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    Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to unveil the next project for Prepar3D v4 from Rasha Tucakov and myself - LYBE Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport in Serbia. This project has been a delight for us to work on, it is Rasha’s home airport, as well as an airport I’ve passed through many times when visiting my family that lives in the city. Belgrade Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Europe, with over 5.5 million passengers passing through in the last year. As the gateway to a city growing quickly in popularity amongst tourists, it receives a huge amount of scheduled and charter airline traffic, and acts as the main hub for Serbia’s flag carrier, Air Serbia. With a runway over 10,000ft long, you can pretty much fly any aircraft in here with ease. Whether you are flying to one of our nearby destinations such as Dubrovnik or Pula, or hopping in a small plane to fly low and slow above the city, this airport will cater to any kind of flying you wish to do! We have modeled the entire airport in superb detail using extensive real-world photography, including interior modelling throughout the entire terminal building, making sure you have an immersive experience no matter which gate you start your flight at. There's also plenty of landside details to feast your eyes on - most noteworthy by far is the air museum, with every outside exhibit custom-modeled. Beyond the airport, we’ve included a comprehensive CityScene, covering the majority of the Belgrade metro area in exquisite detail - with hundreds of POIs, apartment blocks, bridges and landmarks modeled in high detail, this is one of our most detailed and realistic cities to date. We have created all of this with the latest P3Dv4 native technologies and optimizations, making sure that you can fly here with even the most resource intensive aircraft. COVERAGE AT A GLANCE AIRPORT - Ultra-detailed rendition of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport - Complete hand-coloured 5 seasonal variants - Long runway suitable for any kind of airliner operations - Animated SODE jetways - Superbly crafted terminal with interior modelling and custom reflections - High detail multi-elevation parking lots and arrivals/departures areas - Custom static aircraft, vegetation, and non-airside details - Animated vehicles, GSE and PeopleFlow - Advanced ambient occlusion and night lighting rendering techniques - Designed to work best with Orbx Global or OpenLC Europe - Developed for Prepar3D v4 CITYSCENE - Hundreds of custom POIs and buildings, including Usce, New Belgrade, Church of St. Sava, Beogradjanka, Avala Tower, VMA, Red Star Stadium, Palace of Serbia, and many more! - All major bridges in the city custom modelled - Over 100 square km of hand annotated, seasonal 50cm photoreal terrain to explore - A huge extended area of custom landclass, mesh, roads and rivers beyond the primary coverage area, seamlessly blending with the photoreal coverage We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting a new P3Dv4 location; work is progressing at a lightning pace, and we're very much looking forward to showing you more details of this project over the coming week! Cheers, Rasha and Misha
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    Yes, New England Maritimes for FSX/P3D is next after Team Holger finishes openLC Asia.
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    A couple of first shots from this beauty
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    G'day all, I am absolutely delighted to unveil one of our most ambitious airport projects to date; LOWI Innsbruck Airport for X-Plane 11! After 18 months of development and R&D from Vittorio Greco, Tony Wroblewski and myself, our award-winning airport has been brought XP11. An airport that needs no introduction, Innsbruck is one of the world's great aviation destinations. Dramatically stunning terrain, beautiful architecture, and of course one of the most infamously challenging approaches in the world, Innsbruck is a destination that is instantly recognisable to aviators of all stripes. Whether you are a seasoned jet jockey looking to hone your skills, a GA flyer looking for your next high-brow scenic joyflight, or an eggbeater expert seeking out the next challenging helipad, Innsbruck has it all. For those of you who have enjoyed this airport in FSX, P3D or AFS2, we have gone to extra lengths to provide you something next-level. Beyond the already massive traditional coverage area, Innsbruck for X-Plane 11 includes a entire 8200km2 mini-region! Beyond the ultra-detailed airport itself, explore a complete cityscene (with over 160 POI), 3 heliports and vast coverage area in complete TrueEarth-style detail. All of this has been created with optimization foremost in mind - explore this scenery with your favourite resource-intensive aircraft without having to stress about performance. AT A GLANCE THE AIRPORT - Ultra-detailed rendition of Innsbruck Airport - Extremely high definition ground polygon - Beautiful hand-coloured and cleaned ground textures at 30cm - Entirely customized GSE and static aircraft fleet unique to Innsbruck - don't expect to see generic airside vehicles or unexpected aircraft types - Hand-crafted texture work incorporating special materials, baked ambient occlusion and baked night lighting - Custom vegetation, grass and non-airside detailing - Optimized for use with default and well-known AI programs - Animated GSE and static peopleflow - Carefully optimized for best balance between high performance and detail - very low texture loading for a scenery of this scope and detail. THE CITYSCENE - One of the most detailed cities yet brought to X-Plane 11 - 160 custom points of interest - Beautiful edited 60cm ground imagery - Major freeways and bridges custom modeled - Hand-placed custom vegetation - Stunning night lighting THE HELIPORTS - Hat Tux/Aplin 5 Heliport (LOJT) - rescue heliport hidden deep in the valleys south-west of Innsbruck. - University Hospital (Uni Klinik) Heliport - rooftop hospital heliport in the heart of the city - Flight Rescue Centre OAMTC Heliport - major Christophorus/Police