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    Hello everyone, Here's a quick sneak preview of TrueEarth US Washington for X-Plane I've put together. It really shows the incredible diversity of this amazing new region. Bush flying is finally on the agenda for XP11 users! A full announcement is coming next week with all the info you need. Enjoy!
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    Toowong, Australia. 1st of April, 2019 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orbx today announced support for the industry-leading simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9). All titles will be ported to FS2004 within the year, with extra features added to fully support the eye-candy that FS2004 offers. “Ever since VOZ was released, I’ve missed the FS9 days” said Orbx CEO John Venema. “The Microsoft/ACES developers were ahead of their time in the VR department. There is no other consumer flight simulator that can deliver a VR experience as good as FS2004 can.” Throughout 2018, Orbx has supported seven simulators simultaneously: FSX (including Steam Edition), P3Dv1, P3Dv2, P3Dv3, P3Dv4, AFS2 and XP11. The community have reacted very positively to Orbx’s ventures into Aerofly FS 2 and X-Plane 11, especially with the TrueEarth series of products. “The only simulator sorely missing from that list is FS2004” added John Venema. Support for FS2004 has already been added to FTX Central: Orbx has already started to explore other highly requested flight simulation platforms. Ed Correia, Orbx Production Manager, confirmed: “we have a whole team dedicated to new simulator technologies. FS2002, FS2000, FS98 and Fly! are all under our microscope at the moment” Developers throughout Orbx are extremely excited about the change. Senior Developer, Jarrad Marshall said “I’m very happy about FS9 support. We’ve had to hold back on a lot of features because of engine limitations in Prepar3D and X-Plane” Misha Cajic added “the scenery development bar is constantly being raised. It’s nice to not worry about things like PBR, ObjectFlow or material scripting. We can finally get back to adding features that everyone really wants” Jarrad has provided some teaser screenshots from his upcoming Perth Airport product for FS2004:
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    Hello all, We have been working with the (now in-house) Turbulent Aviation team on establishing a true end-to-end PBR workflow for the creation of P3D/XP11 airports. You will soon be shown some spectacular preview shots of our first airport to be built using 100% compliance to the correct PBR standards for all materials. This workflow allows us to release for both P3Dv4 and XP11 at the same time, or near enough to the same time, scheduling permitting. In the meantime, let me preview you two screenshots which highlight the details not only on the ground services equipment but also on the apron on which they sit. To view these full size, click on each so it appears in its own broswer tab, then click again to zoom. The incredible level of detail on the baggage lifter does not mean it is an FPS hog. The original model was made up of over 24 million polygons and that model was used to create the PBR map for a lower poly target. This means you get the benefit of insane amounts of detail without the high-poly penalty. Likewise, with the entire airport being PBR, the apron reflects light based on each material used such as asphalt, paint, metal grates and puddles etc. The lighting changes depending on the time of day, level of cloud cover, rain etc. Please don't ask where this airport is; we won't reveal it until it is in beta, which should be around the end of this month or early May.
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    Hi everyone, I'm very happy to announce my next project, as well as Orbx's first payware Italian destination; Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport! Designed exclusively for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4, LIEO is a highly detailed and exhaustively complete reproduction of the airport and surroundings area. Olbia Costa Smeralda airport has been designed carefully and reflects the real-world layout of the airport; including the new extended runway and taxiway. The scenery has been optimized using our latest techniques and has been designed to work best with either Orbx Global and/or Orbx Global openLC Europe. Olbia: A Little Bit of Info Olbia is a beautiful city located in north Sardinia, just off the coast of mainland Italy. With a population of 60,000, it is one of the major cities on the island. As well as being an industrial and commercial hub for the region, the city is most well-known as a famous holiday destination. Visitors from around Europe and the world flock to the city