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    We have encountered a number of posts on these forums from customers advising us that their entire ORBX folder has disappeared. The blame is being pointed at the 151108 Orbxlibs release. Firstly, let me assure you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that Orbxlibs installer and there's no need to be concerned about your ORBX folder disappearing if you have purchased legitimate licenses for all your Orbx products from day one. Please allow me to remind everyone that you don't own any Orbx software, products or libraries. What we sell is a *license* fee that gives you permission to use our intellectual property on a single PC for personal use. Of course, we also sell a commercial variant of that license. We have clear links to the End User License Agreement (EULA) on our website here: https://fullterrain.com/eula Furthermore, since our first product release back in March 2008 we have asked every single customer to click on a button in the installer applications to agree to those EULA terms, and again we offer a printed copy in the User Guide. The license is not transferrable. You can't buy someone else's copy on eBay or Amazon etc. You can't install a 'friend's' copy, or receive it as a 'gift' from someone. You can only buy them from flightsimstore.com (they sell vouchers if you do want to gift Orbx products, by the way). Allow me to give an analogy: If you are of driving age, the government in your country asks for a paid fee to sit either a theory and/or practical test and then awards you the privilege to drive a vehicle. You don't own the privilege, it's the government's right to take it away, as it often does if you breach the terms of your license. I know; I lost my driving license twice in my youth when I was a bit reckless. It sure taught me a good lesson. So then, we make it clear that you need a valid paid license to use our software. However, if in the past at any time you have perhaps "tried before you buy" and availed yourself to a copy of Orbx software from any source other than flightsimstore.com or a previously authorised DVD reseller, whatever mechanism that was used to install that unauthorised copy of Orbx software was logged onto your Windows system somewhere. Every now and again we release products (they can be Orbxlibs, regions, airports - these are random) where the installer checks for any evidence of past unauthorised Orbx products having been installed on your PC. In that instance if we detect a breach of the EULA, we reserve our right to remove all our intellectual property from the ORBX folder. You have essentially forfeited your privilege to use our software, so we're enforcing our rights as the owner and publisher of it. Please note that we do not touch anything outside the ORBX folder, nor interfere with your Windows or PC installation or other vendors' products. How do you fix this situation? The solution is to think back to that "try before you buy" (to clarify: pirated, torrented, illegal) Orbx product that was installed and then go and purchase an authorised license from flightsimstore.com for that and any other unauthorised products that may have been installed in the past. Here's the hard part: You will need to re-install Windows from scratch to prevent a random Orbx installer from affecting the ORBX folder yet again. Whilst this may cause you inconvenience, it pales into insignificance compared to the millions of dollars worth of Orbx products that have been stolen in the past eight years. I need to remind people that Orbx provides a means of income for many people, some of who develop on a full-time basis and who can spend up to 12-18 months working on a single project at a time. We have a zero tolerance policy towards customers who think they can download our products from unauthorised sources. Those people who have been affected recently will be contacted and given a ban from the Orbx support forums for a few months to think about their actions and allow them time to purchase legitimate copies. So it matters not if you've purchased every single Orbx product including a few "try before I buy" copies in the past; you need to ensure 100% of your product installers come from FSS and if you have experienced an ORBX folder loss you will need to re-install Windows. I will make the unusual step of leaving this open to discussion but the moment the topic becomes antisocial it will be locked. I don't want to see any inflammatory posts or cries of "how dare you call me a pirate" etc etc. I can promise you that the tech we used to detect unauthorised activity has been thoroughly tested, and this is borne out by the fact is has affected only 9-10 people out of some 3,000 installs of Orbxlibs in the past week. It actually beggars belief that these people are posting on the Orbx forums in these circumstances. To the majority (and I mean, 99,9% of the 57,875 registered forum users) who always support Orbx by purchasing licenses from flightsimstore.com - I say "thank you".
