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    My first look at TE US Washington for X-Plane 11 (a little late to the party )... With such a vast area to explore it takes a while to get to grips with the scale of it all, both in distance and the verticality of it, not to mention the variety of landscapes within the region, a lot of which I've not touched on yet. xVision is used in all shots, using one of my own presets. Thank you for looking. And a huge thank you to Mark Halliwell for his kindness and assistance.
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    I had the good fortune for my wife and I to visit the historic city of York England. We had visited once before, but this time we had another purpose beyond mere tourism. I wanted to meet the Orbx Forum guru, Nick Cooper, who, lives in York. a private message of inquiry led to his welcoming response.so, today May 20, we met Nick at our hotel, strolled the city, had lunch, and were together for more than four hours. Nick has many interests beyond our hobby. We talked about his and mine, exchanged stories about family and interests. Before we realized, the afternoon was almost gone. But, I want to share a picture of us together. We are in front of York Cathedral, a towering structure and a jewel in Europe’s medieval and earlier architectural history. Thanks, Nick. It was a delight to meet you outside of normal orbx forum business hours. Sherm
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    Well, the internet photo gods are with me. Here is a picture of us in front of the York Cathedral. sherm
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    Even though I am Australian, Man I love Concrete 3W5 Concrete behind me Man I love PNW Darrington 1S2
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    This sim is getting better with every update. Very few pauses and loading times increased. That alone is worth the time that it took to do a full reinstall: Here are some unedited crisp and clear pics from KLAS-KTNP-KPSP flight: Jose
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    An American and an Englishmen walked into a pub....... Glad you guys had a great time Cheers
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    This scenery is just chock full of challenging airstrips. I stumbled upon this airport, 1263ft above sea level and high on a plateau… A challenging approach not for the faint hearted!
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    Introducing a new Tomato preset (29_01) - here's the A2A WOP3 P-40 near Blenheim, NZSI: If anyone here is using the freeware TomatoShade, the P3Dv4.5 (Hotfix) TS preset is here: Adam TS 29_01 Adam.
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    A scenic joyride culminating in an overhead approach to a full stop Enjoy! Untitled-1 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-2 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-3 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-4 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-5 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-7 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-8 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-9 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-11 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-13 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-14 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-15 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-17 by ryan b, on Flickr
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    Oops ! I wanted to say Homer - Stinson.
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    Not much inspiration for this flight. The suburbs of Palm Springs and Hoover dam.
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    Just testing a new TomatoShade preset (29_01). Here's the ATS/Sibwings Antonov, near Picton, NZSI: The TomatoShade preset can be found here: Adam TS 29_01 Adam.
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    The northern reefs near Cairns, and Aus v2 is going to improve on this!
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    This is my first post at this screenshot forum. Hope you like it!
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    Took a quick flight around NSMA Maota the other day, @Ken Hall's wonderful work.
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    Welcome to the forum! Wonderful shots and I tell everyone, Orbx has a cool screenshot contest every month. All you need to do is enter to win. You can't vote unless you enter and if you win you win an Orbx.
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    Strap yourselves in, this is a long one. I took off from EGLC. Had to fly around a bit to get my speed up and align with the bridge, but this was a nice practice run. And a nice shot of the city as I climbed out. I then headed north, stopping at RAF Waddington to refuel, and passing by the Humber Bridge. Figured that one didn't have the clearance for the shark fin, so pushed on up to Scotland... First up, the Forth Rail Bridge. Then the Road Bridge. And finally Queensferry Crossing. Oh, and two gratuitous shots of the climb out, with wings folding back and burners. (Why yes, it was raining again.) And, to prove it was all in the same pass, here's a little vid of the Forth Bridges as I went through:
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    Hello, my thanks back to you both, Sherman. You and your wife are the most charming couple and it was an absolute delight to meet and spend the afternoon with you. I am not so sure about handsomely dressed, but I'll take it with thanks
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    Pictures from the wonderful Z08 airfield (from ORBX NSTU Pago Pago Scenery). Wonderful vegetation, mountains, sea, birds, houses, boats, all the details are covered Highly recommended!!!
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    Winterish Scandinavian, loving the cold over the green! Thanks for viewing
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    Fantastic shots and paint mate . Cheers John
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    Aeropelican (YPEC) is my favorite : https://orbxdirect.com/product/ypec Cheers John
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    Cairns is one of my favorites, and yes, it has good performance and handles airliners.
