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    Having a look around out of Fall City, in a Super Cub. TTM
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    Again, hats off to @renault for telling me about this wonderful little helipad. The skies were dark, I have to fly without real weather from now on.
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    Great shots Filou! I'm not a great expert on tin tubes but if that's a 737 Max I'm not sure Boeing would be happy with that livery! (a Mickey Mouse airliner!)
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    How soon until released? This soon! Cheers, Jarrad
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    Wow - Atmospheric beauties Jack , some of your best out of GB for sure . Cheers John
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    SO I splashed out on xvision and I think it is working. The washed out appearance has gone and a big thank you to Filou for his default weather preset. I haven't got a clue what I am doing but it appears to be a great improvement! I just hope that it is down to xvision!
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    Thanks for looking
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    Approaching the site of the Satsop Nuclear Plant which is close to the Chehalis River in Greys Harbour County. Work started in 1977 but the project was suspended in 1983 and finally abandoned in 1999.
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    Well that was quick. So the flying circus will now move from Washington to Northern Spain! I shall keep an eye out for all of the new shots.
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    Fantastic shots and love the livery. We have been to Disney Florida 4 times in the 80’s and 90’s , three with kids and once on our own after my cancer operation. Loved it there and that is my final wish to get there again, maybe one day but time is getting short as they say. One of my sons has been there a few times but he says it’s getting so expensive just for the tickets to get into any of the places. Anyway enough of the reminiscing. Great pic's FILOU. Derek..
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    Great shots, fantastic scenery and I like the 429! Greg
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    Over San Juan Island (took off from Friday Harbour) Loving the textures, the colors, everything Deep blues, deep greens Such a beautiful work Look at the river textures! Oh that mountains! And here is where the beauty of TE Washington ends, and the standard scenery begins (harsh reality x sweet dreams?). Let's make a u-turn and keep flying over this amazing region!!
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    Often overlooked but part of the volcanic chain along western Canada and the U.S., Mt Baker is just north of Concrete along the Kitsap River. Over Concrete, headed up the valley and Lake Shannon. Host to a fabulous ski area which, in one year, reported 1140 inches of snowfall. At only 10,871 ft, a mini Rainier. This ridge, overlooking the Kitsap Valley, has a North Twin and a South Twin - you pick 'em.
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    They must be keen gardeners there Jack, just look at all the plant in image 2. No doubt if your chopper has a flat battery there will be someone on hand with the jumper leads! What a great little heliport though and all the detail is amazing!
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    Very nice Jack - not to be confused with the Isles of Aran where they grow those beautiful sweaters.
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    Unreal! That fifth one would make a perfect wallpaper, I'm SO stealing this!
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    What can I say? WOW!!! Congrats ORBX!!!
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    Come on TTM , no RL photo's please ...... Cheers John
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    Absolutely my friend so tricky Thank you John Thanks a lot John Thanks Don, glad you liked them Hi Adam Very pleased you liked them It is a great scenery setting Excellent Graham Thank you very much, very kind I bought all of Australia to be ready for V2 so I'll continue testing them all and advising if something looks strange Very best! Carlos Thank you master Hi Jack Actually there has been an announcement (Ridvan remind me of that) in which Orbx states that Australia airports need an update so I was just testing them (as I bought them all) to see which ones could have anomalies and advise Helping somehow or 2 cents in English Cheers
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    Happy Birthday. All the very best to you
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    Just a couple of shots of Cessnock with the AUv2 update for YCNK applied.
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    I forgot, beautiful images Filou and a wonderful paint job on the 738.
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    That livery is definitely and eye catcher!!!!!!!!!!! Super shots of it and the scenery,.
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    Epic FILOU! Please tell me where I can get this livery?
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    This pretty lady needed a flight from Catalina to San Diego, it was zero visibility almost the entire way, so it's a good thing I had my trusty GTN 750. She's so purdy! Fog, lots of it. Finally broke out of the soup close to the mainland. With the help of graphically modifying my route I had a straight in approach.
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    Good news - it will! INCORRECT. Sorry for the bold text, but I do want to stop misinformation from spreading before it gets too far around. See above posts; almost all buildings around regions, payware, and freeware airports WILL be modified. Although the old custom Orbx buildings were an improvement over default, the new BuildingsHD textures increase the resolution from 1K to 4K and really just take things to a whole new level. For instance, the old Global building sheets for all of Asia, Africa, South America were actually only very lightly modified from the default FSX textures. BuildingsHD completely overhauls them from scratch using source photos actually taken in those regions, and as a result, the level of realism increases dramatically. The new ones do look much nicer The time involves was indeed high, hence the long development time (and also hence my persistence in trying to squash these rumors; I put a lot of work into overhauling the region textures so I want to make sure that people know that they are, indeed, included!) And I think (hope) that you will be very happy with the Africa textures as well as those in the lesser-travelled parts of the sim world such as India and South America; they really breathe a new sense of life and authenticity into these previously-boring regions.
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    This is my final shot for this evening. All part of my previous sequence, but about 07:30 hrs. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
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    Yep I know Sanford and Son's , old Redd Foxx RIP .... John
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    A super set with some outstanding images.
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    I think they did an American version called Stanford and Son. The English version was and still is hilarious. Have a look at a Steptoe and Son episode on YT if you have the time.
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    Are they near the trees where they grow money?
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    I had a Zenith once - back when they were made in Springfield, MO.
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    Great set of shots Jack, and you know the saying - actions speak louder than words Don
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    Nice John, it almost looks a little like Alice Springs or down here with all the Georgia red clay.
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    Nice set Dario, love the summit shots.
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    Hi My very first fly in this area and I loved it. All the surrounding terrain is wonderful though the contrast of some bright green against the opaque one is not that nice, the flight was very pleasant! The terrain is so diverse I wonder is this green patch is well there I liked this houses in the middles just a few before the major town This texture looks nice but somehow too square isn't it? Like this mountains but I think they should match in color I would get to aeropelican if I continue straight This is the green division I don't like it too notorious and in this one kind of square Grounded There is a conflict here I saw some beautiful birds blue with red flying near this area Cheers Carlos
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    Sweet set Carlos, can't wait to see some more from AU V.2 from you.
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    I actually was going to ask if soon as with Australia or if as soon as with Washington True Earth but then thought it could not be taken with humor. So I understand you I did learnt that soon in Australia means the same as in my country. You have a date with your friends and then they ring you. Are you coming? Yes I am, I'll be there soon! and you have not even taken a shower Not sarcasm just to make the waiting more fun I'm counting the days to get this one (despite I have it by 3rd pty) I prefer Marcus'. Cheers
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    Come on guys ! Flight sim addons, are like other consumables. It's not because I bought for $1000 of my favorites chocolate bars in the past I will no longer buy them in the future. You buy it, you use it (or eat it) and have joy from it. You buy a chocolate bar for $1 and have about few minutes of joy. You buy an addon for $50 and have many months of joy. If I buy and addon and use it only for 3 months because of new things are coming out, no problem, I got enough joy from it, so it's ok, same as my chocolate bar, keep it simple, and enjoy what you have. Mike
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    Lord Venema of Orbxshire.
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    A recipe for some good exploring!
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    Another one! It is getting hard to keep up with all of the new released and the ones in the pipeline. This will make for some great flying to Bilbao. Beautiful scenery as usual and good to see the poor man with the broom is now out of the elements and cleaning up inside. About time you guys took pity on him and gave hip an electric floor sweeper!
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    FTX Iberian Peninsula ! Sounds better, doesn't it ? ! Cheers !
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