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    Hello guys, this is a map that I've created for myself, but I found it quite cool so decided to share. It is basically a copy of the official Orbx product map, but I made several changes: - added standalone freeware airports - added airports from the 2018 roadmap - color coded the airports. This is to easier decide which ones are suitable for different kind of airplanes. The coding is as follows: BROWN - grass strips ORANGE - small paved GA airfields, LIGHT GREEN - bigger GA / small regional airports suitable for Dash 8 or a bizjet DARK GREEN - airports suitable for 737 BLUE - regional and international airports, with enough runway and parking place for at least 757 I did not use any fixed criteria for this classification, rather a combination of runway length, apron size, real world schedules and common sense. So there can be some errors or you may not agree with the classification. But I hope you'll find it useful https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-fqf4PZR7FHf0M7L3M_d2t5o2AuFgO22&usp=sharing
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    Hi all, Just a quick update on where we are with the updates to the Australian airports for Australia v2. We appreciate that many are keen to get them up and running. We we are planing to release these updates on the new Orbx Central app. Orbx Central is nearing completion and will go into a public beta next week sometime. The updates to the airports are still currently under testing which is being done in tandem with Orbx Central testing. Further information will be provided next weekend.
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    Hi, Just wanted to share two screenshots of ESSD Dala Airport, part of my upcoming Swedish bundle package also including ESNQ Kiruna Airport. With that said, may I add that all good things comes in threes? Still a major surprise to reveal. Stay tuned. And oh, yes, soon done! Regards, Marcus
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    Are you looking for something different? How about a highly detailed seaplane base, Nanaimo Water Aerodrome on Vancouver Island BC in fact. And how about free, as in Orbx Freeware? Economists say the value of something is what you pay for it, but I'll let you be the judge. A long-term goal has been to recreate the feel of flying from Seattle to Desolation Sound on Kenmore Air, something I did for many years. Nanaimo is a main stopping point along this route and thus is a natural for my first Orbx project. A detailed seaplane base may be a first for Orbx too. Nanaimo Water Aerodrome (IATA: ZNA, TC LID: CAC8) consists of two areas of operation, A and B. Area A, adjacent to downtown Nanaimo serves Harbour Air and Sunshine Coast Air. Area B to the north will not be included in the initial release but will be part of a service pack. Here's an overview: The initial release will include the following: What a pilot sees when approaching the Area A seaplane dock, done in considerable detail; the breakwater, the marina, the waterfront walkway, the downtown buildings one can see from the water, the park to the north. The industrial area to the south including Port of Nanaimo structures and a high-resolution static model of the ship MV Ocean Wind Two reasonably authentic AI foot ferries, one going to nearby Newcastle Island and one going to the locally famous Dinghy Dock Pub, also modeled A high resolution static Seaspan tug (Seaspan Corsair) and an AI version (Seaspan Cutlass) which follows a route to the booming grounds to the south Large log booms in appropriate places High-resolution Seaspan Barges, First Nations racing canoes, and a model of a bathtub racer. The may I say --- crazy sport of bathtub racing was born in Nanaimo Various authentic marine navigation aids A static model of a Harbour Air DCH3 adapted from an FS9 model by Premier Aircraft Design with the kind permission of Bob May Repaint by LR from a photo taken at Nanaimo last September The BC Ferries Nanaimo to Gabriola Island ferry terminal just south of the marina If my separate PNW AI ferries Community Scenery project is installed, a detailed model of the MV Bowen Queen will accurately dock at the ferry slip. (Note: the ferry system is not an Orbx project and is not supported by Orbx.) When ready, a service pack will add Area B including the SeaAir terminal, the large Departure Bay Ferry Terminal and nearby features. Please note: Orbx PNW is strictly required. CAC8 will not work without it. CAC8 is in the final phase of testing and barring unforeseen problems, should be released soon. And now what you really want to see; screenshots.
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    Here is mine for the month . Good luck everyone! Cheers Renault TE Washington Location: Near LeConte Mountain , midway between Sentinel Peak and Spider Mountain Latitude 48.378 , Longitude -121.033
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    I found the "don´t forget the screenshot contest" note on the fridge...
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    The Sunset Starlit Serenity of the 'Springs ........... Good Luck, Everyone !
