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    Early evening. TE NorCal SD. TTM
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    Journey across one of the most historic cities in North America. The latest in our advanced CityScene products will be the wonderful city of Charleston in South Carolina. As the oldest and largest city in the state is also one of the prettiest with its fantastic array of traditional looking townhouses, historical sites and huge plantations. With over 1150km2 of coverage included, get ready for an exciting trip across one of the most cultural cities in the US. The city of Charleston is rich in history with well-preserved architecture, which makes it a very desirable city for visitors. The number of tours, stunning sites and friendly locals has helped make the city to receive numerous awards, including “World’s Best City” in 2016. Developed by Allen Kriesman, CityScene Charleston follows on from his highly successful Orlando and Barcelona sceneries for Prepar3D & FSX. Plenty of real-world data has been processed to recreate memorable views across the downtown area where you can witness the picturesque Rainbow Row or travel around the huge number of plantations and gardens spread throughout the city. As usual with our CityScene products, there are countless points of interest to visit. Charleston is by no means an exception with the inclusion of the Pink House (the oldest stone building in the city), Charleston City Hall and numerous sports stadiums. The incredibly detailed 3D models developed immerse you into the area offering unparalleled views across the diverse city. Will you be the first to find all 41 POIs? Once you’ve taken in the historic sights, be sure to sweep along the banks of the Ashley River or take a trip up to Daniel Island past the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge. James Island is another favourite amongst tourists and locals offering even more historical The number of areas and possibilities with this old city offer a truly unique experience within the simulator. As an added bonus, many of the surrounding airports have seen a facelift to give pilots the opportunity to land and explore these facilities. Charleston International Airport, included with the package, features custom models of the terminals, satellite imagery, animated people and more. Whilst it doesn't feature the same usual detail as stand-alone airport packages, it's an excellent step up from default. Also included in similar detail is Charleston Executive Airport, Mount Pleasant Airport and two other private airports (SC65 and SC06). Served by the Charleston International Airport, to the North-West of the downtown areas, you get to see incredible views whatever type of flying you enjoy doing. The ground-breaking technology, which we have been refining over the years, means the over 340,000 custom buildings are more accurate than ever and vegetation, lighting, terrain, traffic, are all fully integrated into the complete multi-seasonal CityScene package. FEATURES Large 1150 sq km scenery coverage area with full seasonal satellite imagery. 5 airports in coverage area (1 international, 2 regional, 2 private) 41 custom POI buildings/objects created for Charleston Scenery Area No Autogen buildings used Over 340,000 custom commercial and residential buildings with appropriate regional textures. Over 3,500 library objects placed from FSX, P3D and Orbx Libraries. Over 25,000 railroad boxcars and shipping containers. Over 80,000 night lights. Over 4,000,000 accurately placed autogen trees. WHAT IS CITYSCENE? Highly detailed city and urban landscapes brought to life Accurate and detailed buildings that go far beyond the limitations of the P3D autogen system Realistic photoreal/satellite orthoimagery base Dense and highly-accurate vegetation placement Road traffic, vector, mesh (DEM) and landclass where required Full 5 seasons (where applicable) and complete night lighting Important POI, landmarks and features modeled COVERAGE MAP Keep an eye out - CityScene Charleston is on finals and will be available for purchase soon!
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    at the 3rd Party Flight Simulation Academy Awards....envelope please....(sound of an envelope being opened...) goes for the class of Best Production, Visual Scope, and Situational Fidelity, goes to; Orbx Simulation Systems, for the best of all three categories, for the year 2019, for their release of Northern California T.E. (vapid applause from the Hall....) "Congratulations, Orbx, and the Oscar, will be received by the C.E.O. of Orbx, Mr. John Venema"... "Thank you all,...certainly a great pleasure and honor to be here tonight......" To all at Orbx....in all seriousness, this release of Northern California, is simply the most outstanding, and most visually impacting in scenery that you HAVE EVER PRODUCED, to date. Here I am just heading out for a morning run, (7:00 AM) set in the sim) out of Sonoma County...and John and Company...the visuals (with Max Detail set to full right) is simply stunning to view. I can't count how many times already I have just put the sim on Pause...and just panned around...LOOKING.... Simply an amazing accomplishment for XP11, and look forward to the completion of the State. Congratulations on this release, Mr. John Venema....this goes way beyond the pale.....
