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    V4.4 Orbx REXEF/SF Carenado - C152
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    V4.4 Orbx - Damyns Hall REXEF/SF Aeroplane Heaven - C140
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    I know I've blitzed this forum with New Zealand, but TEGB Wales never disappoints ... it really is superb! Adam.
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    Some random shots around the NCA and SCA regions near to Orbx's photo scenery areas 'Easter Eggs'. Another one coming in for the chop at Mojave aircraft boneyard F-35C out of Edwards AFB F-35C racing a car on the Hyundai/Kia Proving Grounds Cinder Cone and lava flow with Mount Lassen in background View over Humboldt Bay and Eureka Imperial Beach Pier and Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve with San Diego on the horizon.
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    Orbx Simulation Systems and Flight Velocity Announce Partnership, Upcoming Project 23rd May 2019, Toowong, Australia: Orbx Simulation Systems and US-based hardware manufacturer Flight Velocity have today announced an official partnership as well as an undisclosed project to be unveiled at the upcoming FlightSimExpo event in Orlando. “We are incredibly excited to be working with Tiger Summers and his team at Flight Velocity”, said John Venema (CEO, Orbx) “I’ve been a big fan of their products for quite some time - for Orbx, this is a new direction for us and our customers. Joining forces has been a great experience so far, and we are looking forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with the flight simulation community very soon” “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Orbx”, added Tiger Summers (CEO, Flight Velocity) “John Venema and his team have a long track record of producing amazing products and we’re very excited to be contributing to this success.” Tiger Summers and Aimee Sanjari (Marketing Manager, Orbx) will be presenting the yet unnamed project at 16:45 EST in The Right Seat seminar room on 8th June 2019.
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    Love this plane, lots of fun.
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    Flying over Victoria in dusk.
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    Parked up at Barton, Manchester waiting patiently for the release of the new TE-PNW XP is Cessna N8470S. Sports Cabin In the Hangar Paint available at: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38166-cessna-172sp-skyhawk-n8470s-for-xp11/ Enjoy
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    Hello there, I'm still flying! . That's it for today! Cheers!
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    Just to show the smooth performance in this dense area
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    Another Vertigo Studios aircraft, the SBD Dauntless, on its way from Austin, TX, to Denver, CO. TTM (P3D v4.3)
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    P3D is alive and kicking. Australia V2 for P3D and PNW for XP11 in the near future? What an exciting time to be a flight sim pilot!
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    One of my favourite aircraft in FSX was the Flight1 ATR. I tried hard to persuade it to work in P3Dv4 but gave up. Carenado have just released the ATR42 for P3D, but I think I'm going more down the XP11 route, so I'm trying not to invest in new add-ons for P3D. After a little research, I decided that the old Aerosoft ATR72 for XP10 may work in XP11 - worth a try anyway! As luck would have it, it more or less works - with oddities happening in the VC (semi-functional FMS etc.) but the external model looks quite good - and it appears to fly well. So ... here are some pics from a test flight around Goodwood to Southampton - TEGB South: Adam.
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    So after a weekend of full reinstall of both sims to my new Hard drives (and flooring out the loft) I managed to get a little bit of flight time last night, just local to me to see how it all fits.....all seems OK but Better psuback not appearing in the plugin menu seems to be my only issue.....so a few of one of my favorite JF planes over TEUK and using UWXP with ASXP and Xvision default set..
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    I thought that this thread was related to the new AUS from Orbx?? There are so many posts here that are negative, "why is to not?" and "why are you not doing it for this sim or that sim?.. Give it a rest guys, and stick to the subject. I for one cannot wait to see the new AUS, but I am giving up on this thread until the release of the scenery. Terry.
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    Vertigo Studios Curtiss P-36 Hawk on a flight out of Redding Municipal, (KRDD), at dusk. TTM (P3D v4.3)
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    Nantucket to Marlboro, checking the region out. Thinking about ORBX,s KACK: Nantucket Memorial Airport purchase. Only for its BEAUTY, other than that it would be a NO GO.
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    Hello there lads, just testing my new beautiful bird! Coming soon next part... Cheers!
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    Just a couple of quick ones - got her in the air. Thanks again Jack, and Sean (RealAir) is developing again - solo. he has a beautiful twin "Diamond DA62" www.vertxsim.com that just went on my wish list. Anyone interested with RealAir planes, go to Flightsim.com for the link to update your aircraft. Don Don
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    ...for the rant I threw the other day in my frustration with being unable to reinstall TrueEarth GB South. It was uncalled for and in the future I'll try a little harder to not air my frustrations here..........Doug
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    Here's the final set from my TomatoShade preset tests. WACO near KSAN (NCA): QW BAe146 over Scotland FTX ENG: And finally ... the Carenado Saab 350 over Rangitoto, NZNI: For the TomatoShade tweakers out there, the preset can be found here: Adam TS 29_01 Adam.
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    Hello, although it is interesting to see the various guises of heavy irony in the last few posts, whether it is intended or not, the debate over whether Windows 7 or 10 is better for flight simulation is as tedious as the debate over which simulator is better. The topic was not a request for help but a statement of frustration and has run its course. Thanks to those who chose to contribute.
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    I loved that one so I had to share... some humor and friendship in the cockpit Ben
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    Terrific shots Jose . Cheers John
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    Ah but Grasshopper .. you get such amazing views without that wing in the way! TEGB Wales (WOW!!) ... Adam.
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    All of these screen shots are winners! Amazing what we are able to experience in sim theses days!
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    Now these look perfect!