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    More soon chaps. cheers Iain
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    XP11 / UWXP 2.5 / My new xVision preset / 4K
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    I made it to CAC8 Nanaimo and then across the Strait of Georgia to CAG8 Pender Harbour. Now on to Desolation Sound and YRC Refuge Cove Seaplane Base. Why go there? It’s what many think of as the most spectacular area for boating in the Pacific Northwest. The scenery is equally impressive from the air. For a good portion of my life I spent my vacations there on the family boat. I did not have that much time off so I would fly up and back on Kenmore Air. Most all the scenery I have done lately is an attempt to recreate that wonderful experience and Desolation Sound was what it was all about. A little from the User Guide: Refuge Cove is the main source of supply in Desolation Sound, located near the northwest end of the Strait of Georgia in British Columbia. It serves as a convenient pick up and drop off location for those coming to or leaving from boats via seaplane in what many regard as the ultimate destination for cruising in the Pacific Northwest. Refuge Cove remains the quintessential ‘Up Coast’ marina; the type that has mostly disappeared from the PNW and it oozes character. There are a number of boaters who spend one to two months in this area year after year and some have been doing it for 30 years or more. Refuge Cove is run as a co-op by the members of the small community of permanent residents. There is no lodging available. In general, people fly there to join boats cruising in the area. Here is a link to a .kmz Google Earth overlay file to help you get oriented. If you give permission, this link should open Google Earth and place a map over the scenery area. Google Earth map overlay of Desolation Sound (Lower the opacity of the map to suit your needs.) In addition to Refuge Cove, a number of other locations are modeled including those that serve as pick up and drop off locations for Kenmore Air (Bliss Landing, Mink Island, Prideaux Haven) as well as Squirrel Cove and remote Forbes Bay at the foot of Mt. Denman. There are some Easter eggs too. Cortez Bay, another Kenmore Air stop will be included in a service pack. YRC is now being tested and will be released (you have heard this before) when it’s ready. I should mention that Orbx YRC Refuge Cove Seaplane Base will replace a quite old and not that good version of Refuge Cove that had been posted on my blog. It’s been removed, and if you happen to have it you must remove it too because it’s not compatible. Of course what you really want to see are the screenshots so here they are; some of Refuge Cove, Squirrel Cove, Mink Island and two from Forbes Bay in that order. Incidentally, the lines off the sterns of a few boats at Mink Island as shown in the screenshots are not mistakes. At many locations in Desolation Sound boats are typically ‘sprung to shore’ to prevent the anchor from pulling loose and not having time to reset if the wind changes direction.
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    First post, and I hate it has to be this way. While I understand the frustration from a cost standpoint, and I personally have no issue with the solution you are implementing, I find the wording of the notice and the e-mail sent to be profoundly unprofessional. A simple explanation of having to set restrictions temporarily in order to handle heavy server loads would be sufficient as opposed to pointing fingers at your users, telling them what they should or shouldn't do with the way they do installations, etc. I've never seen a company send a message like that to its users before. Pretty shocking.
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    Hi Folks, Winter in the North hemispher is the right moment to see Auroras Borealis also called Northern Lights. Nevertheless, it's often not very obvious to see them in real life as you need a lot of chance to experience that. My scenery ENJA gave you opportunity to see them casting at the same place. Now, let me introduce you to FTX Auroras, a global addon providing you a world wide coverage of such special solar effects over the stratospher. Northern Lights scheme of forecast generally follows the magnetic polar circle. They are mostly seen in Alaska, Canada, Iceland and North of Scandinavia. Southern Lights are less famous as they mainly concerned Antartica and some small parts of australia and New Zealand. The addon is now in beta test with Northern Lights. The map below gives you an idea of the places they are displayed: Now some samples (from P3D) you are expecting to meet: Please keep in mind these pictures are WIP so colors and shapes would change.
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    Good day dear Aerofly FS2 fans, I am pleased to announce my first developments for Aerofly FS2. Yes, this announce concerns two products for the same country. They will be distributed as two separate products however, so you can choose to install either one or both of them. Icing on the cake, they are freeware. You will need to have the swiss DLC from IPACS installed for these products to work correctly. Please visit www.aerofly.com for more information about this DLC. Enjoy these first screenshots. LSGK Saanen airport Switzerland cultivation buildings (autogen buildings). Note: this product does not overwrite IPACS default tree placement. I only added a full country building coverage plus over one hundred thousand of individual trees, mainly in towns and some villages.