during the summer months to enjoy the plentiful beaches and spectacular scenery. As well as traditional travellers, the city is popular with high-end and VIP travellers; as can be seen at the airport’s corporate terminal. Lieo Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport The Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (ICAO: LIEO) is one of the busiest international airport on Sardinia, and is located about one kilometre from the city centre. The original infrastructure has been active since the end of the sixties, following the disposal of the historic Olbia-Venafiorita airport, and today is a modern and vibrant hub. Remnants of the old airport infrastructure are still visible and can be found within the scenery. The terminal has been expanded to 42,000m², three times the surface compared to the old structure. It is equipped with 40 check-in desks, 15 exits, 5 mobile jetways, a large 2,200 m² shopping center, and has a capacity of 4,500,000 passengers a year. Since 2007 Geasar, in agreement with the new company Eccelsa Aviation, has taken over corporate operations at the airport in its new VIP terminal. This new terminal caters almost exclusively for high-end corporate and tourism traffic. The terminal caters for year-round and seasonal flights to over 80 European destinations, including Rome Fiumicino, Milan, Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf and many others. The airport has a unique and spectacular approach, flying over the sea canal on the approach you will fly very low over the mainland ferries (modelled in the scenery), the harbour, and of course, the beautiful beaches! Orbx Olbia Costa Smeralda airport features: Highly detailed, accurate representation of Olbia Costa Smeralda airport with new runway and taxiway. Beautiful ground textures in 30cm/px with 130sq/km of photoreal coverage. Dozens POI modelled in olbia city with full 3D road connections, helipads, Ferries and Trains. Super level of realism at the airport with 3D underground parts. Compatible with Orbx Global and/or Orbx openLC Europe SODE jetways Includes Dynamic lights and extremely realistic specular effects over ground textures. Fully optimized by using latest techniques. For Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 Enjoy! Lieo Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport
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    Neil's passion continues on. New airports have now been added to the Global Airport Pack by long time co-contributors - Larry Isenor and John Barner. By Larry Isenor BGBW Narsarsuaq, Greenland CEM5 Swan Hills AB CJQ5 Carlyle SK CFH4 Fox Harbour NS CDS2 Disley SK CHL2 Hillaton (Kings Aerodrome) NS CKL9 Regina Beach SK (disable AEC) CNL3 Brockville (Tackaberry) ON CPV9 Poverty Valley SK CRL4 Kirby Lake AB CYCK Chatham Kent ON CYHM Hamilton (Munro Airport) ON CYYE Fort Nelson BC CYYH Taloyoak NU CYZR Sarnia (Hadfield Airport) ON TKPN Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis By John Barner 0V2 (KANK) Harriet Alexander Field Airport Salida, Colorado (AEC Disable) 2V1 (KPSO) Stevens Field Pagosa Springs, Colorado (AEC Disable) 3B3 Sterling Airport Sterling, Massachusetts C24 Mineral County Memorial Airport Creede, Colorado (AEC Disable) KDUX Moore County Airport Dumas, Texas KGNT Grants-Milan Municipal Airport Grants, New Mexico KGUY Guymon Municipal Airport Guymon, Oklahoma KRTN Raton Municipal Airport/Crews Field Raton, New Mexico
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    I know many people are waiting for TrueEarth GB for AFS2, so here are some very early alpha preview shots to let you know it's making progress and we hope to have GB South available in the first half of this year (but don't hold me to it, since it's a new team of developers) Early tests show about 180fps in rural areas, 100+ in city areas.
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    Hello Everyone Approximately a week ago, my Dad "Renault" was taken into hospital. He is absolutely fine now, but we learned today that he will be there for a number of weeks more. He asked if I would put one of his pictures in the contest, which I agreed to do ( I hope that I did it right!). To the Orbx moderators , if it is inappropriate for him to contribute an entry in in this fashion, he said that he understands and to please delete it. He will enter the contest again next month when he is home again. He has his phone with him and is avidly following all the topics. However, it is a bit hit and miss as he told me - the good news is that he his wifi. The bad news is all the other people there also have wifi. Thank you very much Helen Plane 11 Southampton Area , England
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    Spring is sprung. The grass is riz. I wonder where the flowers is.
