots! Bit addicted to low (not necessarily slow) flying since WA and OR was released. So much to explore!
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    I recognise that green container. Kings Canyon?
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    TrueEarth Great Britain South and EGHA Compton Abbas Airfield.
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    Xplane for the scenery details it's wonderfull
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    High Speed Low Altitude Pass over runway 34 YWOL Wollongong - FSX
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    This is my kind of flying, low and slow, so you can soak up the countryside that passes by gently . Excellent pics, my friend; what sort of map do you use in some of your pics?
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    Have a very awesome day Sir !! . Cheers John
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    Great flight and nice screenies, Gerold. For some reason I cannot get used to the name "Kata Tjuta". I still prefer its former name "Olgas"
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    Fine set of shots. cheers Iain
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    Personally, I think it looks fantastic, scenery devs go the distance to enhance the product for the customer, all Sims and or Games are going in this direction. It would be a shame to be left behind.
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    Duh , I missed these .... Sorry Jack ; the shot's look grand . Cheers John
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    Haven't been there since my FS9 days Jack.
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    I painted 7U 'Willie' earlier, here's 7V 'K rations' jk0741
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    Outstanding shots, and a nice paint on your new Duchess Dario!
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    Whoa, where's the new water mod?
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    First class shots Jack. I'm amazed how good the scenery looks! Cheers Graeme
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    Thanks John, you’re right but baby steps.
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    Thank you Jack! Much appreciated Amigo!
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    Just a little exploration flight from Portland Hillsboro to Canby/Spanger Hill Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault XPlane 11.35r1 TE Oregon SD XVision 11.26 Reshade 4.3.0 - Custom LUT Portland Hillsboro Gateway airport Approaching Canby Oregon Spanger Hill
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    I could only wish my XP could look like this.
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    I love those kind of video, if your tired of me sharing those just tell me so. Good weekend my friends Ben
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    There's nothing quite like a quick blast around the NZ Southern Alps in the Lotus Albatross. The Albatross is one of my all-time favourite aircraft in flightsim - an absolute gem that is a joy to fly.
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    In no way run to torture Jack In digging around in the back of the P3D hangar I found the Just Flight Tristar L-1011 Pro. & many many liveries. What I found interesting is that each livery/aircraft has a description of its past life, the other airlines that have flown that particular aircraft. They seem to change hands quite often. After updating my copy the livery below was sent from KSEA to Chicago. Shots are over central Montana in Summer. It looks pretty arid there. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    Agree with the comment above about data...I bought two 8 terabyte HDs on internal one external for my ortho alone, they are cheap now, even the 7200 rpm version. Its all about data in today's world, so time to recognize this and move on in my view or you won't get to enjoy this higher end scenery.
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    Happy Birthday HiFlyer all the very best to you.
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    all the best for a Happy Birthday (another Leo), @HiFlyer! i cannot tell you enough how helpful you have been to myself & many other (particularly VR) flight simmers... i honestly, initially, thought i would use VR for a very small fraction of my sim time (how wrong i was), your expert guidance is greatly appreciated! cheers, craig
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    Eventually it's quite likely but not certain. JV has said that cross platform releases are a desirable outcome in the long term.
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    EGLC captured after a rainfall (yes it happens to rain sometimes in London but the sun quickly comes back )
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    Off the beaten track. Don't try this on site. I'll share in the screenshots forum my experience as the Avatar Redeemer or Milford Sound. Good luck to all
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    Hi all, *firstly sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I thought some people here might be flying the wonderful Q400 and appreciate the script* I have written a simple LUA script that will calculate takeoff and landing speeds and set the bugs automatically for you. As an added bonus it will also perform the after landing flow for you so you can concentrate on the taxi. It can be downloaded here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/h8btvrixzcxiwf2/Q400VSpeeds.rar Any comments or suggestions are welcome
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    Sorry I missed liking some of you guys comments, I went to the hospital on my birthday and was in there for a week!
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