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    We are working on a major Australian airport and also a CityScape right now. The CityScape joins the airport and will be released before Xmas. The airport will be in the new year.
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    Here is mine True Earth Great Britain South Tavistock, South West Devon
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    In the terminal interiors I modelled (Meigs Field and Homer) it took roughly two days to do each, and both were contained on a single texture sheet with polygon counts similar to a single static aircraft. Essentially, minimal time and effort and resource usage. Less than modelling a unique aircraft anyway. After release, neither interior attracted much attention and most of the notes were on how to disable it. After KCGX I intentionally excluded the terminal interior from Bar Harbor and never saw any mentions of this. To me, the market has spoken pretty clearly and instead of terminal interiors I put more effort into surroundings and the apron area. Although for some reason parking lots get a lot of attention and I spend much more time there than I did a few years ago.
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    We've kept this one a little quiet for a while, but I'm pleased to say that Alderney is almost done and will be in beta soon. Here are a few screenshots of the beautiful coastline, from Greg Jones' PC. FSX/P3D version will be released first, with XP11 version to follow soon after.
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    Like Martyn says, my ticket to vote. And thank you all for voting for me in May!
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    In the starting blocks to explore a scenic area in the State of Washington
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    USMC AH-1W Super Cobra refueling at Bear Gulch ....... Good Luck, Everyone !
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    Hello everyone, Turbulent Designs have really been on a roll lately - now we have two airports coming to OrbxDirect from the British scenery veterans: KGPI Glacier Park International Airport exclusively for P3Dv4 and MBS International Airport for FSX and all versions of P3D, nearly the entirety of which has been custom modelled! MBS International Airport MBS International Airport for FSX and P3D is the most feature rich and detailed Turbulent airport to date. The airport serves the cities of Midland, Bay City and Saginaw in Freeland County, Michigan. It’s situated 100nm north west of Detroit and approximately 200nm from both Toronto and Chicago. MBS is a great airport for a balance between commercial flying and general aviation. It’s 8000ft primary runway serves a selection of commercial aircraft in the real world, which operate out of the new passenger terminal. On the other side of the 6000ft secondary runway you can find a range of service hangers next to the general aviation and corporate jet apron. General aviation pilots can also use an isolated WWII runway, which provides a unique challenge. The passenger terminal features a fully modelled interior, accurate to real world blueprints, allowing you to walk through and explore as a passenger. As a pilot parked at one of it’s 6 gates you can look through the terminal windows and see every detail inside the building. The jetways are fully integrated with SODE, which allows command of the docking and undocking procedure. Over on the corporate jet apron is another highly detailed interior of one of the main hangers. Pilots can choose to start or end their flight from inside this hanger. A range of brand new HD service vehicles, cars and trucks have been placed around this airport. Each of these new vehicles has been meticulously developed, using on site photographs as reference. Each new vehicle has a cab interior and transparent glass, adding a new level of depth and immersion. Runways, taxiways and apron surfaces are represented with high definition textures based on real world surface photography, providing an unrivalled level of visual realism while taxiing around the airport. Dense population of RealFlora in use at MBS provides a realistic variety of grasses and ground plants across the airport, particularly delivering a very convincing feel of overgrowth at the abandoned section of the WWII runway. MBS airport sits in a rural expanse of fertile land, surrounded by farms and small holdings, this scenery perfectly recreates these visually recognizable landmarks in immense detail. Individually modelled farms with grain silos, water towers, wind generators and barns surround the airport, providing a huge amount of realism on approach and departure. Key Features: Accurate representation of MBS International Airport modelled in insane detail Bonus GA disused World War II runway for challenging approaches Fully modelled passenger terminal, accurate to real world blue prints Modelled hangar interior Custom HD service vehicles, cars and trucks Baked ambient lighting Stunning custom “Real Flora” vegetation for trees, grass and