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    New freeware X-Plane Avro 504 WW1 Biplane (1913; over 11,000 built) over orbx's (i) EGTH Old Warden with the famous Shuttelworth collection of aircraft in the white buildings under the left wing and Shuttleworth House and College under the left wing, and (ii) EGTF Fairoaks with the McLaren Racing Car Technology Centre in the background above the aircraft. Also using orbx's True Earth Great Britain. Cheers.
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    Amazing Dolf, without pedals I'm grounded so can't have look yet.
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    Perfect signature shots Adam! I built this in Balsa when I was a kid so long ago.
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    So much time can be had just exploring these remote and picturesque airstrips.. There are just so many of them! Another challenging approach into Lake Wenatchee, just skimming the tree tops into this airstrip located at 1935ft above sea level
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    Hey, did you see that T-Bone? They just raised that bridge. Let's do it "Jack style"Wow, what a beautiful bridge. Hey, T-Bone quick turn on the night vision mebby the won't know it's us.Then outta da blue came this deep booming voice. Hey you up there, if you morons do this once more you'll get to spend some time in the Tower of London. In chains that is.
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    Think of it this way, we’ e been waiting since day 1of Orbx’s very first partial release of FTX AU all those years ago (which I vaguely remember buying) so what’s a few more days, weeks, months LOL. Nothing new on the horizon for NZ so I,d get it now while the sale is on, it,s a beaut
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    Someone sent me a link to a free hot air balloon. It works and is so cool. Then RealAir today released the Duke and Lancair for P3D v4! So here's the Duke at KFOT, Rohnerville And the Lancair at KRDD, Redding!
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    Just for that little stunt, your going to eat jellied eels and haggis the rest of your life.
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    You sound like a guy I should know - all the way to the bit of whimsy at the end, you had me hook, line and sinker.
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    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on the latest hardware, and using UEFI instead of the old BIOS. See my signature. I would love for someone to show me the Technical reasons why Windows 10 performs better than Win 7, other than just saying Win 7 is old. "Not supported after 2020" doesn't cut it. If your system is up and running and you have complete backups, so what if a virus gets in, or some "vulnerability" gets exploited, format the disks and start over. Restore on my system takes about 15 minutes. So, for those of you that are still running Win 7, don't fret, your system is OK. Just make sure you are running Windows 7 x64 Professional or better, to access 192 gb of RAM, (Home Premium can only access 16gb). You can pickup Boxed Win 7 Ultimate on eBay, x86 and x64 together in the box, for under $100 here in AU. The only problem we have is with the new hardware. Most manufactures don't supply drivers anymore for Win 7, but there is is a couple that still do for their new boards. Serious "Gamers" prefer Win 7 and thus a couple of manufactures still cater for the gamers needs, but you have to scratch around on their web sites to get the drivers. I accept that I will have to go to Win 10 some day, but with my new system I should be good for another 10 years, by then I won't care too much. Hey, I too have been at this for a long time, 45 years. Chris.
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    I had the good fortune for my wife and I to visit the historic city of York England. We had visited once before, but this time we had another purpose beyond mere tourism. I wanted to meet the Orbx Forum guru, Nick Cooper, who, lives in York. a private message of inquiry led to his welcoming response.so, today May 20, we met Nick at our hotel, strolled the city, had lunch, and were together for more than four hours. Nick has many interests beyond our hobby. We talked about his and mine, exchanged stories about family and interests. Before we realized, the afternoon was almost gone. But, I want to share a picture of us together. We are in front of York Cathedral, a towering structure and a jewel in Europe’s medieval and earlier architectural history. Thanks, Nick. It was a delight to meet you outside of normal orbx forum business hours. Sherm
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    Funny enough that we want 64bit simulators, photoreal sceneries, maximal details, wonderful weather depiction and all this stuff that sometimes even a 2019 version of a flight simulator struggles to provide properly and then we run this simulator on a operating system that appeared in October 2009, almost 10 years ago. Sorry, no understanding for this. How one can stubbornly stick to such an old operating system that will even be end of support in less than one year and then complain about a 2019 software not running with the expected results? Do you also still use Internet Explorer 6 or the office package from back then? And a cell phone from 2009? I guess no...
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    Happy birthday OND! I hope you have a nice birthday!
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    Have a great one OND... And have this on me... sorry it's a cheap one
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    You can't go wrong with any Australian ORBX airport really but my personal favorite is YWOL, it's close to Sydney, very scenic with the escarpment in the background and home to an awesome aircraft museum and annual airshow - Wings over Illawarra
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    Well, the internet photo gods are with me. Here is a picture of us in front of the York Cathedral. sherm
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    California calling me this time - enjoy. "Yo, Sam. I've these two schmucks who want a change of scenery and to upsize from their current condo. Big Bear City doesn't cut it for them. Get Paul the pilot over there to take us to Palm Springs. I wanna show off the tennis courts, golf courses and spas. They'll buy right into it..." "Listen Steve, you're my twin brother, but it's gonna cost extra. The weather's marginal. The cloud base is low and it's already late in the day to go out and back. I have to pay him more or he won't go." $$$ later... "Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa. You could spend a whole weekend there." "Cabazon Dinosaurs. You know, if dinos were so great, we wouldn't be using them for fuel, am I right?" "So many outdoor activities to be had in Palm Springs. Listen Jayden, you can improve your golf swing, and Madison, you can work on your first time serve at any of these country clubs. To change it up a little, you can go hiking in the San Jacinto State Park..." "...or catch a Masters Tennis game at Indian Wells." "This is the captain. Seat belts fastened. I'll have us down before it's dark" "So guys, I'll have the paperwork ready for you to sign in the car park."
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