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    Thanks very much for viewing Cheers R
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    Having a look around the Eastern region of TE NorCal SD & flew down from South Lake Tahoe towards Mammoth Lake. Very rugged country, well crafted. TTM
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    Cape St James is the most southerly point of Haida Gwaii BC. 1. At the entrance to Hunger Harbour with Mount Moody. 2. Numerous whale spouts but mostly in the distance. I am thankful for my EOS5 and 100-400mm lens! 3. Cape St James home of the World's largest colony of Steller Sealions as well as numerous Puffins. Too far away for my camera to pick them up! 4. Approaching Cape St James and Haida Gwaii. The leeward side of the island flattened the sea out from the slightly choppy waters of the morning although it hadn't caused any "motion of the ocean" to be felt on the ship.
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    I am flying down to Las Vegas from Lake Tahoe but the scenery doesn't look correct. Approaching Bald Mountain which has an elevation of 9549ft. Then the penny dropped, I did the flight plan too far to the east and the flight is over OLC and not SCA!
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    And the problems continue.
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    Lovely shots there Martyn.
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    From Lee Vining to Pine Mountain Lake Airport A few years ago we parked our RV in Lee Vining at the Mono Vista RV Park, and used it as a base for some hiking (of which our daughter wasn't too fond of ). But I didn’t dare to drive deep into the park with our 34-footer. Now of course with an airplane, that’s a different story Funny to find such a race plane here in the wilderness Along the Tuolumne River, which will lead us to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir And here is the reservoir The airport comes into sight. The lake that gave it its name, is further out to my left Oh, how I love those trees right in front of the strip Whoever in the ORBX family developed this scenery, my hat off to this team. Like many of us here, I have many ORBX sceneries. This, I think, is ORBX’s best one!
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    Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault This is such an incredibly pretty scenery when you fly south along the coast. Orbx you have done California proud Oh, oh - a major fault line Oh no , is it the "big one" Phew , am I relieved . Its just where TE Southern California will start soon
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    Very nice sunset shots TTM.
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    Thanks for the kind words Gents
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    My wife said to me: "I want a new dishwasher". The confusing part is: I wash the dishes
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    My goodness. The first and third - wow! You simply can't get better than these I know how much work you put into taking them. Please keep doing more They are simply outstanding Cheers Pete
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    Hope you have a very happy Birthday mate !! .
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    Simply put - empty it weighs only 250 lbs more than my Pacer. Gross is 500 lbs more than Pacer therefore useful load is 250 lbs more than the Pacer. Pacer had 160 hp on a good day and the DE has (2)130 hp for total of 260 hp for takeoff.
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    500 more that a Pacer? is this thing made of cast iron? And only 130 hp? I think a Prius has more horse don't it?
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    Spectacular Martyn!
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    I haven't flown Ol' Big Head for a while and even longer since I went to South America. 1. Colombia to be exact. Here crossing the Farallones de Cali, from Cali, starting the descent to SKBU Gerardo Tobar Lopez Airport which you all know serves the town of Buenaventura.
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    Oh no, I do not want to go into music here. I just want to continue our tour through the northern surroundings of Cairns... ... which was paused yesterday just after Mossman. Shortly after we reached Daintree River, ... ... where swimming is not totally recommended. Then we just crossed a little pass towards the Daintree Discovery Center https://www.discoverthedaintree.com/ The views of the rainforest are impressive, unfortunately you cannot hear the birds flying in this picture. NatureFlow at its best! Well, there is also some other NatureFlow here... They say you are lucky if you spot a Cassowary in wildlife https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_cassowary: "At the Daintree Discovery Centre you may be lucky enough to see one of these amazing birds wandering along the creek, foraging for fallen fruit. Truly a once in a lifetime experience!"". We even saw two of them during the day. Now back into the air. Do you see the hairpin corner just under the Bonanza? That is Alexandra Lookout. Worth a little stop, me thinks.... ... before we returned over Daintree River. Unfortunately the ferry is not shown in our AU scenery (yet...). Shortly after we were passing the settlements of Palm Cove... ... and Trinity Beach on the way back to the pubs of Cairns.
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    How could you do that to a lovely old bird glass is nice but i prefer steam gauges used both in the real world and would rather have steam gauges myself John
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    Lovely shots of mother nature. And father Orbx, too. Wait, my friend, wait... hardware is not to beat.
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    Great screenies and you got yourself quite some weather there, wouldn't want to be in it
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    At Damyn's Hall - no room for CFI - he observed from the refreshment area. Guns were loaded but didn't need them.
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    great shots....I can't imagine that many people on a boat, must have been manic.......
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    Those are a munster set of shots Martyn!
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    It is plane that you had a tri!
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    Smoke em , if you got em .....
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    1500 lbs empty (250 more than the Pacer). 2500 lbs gross (500 more than Pacer). Each engine rated at 130 hp. Fixed Slats -Double slotted wide span flaps. Big tail feathers. Center line thrust so nothing funny when one quits. With the belly tank, nine hours endurance.
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