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    Here's the final set from my TomatoShade preset tests. WACO near KSAN (NCA): QW BAe146 over Scotland FTX ENG: And finally ... the Carenado Saab 350 over Rangitoto, NZNI: For the TomatoSahde tweakers out there, the preset can be found here: Adam TS 29_01 Adam.
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    JF Model 10 Electra on its way from Madrid to Barcelona. TTM
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    Welcome to the forum mate , you are off to a fantastic start !! . Cheers John
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    Sounds like a wonderful day was had bay all Sherm
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    Very nice, but we actually prefer to do it inverted Also the color yellow plays a certain role, but that would be too much to ask
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    That's so cool Sherm! I would be delighted to meet Nick too.
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    Yes! My kind of flying, nicely done!
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    I'm looking to buy a few Australian airports for the upcoming Australia V2. There's many to choose from, and I'm looking at airliner flying with smooth performance being my first priority. I value the opinions on this forum, so would anyone care to share their favorites? Thanks ahead of time for your input.
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    Awesome shots !! . Cheers John
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    Screenshot at EGPH using TE, ASXP & Xvision. It was taken in VR so apologies for the poorer resolution.
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    Excellent shots, it seems the weather is always inclement there though.
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    Thanks Jack. Doing the list in USA, I've noticed that there are some incredibly narrow runways in some states. Goheen, W52 (by Orbx), has 2 turf runways, and one is 36 feet wide. Imagine this with just a slight crosswind and it becomes quite a challenge to stay on the path!
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    Excellent shots Jack . Cheers John
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    Hi Nadine, For the Orbx Libraries (where our AutogenDescriptions are shipped), we will be using add-on.xml's autogen type. This means we won't need to overwrite the core simulator autogen files anymore - and we'll be playing nicer with others. Unfortunately we will still need to modify this. However, all of that will be handled by Central. Hi Kai, This is exactly what is achieved with add-on packages. The textures that we supply in the Global Base add-on package take priority over the files shipped with Prepar3D. Hi Rick, Based on the description of your setup, yes, you should be fine with this. At this stage, yes, they can be deleted. But it wouldn't hurt to keep those files around until Central is launched (just in case). Hi FireRx, Storing your card is completely optional. It's worth noting that the company that processes your card details during a purchase (Stripe) is the same one that will be storing your card. For more information on the security practices Stripe employs, you can read more in their documentation (particularly the section on "encryption of sensitive data and communication").
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    I have a i7-9700K on my new rig with a Z370 motherboard and it talks rather well with my RTX-2080. I came to the conclusion that the extra expense for anything beefier was a waste of money for me. I am still installing all my ORBX stuff but it handles TEGB at a doddle. Kevin
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    I though of requesting it and... boom! grab to go Amazing Though I hope this park gets developed in depth as the area is great. It would be nice to have it more up scaled as others, but thank you for having considered it Cheers Carlos
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    i can recommend 4TB 860 Evo - what i actually use - 4TB is the new 1TB for flight sim... you may also want to check out the new 860 QVO - saves about 20% $$$s - 3 year rather than 5 year warranty - an Orbx flight sim library collection tends to be read-only/load operation - could save you money... as always, WD Black HDDs offer excellent performance/$ - with large capacities... in actual flight sim performance - real world use - i have found the M.2 SSDs do not actually provide any significant noticeable performance difference over SATA III SSDs - & must say 4TB is a very handy size for what we do in our flight sim pursuits (thinking True Earth+)... frankly, with, say, P3Dv4+ stutters are a fact of life May 2019, depending on your add-ons/settings - an SSD gives you the best available/possible performance in these scenarios... the choice is yours... hope this helps, craig
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    Personally, I think M.2 SSDs are still to expensive to be widely used as simming storage space. A M.2 SSD is about three to five times faster than a SSD connected via SATA. The biggest difference however you will notice when switching from a HDD to a SSD, this is like day and night regarding loading times. For the final flying, it is not that much of a difference if the sim runs from a SSD via SATA, via M.2 or even a HDD. Terrain loading might be a little bit faster with the SSD, but if the rest of the computer is anyway not top notch, you probably wont realize this anyway. To me, for your rig in your signature, I would definitively go for a SSD via SATA III. You do not have a M.2 slot anyway, and adding it via PCI-E card is also not very sophisticated...
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