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    Dear Orbx, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the team that put together the recent LYBE Belgrade addon. I have just flown the FSL A320 into here and what an experience it was! Top drawer scenes over the city on approach to 30 and zero loss of frame rate. Congrats team you've pulled an absolute blinder with this one.
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    Looking great! But how are you dealing with performance? The London area is famous for bad FPS in the ESP engine...
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    I was referring to 29 Palms in the SoCal desert. There is a U.S. Marine base there, but as I served in the U.S. Army and not the Marines, I never had to be stationed there. Still, I competed against 29 Palms sport teams during my high school time, so I was out there many times. Also, I have driven through there many more times on my way to greener pastures Anyhow, I am sure that any scenery developer can make it look better than in real life. I am here to tell you Dominique, that area of SoCal is desolate my friend....desolate.
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    Business schools should use your organization as a case study example to show what true customer service means Thank you Pete
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    As you quote me, just a few words, John. Interesting thoughts but I said that I’d rather not comment : I’ve a low opinion of that kind of polls in general and Orbx doesn't seem too keen of us having that kind of discussion for reasons we can understand.
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    i wish you all the luck in the world, John it is invigorating to hear your passion & experience of flight sims & all things related... best regards, craig
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    John, Outstanding job to you and your team. I was excited when When Washington was announced, and even built a new PC just for X-Plane with an 11GB RTX 2080Ti EVGA KingPin (Overkill for sims but what the heck) for the HD Washington. When Oregon was announced in HD I jumped all over it! Yesterday was my first flight from PDX to EUG and I am simply blown away. Incredible what you you guys are doing. Looking forward to entire State of California and cannot image what the Grand Canyon will look like when you get there. Keep the HD coming. Considering the amount work involved I'll buy at the Storage I need to enjoy ORBX's beautiful work.
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    Thanks Gerold! I agree, when I took off and saw those mountains I thought this looks like TE stuff.
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    Thanks John! Really appreciate it! I’ve said this many times, in my own opinion this is Orbx’s finest.
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    How does it get better than this??? I think maybe in real life. Maybe, because this is too good.
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    No, it's quite a sizable chunk of the western part of Oregon, including Portland, Eugene and those blue-tinted hills.
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    Don't know how I missed these, they're epic Adam!
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    Great support. Thanks in advance for the update.
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    These are all really well done Scott, but the last one …. I am an absolute, go weak in the knees "sucker" for a great crepuscular rays shot and this one ticks all the boxes ! You made my day Cheers R
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    I very much like the last screenshot Jack. "Screenshot" actually is the wrong word. A window into reality is much more descriptive. Well done Cheers Pete
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    Jack, I don't get into the systems on the aircraft in any depth. I have read it's not as detailed as PMDG, but the free manuals in the link below might help you decide one way or the other. https://captainsim.com/products/l011/manual.html TTM
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    Ditto Jack. Outstanding service and attention to details. Here one I found enroute to EUG from PDX. Please excuse me if this has been brought to the team's attention already. I've included the X-plane map to help the team locate the area.
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    Love it John. The 19 minutes would have been only 10 without the likes and you knows. I actually watched most of this and it seems that he found that the fuel was full of bits but decided to fly anyway? Wadooino?
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    Super shots, Adam! I enjoyed particularly shots #1 and #2. Picture #1 is a gem: those rocks behind are some of the best I've ever seen on P3D.
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    Great shots Scott, love the clouds Don
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    Excellent shots Dario, lots to like there. Don
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    Thanks Jack, nice flight, a 430 nm journey enjoy. Don
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    Congrats on eleven years at Orbx Iain! I learned a lot from viewing your beautiful screenshots over the years, and continue to do so everyday! Have a few cold ones on me my friend.
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    "Typical Jacks" Oustanding shots Jack!! Loved everyone of them! Scott
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    I like Aerosmith's version better
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    Make sure OND that you don't crop your crop circles ....... Cheers John
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    Wow - These look amazing Adam , welcome home .... Cheers John
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    Terrific shots mate . Cheers John
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    Well, like @carlosqr said, this is a real beautiful piece of work. Congrats to the Orbx team for this gem. I flew the A2A Cherokee around it (I'll post later) and the ILS didn't work. So I tried the 737 and it worked. Just a quick out and back to test the ILS at runway 30. All hand flown, this is getting to be a habit and I'm really loving it. The scenery is gorgeous, so glad I'm keeping both sims.
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    Thank you Iain. Superb looking airport indeed Don. Thank you much. Thanks John. Thank you Dario. Much appreciated John. Thank you Ben. Thank you Rodger. Nice to see you posting again. Thank you Jack.
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    Beautiful shots Jack. Lovely scenery great looking Bird.
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    Really nice shots Jack. You really can't help yourself can you any bridge is fair game Don
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    Actually the background is magnified a bit - probably not so ugly at the correct distance.
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    Nice single shot......
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    Any time Jack, West Coast Flights always nice flying!
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    Thank you, but I can't take credit for the airport area, that's almost exclusively Rasha's work. My real estate is the city
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    Where do I find this Lua script Dario? I just downloaded the "New Water Set .1.0.1 zip file.
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    John, do a close-up on the summer ski-lift. That's me clinging in terror. Thanks for the memory.
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    Hello Mr. Scott, welcome to the forum, you seem extremely angry. You will get help, but the guys at Orbx have weekends off like most people. You’ll sometimes get support on a weekend though. But we regular users are also here to help. First, let me say that the way you come across will not make you many friends here at Orbx, I know you’re VERY angry, I get that. So, let’s review. You said you have the latest Central installed, correct? Then you say you had an internet interruption and when it resumed you could no longer resume the download. Also, manual install WILL be empty if nothing has been downloaded and saved. We have to be absolutely sure you have the NEW Central installed, not the older and recently replaced FTX Central, this is vital. As for SD & HD, you can only have one or the other. If you try to install the HD version and have SD installed it will tell you to uninstall the SD version first. Now, what I would do it this: 1) Run Central 2) Go to Settings 3) Click on Help 4) Click on Sync Simulator Let it sync then try to see if you can download Oregon. Post back asap. And Scott, please be patient? Please be a little more understanding and you will receive all the help you need, I promise you that. If it wasn’t the weekend you’d already have this resolved. And yes, it will eventually be resolved.
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    Thanks so much everyone! wain, if a Golf Ball can reach a Piper Tomahawk at 1200ft, I surely would not want to mess with that golfer!!!! LOL
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    I think this guy has a lot of explaining to do... https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2019/08/21/half-moon-bay-plane-crash-david-lesh/
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    That was the road to the airport.
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