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    CAE3 Campbell River Water Aerodrome is coming to Prepar3D v3 & v4! So... you have been to CAC8, CAX6, CAG8 and YRC; where to next? How about Campbell River Water Aerodrome and the city of Campbell River BC? CAE3 Campbell River Water Aerodrome was said to be the busiest seaplane base in the world during the 1970’s. It’s not so busy now but instead has the character that no polished facility can match. No PA system with that well modulated voice you can’t understand. A look at the odds and ends on the seaplane docks tells you that it’s a working SPB. CAE3 is located on Tyee Spit at the mouth of Campbell River just north of the centre of the city by the same name. It is the home of Corilair, Grizzly Helicopters,Vancouver Island Air and West Coast Helicopters . Campbell River, the “Salmon Fishing Capital of the World” and in particular Tyee Spit are famous for the salmon fishing. At Tyee Pool the fishing is done from rowboats which you will find modeled in the scenery. The city of Campbell River lies at the junction of the more populated southern part of Vancouver Island and the mostly undeveloped northern half. It has the feeling of a little bit of both. Key Features All of Tyee Spit as a large model, including Corilair, Grizzly Helicopters, Vancouver Island Air, West Coast Helicopters, associated docks and other buildings. The city of Campbell River North Campbell River Nystar buildings and dock with detailed static ship Ocean Wind John Hart Generating Station Five Campbell River marinas with custom boats Campbell River ferry terminal Quathiaski Cove ferry terminal Cape Mudge Lighthouse and grounds April Point Marina and Spa, with helipad The AI cruise ship Norwegian Jewel going from the Campbell River Cruise Ship Terminal to Victoria BC and back. The AI boat CCGS Cape Palmerston attending a sailboat aground An AI Ranger 29 powerboat that crosses Discovery Passage Models of Whitehall rowboats used for salmon fishing around Tyee Spit A couple of ‘Extras’ to amuse you Developed by @Larry_R And now what you really want to see - the screenshots by Larry and Emmsie:
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    I'll get in early this month. One over Disney World
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    V4.4 Orbx REXSF Wing42 - Lockheed Vega 5C
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    Hi all, The anticipated update for LEBB Bilbao is now available via FTX Central. Feature list: - New high-res textures for terminal area - Completely new high-res ground textures with normal maps - SODE-gates - Approach for runway 12/30 has gotten a massive upgrade with roughly 200 new building types and variations making the whole area come to life in a whole new way - Southern approach has gotten mountain ranges included and wind farms, making the whole decent to a new experience - Ambient light effect has been added to the whole city creating a mind blowing night scenario - New water puddle effect at the airport, - New crisp terrain features at the terminal area - Upgraded cargo area - New AFCAD by Urmel that better reflects real life operations and is optimized to be AI-friendly. - A lot of small fixes Some of these features will not be present in the FSX edition due to technical & memory limitations.
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    I can't put my finger on exactly how, but I think the lighting is so much more realistic in XP11. Even the cockpits (good as they often are in P3D) seem more lifelike: What an incredible aircraft the Vulcan is (or was!) - late afternoon: Amazingly, all these aircraft are freeware! Adam.
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    V4.4 Orbx REXSF Leonardo Maddog X - MD-82
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    XP11.32 / UWXP / xVision / 4K
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    Since installing FlyWithLua and the Friction script I no longer have planes weather vaning on the ground and XP is a joy to use. So I left Sumburgh, EGPB and headed to Inverness, EGPE with ASXP on and it was brilliant.
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    Testing XP11.33 beta1... which seems to be working fine with True Earth... North in this case..... Also using XVision 121 with my customised preset. Out from Inverness... an area I've not visited and know little about, so I can't add much apart from the images themselves. Thanks for looking.
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    Well then chaps it was great to see new members taking part in this contest, And what a selection of great shots you all entered. Now the winner is... Paulb. Well done to you Paul now if you shoot Ed an email ed@orbxsystems.com Saying which prize you would like with your OrbxDirect account details Ed will add your prize to your account. cheers Iain
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    Last part of the flight, can't wait to do this again. ILS active. Perfect autoland Now to taxi and park up I so hope to see more airliner friendly Orbx airports this year.
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    Good luck all! Cheers R Edinburgh morning …. XPlane 11.32r2 XVision with a "work in progress" preset TE GB North
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    A little flight out from Orbx Shoreham (Brighton) airport, whizzing over Lancing, where my grandmother lived and we spent many a family holiday, and then turning towards Brighton and the South Downs. Amazing detail... you can read the text on the memorial plaque. This looks like a nice spot to watch the coming and going... My gran had a house almost at the end of the runway, before moving closer to the sea, which was also great for plane watching. Setting off in my freeware Grob (great name ) ..... Some lovely detail on display at this airport. Lancing... The flats below the right wheel is where she moved too... it was great, with a hop just over the road to the beach, and a huge pleasure park (Brooklands) just down the road. The old docks at Shoreham and the exit of the River Adur. Brighton with its sole remaining pier, with the west pier (which was already abandoned and in decay) burning down in in 2003... You can see the remains accurately modeled in True Earth, just above right/center... You can also see the British Airways i360, which is a 162-metre observation tower a little further right, on the beach. Heading out over the Downs, now a National Park A27 from Brighton to Lewes. For these last two shots I turned on XEnviro, for some real time weather... nice, if blustery conditions; and the clouds look very nice. This is v1.07 with HD replacement textures. Thanks for looking.
