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    And the first - 'Valiant'. Flies okay but 2D panel.
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    Nice work with TE Washington: Cheers, Rob.
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    From Olbia in the north of Sardegna it is just a short hop to Corse, just as Patrick @Neptune6 suggested. As the runway chosen by ATC wanted me to start inland, I quickly turned right to get another view of the city. The sim weather was not so inviting as the real one, ... ... but I can say Olbia city is brilliantly modeled and gives a fantastic impression. Quite the view if you start to northeast. Brigitte Bardot greeting the Isla Maddalena, ... ... before crossing the unnoticable border to les Iles Lavezzi, Corse. Bonifacio. The peninsula should be a city on a rock - quite the attraction. Unfortunately this is not depicted in OLC Europe. The southeast of Corsica has a number of famous beaches... ... plus the magnificent city of Porto Vecchio, located on a small hill. The mouth of Cavu river with an adjacent beach. We have spent a number of holidays there. If you go hiking upstream the river, the landscape becomes dramatic. And the villages in the mountains are famous as well. Here we see the curvy roads near Sartene... ... and two glimpses of the settlement: The cultural... ... and the even more cultural. On base to Ajaccio. Ajaccio is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, but unfortunately usually overcrowded by cruise ship tourists (we just waited in a bar until they left before starting our tour...).
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    All around Orbx land.
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    2020-5-24_11-7-23-805 2020-5-24_11-10-8-695 2020-5-24_11-12-46-386 2020-5-24_11-8-31-935 2020-5-24_11-15-40-176
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    Back in the day, I never thought I'd make it to 82 - only a top overhaul and some AD's complied with so far. Been on virtual lockdown, here in the glorious (but wet) PNW for a few years so current events have'nt changed the routine. Hope all my forum mates are maintaining during this unfortunate time.
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    Some may take a plane in Olbia,... ... others turn right outside the terminal and pick up a rental car. Either way you can have a look over Olbia city, which is beautiful but also painfully divided by roads. Here we go slightly north... ... to Porto Cervo, where the sheiks secure their money and attract other "VIPs". People who do not sit on oil have to work for their income, for example in industrial areas like Porto Torres. And tourists like us may rest in Alghero. Nice even in windy weather. Sassari is a waymark on the road back... ...into Olbia.
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    my first community shot, please don't be too critical regards, Peter
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    85 year old dummy purchased Florida HD after install found my OS & card was not beefy enough. Need to uninstall and build a new tower. Other Orbx stuff runs ok run x-plane 11. What is the best way to uninstall FL HD so I can still fly. My frames are OK but 15 min load time and other issues are not good. I got into the same issues with x-enviro 15 - 20 yrs ago FSX was a little easier . Appreciate the forums and help. Thanks
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    The famous Royal Troon Golf Course can be seen here as I depart from Prestwick in Scotland.
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    I think you may want to read this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-52769796
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    I don't know where they got that story from a load of bull were I live the NBN is as slow as the second comming of you know who
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    Happy Birthday OND, have a good one.
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    Yeah I read that earlier - all done in 3 Unis I wonder if they can connect to my grave
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    A trio of views of Edinburgh Airport which originated as Turnhouse Aerodrome in 1916. 1. 2. 3.
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    Great shots, Herman. Just really are on exploration trips!
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    2020-5-24_11-19-31-425 2020-5-24_11-30-48-849 2020-5-24_11-31-47-886 2020-5-24_11-32-25-664 2020-5-24_11-33-37-934 2020-5-24_11-37-2-792
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    2020-5-24_17-15-29-161 2020-5-24_17-18-9-442 2020-5-24_17-21-29-552 2020-5-24_17-24-40-791 2020-5-24_17-30-50-105 2020-5-24_17-32-6-529 2020-5-24_17-33-4-702 2020-5-24_17-36-33-856 2020-5-24_17-37-58-766 2020-5-24_17-41-59-114
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    Perfect mix...best beers and whiskies ... Or chocolate...and haggis
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    Out of Heathrow and heading east across town. As ever, all 4k with maxed settings. Down to 20 fps across central London but still very smooth. CPU utilisation typically 20%, occasionally up to 45-50 in small bursts, and this is not a high frequency processor (3.4 base, maybe 4.2 turbo) but it can be oc'd. We'll see, but it doesn't feel like I need it yet. Anyway, enjoy! You can see clear out to the mouth of the Estuary here if you can blow this one up big enough - incredible!
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    So, I happily added a new plane to my hangar the Republic 47 j escort. What a cool bird. Here we are taking a short hop to Gustavus from PAJN.And here I say "Cheese" smile for the camera. Oh yeah, that's a lovely smileTake off is smooth. The sound is awesome. If anybody ever thought a Rooster can't fly? Well yer all very wrong. Showed my wife this new bird and she said that name of the airplane is very fittingThe cockpit is done very wellAh the beautiful scenery from Orbx. Please bring Alaska TE, Team.OK here we go first landing. Here we are at Gustavus. Hard to look over that big nose.From the ground the guys say:"Oh, the way that guy fly's that beautiful Rooster, looks like Karl from the Mule Team. He ain't so steady, is he?Well here we are. Don't pay attention to the guys on the ground they're lying I did good well pretty good sort of.Thanks for coming along. A huge thanks to Milton Shupe, Tom Falley, Nigel Richards, Damian Radice, Gauges by Scott Thomas and Milton. And thanks to Jan Visser for that good looking pilot.And of course thanks to Orbx and you guys looking at my flight shenanigans. Stay safe and a happy weekend. Cheers k
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    Great post this Gerold. cheers Iain
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    Departing from Darrington Looks nice! oh oh, what's this? Totally different colors? TE Washington does not fit with Darrington? Wrong season perhaps? Bit odd.. overall it feels a bit dark, especially compared to Darrington, and I need to do something about those trees (too light), although I have trees HD..
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    Look closely - you'll see me down there.
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    Thank you John. I can't stand looking at the same default clouds and sky all the time Ben. I'll be glad when REX updates Skyforce. Thanks you much. Thank you John. Thank you very much Jimmy.
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    Greetings! It appears Nick has supplied the solution in this thread: It works for me and others, even though I'm still using P3D4.5. Looks like the installer needs to be updated.
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    I found a case over the weekend in which ObjectFlow won't unload objects correctly. This can cause some duplication like the case above. I'll fix that up this week
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    Thank you Iain!!!!!! Yes, I noticed that. Have to check out later. Thanks!!!!!!!!!! Glad you like them!!!!!!!!!!
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    Will have to read the manual first i can just see what will happen though cheers Iain
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    Really like that first one! Sweet!
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    I'll be critical: you've posted too few. Please post more!
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    A top class series amongst some very hazy weather.
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    Great images of a rare bird, for me anyway!
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    Your birthday was the day I stepped ashore in New York, an auspicious day so have many more.
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    Once again, superb...And so clear !!
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    A really descent image here.
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    Have a Happy Birthday and hopefully you get to enjoy it with family and/or friends.
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    Yes, that's another year gone by! Have a good mate. Ching ching Cheers Graeme
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    Here is mine for May. P3D V4.4 - Orbx Walter Sutton's
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    Do you use any anti-virus software? If so, can you check that it hasn't quarantined/removed the OrbxCentralWorker.exe?
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    Probably... ! I am unsure if you would want to post a new question for us, Matt - for the time being I´ll share something else. Routined Orbx flyers will know it quickly.
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