shrubs Unrivalled HD ground poly throughout the airport Airport and coverage area fully custom modelled to replace autogen Individually modelled farms, barns, wind generators, silos and water towers Orbx Flow technology Optional Dynamic Lighting for P3D v4 only MBS International Airport will be available to purchase from OrbxDirect soon for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $24.35 / €21 / £18.50 ) Coverage area map: KGPI Glacier Park International Airport Glacier Park Airport was built in 1942 as Flathead County Airport in Montana, from which its IATA and original FAA and ICAO (KFCA) codes were derived. In 1970, the airport was designated as an international airport and received its current name and codes. Built exclusively for P3D v4, KGPI – Glacier Park International Airport includes a large coverage area packed with unique, high quality content. Whether you’re on foot in avatar mode or just passing by, KGPI is packed full of objects and buildings for you to explore. Key Features: Accurate representation of KGPI – Glacier Park International Airport 33.6km2 airport coverage area 102.6km2 mountain coverage area High quality modelled buildings and POI Incorporates Turbulent Design's unique Real Flora tech High Definition ground poly with specular maps Baked in ambient occlusion and lighting Custom modelled and placed buildings and objects make up the coverage area in place of traditional autogen Built specifically to take full advantage of P3Dv4's feature set Dynamic lighting Includes Orbx Flow technology Turbulent Designs clutter library KGPI Glacier Park International Airprt will be available to purchase from OrbxDirect soon for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $24.35 / €21 / £18.50 ) Coverage area maps: Here are a few screenshots from Emmsie. Don't forget to stay tuned here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages for plenty more shots over the coming days! MBS International: KGPI Glacier Park International Airport:
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    Well it's been awhile! Some awesome shots here already! Here's mine for this month. Somewhere in Cali en route to Lake Tahoe from Catalina.
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    Following the reveal at FlightSimExpo, we are happy to announce EGLC London City Airport for X-Plane 11! EGLC London City Airport is the closest airport to central London. Located in the Royal Docks in the London Borough of Newham, in between Canary Wharf and the City of London - the two most important financial districts in the country - EGLC provides important transport links between the capital and the rest of the UK as well as continential Europe. London City Airport has a single 1,500-meter (4,900 ft) long runway, and a CAA Public Use Aerodrome Licence that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flight training - but only for training necessary for the operation of aircraft at the airport. Only multi-engine, fixed-wing aircraft with special aircraft and aircrew certification to fly 5.5° approaches are allowed to conduct operations at London City Airport. The largest aircraft which can be used at the airport is the Airbus A318, which has been modified with a "steep approach function". Features: Full HD PBR representation of London City Airport and surroundings. HD textures throughout PBR groundpolygon with dry, damp and wet states. All new highly detailed PBR Ground Service Equipment and Clutter models Realistic road traffic on surrounding streets Includes the Excel building, Tate & Lyle Sugar factory and all surrounding high-rise buildings. 60cm orthoimagery blended to match TrueEarth GB South Includes realistic approach and airport lighting. Introducing all new detailed HD PBR static aircraft models Dynamic Fire & Rescue response - fire service will respond when an aircraft emergency is declared on approach. Fire trucks will deploy to your aircraft position once on the ground P3Dv4 users, don't worry. EGLC for P3D will be announced soon! EGLC London City Airport will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $22.95/ €20.50/ £18.20) Please note that you will require Orbx Libraries updated and installed to the latest version. Please also note that for the best experience, we recommend using EGLC in conjunction with TrueEarth GB South. The scenery will work without it, however some users may experience the following: Missing or misplaced forests Missing or misplaced buildings surrounding the airport Photoreal blending And without further ado, the screenshots!
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    It is getting hard to compete with XP11 ! So my entry for this month is an old screenshot from P3Dv3. A view of the Half dome and Nevada fall in the Yosemite Valley.
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    Manchester United Football Ground............X-plane default Cessna 172 pictured in Lancashire Aero club colours on a brief 'Great Britain Central' sight-seeing mission from nearby Orbx Manchester City Airport (Barton)
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