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    My update to P3Dv4.5 went smoothly. Many thanks to those tireless ORBX devs behind the scenes that made sure all the scenery works as per normal. I've only made a few flights - and all looks good to me so far! The all too familiar NZMF startup ... The dreaded pause at the end of the runway appears to have gone (and all objects render fine). No problems with the waterfall either: Another familiar sight! On the way to ... wait for it ... ... you guessed - St. Martins Bay! All shots with the updated PTA 2.65 (a new preset coming from me soon!). Adam
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    Hello, I am going to visit some friends and relatives that I have not seen for too long. Please enjoy the support that my colleagues will continue to give you.
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    Flying over California gives a great sensation. Love so much this Product, it has something magical in the ambience. I Flew from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, yes a very short one but very scenic. We almost die when arriving in LA But do not panic, we didn't collide Amazing pilot skills saved everybody (the other pilot ) Very happy for having California and almost all products in the area Cheers
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    EGPB Sumburgh and around parts of the island in True Earth North... These are from a number of flights and explorations, hence different lighting and TOD. Some nice cars around here... now where did I put the keys?. Car parks have never been so good to explore ... and the XP free camera is fab. Those beaches ... apart from lacking the warmth, as good as anywhere. Thank you very much for looking.
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    Not much time to fly lately with house restoration after the disaster. Here's part 1 of a flight from EGPE to EGPD.
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    A few more flying the Spitfire over the west of Cornwall, where we just spent a lovely week... We were further west than these caps, but we pass some of these places on our way down and back. This part of Cornwall is a strange mix of pretty in one place and scruffy in another, the latter especially true around St. Austell and it's clay industry, where huge swathes of land have been quarried for china clay extraction, leaving vast open pits and massive pyramidal mounds of shining white waste... Beautiful it is not, but it is very interesting, as is the tin mining that has changed the landscape in the far west of the county. Leaving Falmouth and heading over the Roseland Peninsula. Lovely light on the River Fal. Clay country. I change the time of day here... something you can't do in real life, but as this is a sim anything goes. I love the way the changes to the TOD bring out different elements in the scenery; the lighting in XP combined with the detail and accuracy of True Earth just blows me away... everything blends so perfectly. St. Austell to the top. One of the blue pools just below the aircraft... it does have some beauty after all. Following the A30.... ... to Bodmin moor. Devon and Dartmoor in the distance. A photo I found online of the clay mountains... Thank you for looking.
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    Made a nice flight this morning in real time with real weather from Chester, KSNC to Block Island, KBID I loved the PeopleFlow here, I just sat there watching them work. Very nice details here too. I love the sloped runway. Liftoff, nice day for flying. The trees are beautiful here. Heading into some low clouds. This is Orbx goodness. The cloud shadows really darken the land. Had a crosswind. More nice ground details. Ready to park up and have a beer on this lovely little island.
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    XP11.32 / UWXP / xVision / 4K
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    Just the one ... as simple as it gets! Adam.
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    We're in on the island of Tutuila, American Samoa, where even the airport parking lots show up in lush green... Life is relaxed on the Pago Pago apron. The Navy has a P-8 Poseidon reconaissance aircraft refueled here. "So what are we going to do the next hour?" -"Hmmm, relax and watch the planes?" -"Great idea." United just opened a new service from Pago Pago to Honolulu and L.A. with Boeing 777-200LR. Most passengers have already boarded today. At the moment, containers with cargo and baggage are being loaded... ... which requires quite intensive supervision! After loading is completed, the 777 sets out to taxi to the runway. The taxiways are perfectly fitted for a widebody jet! A little bit of backtracking has to be done, though. Got to use all of the available runway length with the tropical temperatures here. Takeoff! Climbing out along the island's south coast. The flightdeck has the best views to offer... ...though the passengers in the First Class look outside from time to time, too. Drone view is always spectacular. Bye bye Pago Pago! I hope you liked my little tropical flight, thanks for watching!
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    Happy Birthday mate have a great day and Thank you for all you are doing in XP11 for us all. cheers Iain
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