heliport adjacent to the airport THE MINI-REGION - An enormous 8200km2 of TrueEarth-style detail, encompassing the majority of the Austrian state of Tyrol and the southern reaches of the German state of Bavaria - Highly accurate building autogen using custom central European types - Beautiful vegetation autogen using the latest placement techniques and custom Orbx artwork - Expertly colourised and cleaned ortho at 1m resolution - Best-available high-definition elevation mesh sampled from 10m source, optimized for best balance between high fidelity and performance. - Complete detailed overlay - accurate roads, watermasking, rail, powerlines and other features you'd expect from a TrueEarth region - Expertly collated, hand-edited and compiled using proprietary Orbx technology We'll have plenty more details, screenshots and goodies coming out for this project over the coming week. Suffice to say we are all very excited about this project, and can't wait to share more info with you all. In the mean time, here is selection of screenshots from the product - and I should point out that these barely scratch the surface of all the features Innsbruck includes. Enjoy! Jarrad
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    Use your mouse to explore this 360-degree view of Innsbruck for X-Plane 11! G'day everyone, Thank you all for the wonderful response to last week's formal announcement of Innsbruck Airport for X-Plane 11. Work is progressing at a feverish pace behind the scenes to put the final spit and polish on this project. We know that many of you are waiting patiently for the release; rest assured we want to get everything just right in preparation of your upcoming Alpine adventures In the mean time, I thought I would share a few more details of the project. As mentioned in our first previews last week, Innsbruck for X-Plane 11 includes an enormous 8200km2 coverage area, extending well beyond the original FSX/P3D coverage area. Explore large sections of the Austrian Alps, the state of Tirol as well as portions of southern Bavaria, extended north to the outskirts of Munich. Covered in our signature Orbx blend of hand-colourised photoreal, high-definition mesh, custom autogen and hand-placed vegetation, this project is far more than what you'd normally expect from an airport product. Please enjoy these shots, and be sure to keep an eye on our forums and social media for more updates and info over the coming days! Cheers, Jarrad COVERAGE MAP Ultra-detailed modelling extends all the way to the terminal doors The CityScene component contains over 160 hand-crafted custom models, perfectly blended alongside ortho, autogen and vegetation Unique apron clutter created specifically for Innsbruck Hand-colourised photoreal imagery combined with immaculate building and vegetation placement The general aviation apron includes heritage-listed hangars Grass and vegetation types created specifically for Innsbruck, colour-matched to ground imagery Ultra-detailed modelling also extends to prominent non-airside components around the terminal The coverage area extends far beyond the original FSX/P3D zone, into southern Bavaria as far north as the outskirts of Munich Over 160 custom POI populate the scenery All airside vehicles have been custom modeled specifically for Innsbruck Ultra-detailed elevation mesh derived from 10m source - the best available for this area in X-Plane 11
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    OK since you asked ... Orbx has two streams of development: 1. Independent Contractor Developers for Airports - these are well known 'brands' like Jarrad Marshall, Misha Cajic, Matteo Veneziano, Ken Hall, Tim Harris, Marcus Nyberg, Scott Armstrong, Bill Womack, Tore Stranden,, Andreas Hegi, Finni Hansen, Maurizio Giorgi, Allen Kriesman, Jordan Gough and a few others. Sometimes some of these developers simply lose their 'mojo' and leave projects for months or years at a time, or never go back to developing. These developers are independent from Orbx in that they develop to their own schedule, part-time or full-time, and without deadlines imposed in their contracts. Orbx acts as their publisher and gives them access to our libraries, shared tools, online store, installer and obviously marketing resources etc. We cannot control the rate of their output, nor when their projects will be finished. This group also develops 99.9% of their content for P3D exclusively, and provide their files to Orbx who then may port to other platforms. 2. In-House Developers for Airports and Regions - these are people and teams like Turbulent Aviation, Gayasim, Tony Wroblewski, Holger Sandmann, Frank Schnibben, Chris Clack and many others - a total of about 40+ people, (soon to be 55+ people after our current recruitment phase is complete). These developers are full-time with Orbx, work to defined schedules with delivery deadlines and all their activity is funded by Orbx. This is the fastest growing area of the company right now, and represents about 82% of our revenues which will soon will be over 90% or more. In addition to working on TE and LC regions, and global products, these groups develop airports for both XP11 and P3D in the same workflow, with releases happening usually on XP11 first, followed by P3D within a few weeks to a month. We will reduce that gap over time to the point where releases will only be weeks apart. With these projects we can much more accurately forecast release dates and have a solid roadmap to share with customers. All future roadmap discussions will focus on the In-House teams rather than the independent contractors. In this way we will not be at risk of announcing products that may be delayed or cancelled. With the recent releases of EGNX and EGLC for XP11, the P3D versions are about 80% complete and will be released soon. So there may be a perception we are XP11 biased but that is totally not the case. Please also remember we promised to port almost all our airports from P3D to XP11 so you are going to see a LOT of release announcement for ported airports, but you need to remember FSX/P3D customers have been enjoying those airports for sometimes over a decade. Looking at our internal roadmap, I can see the independent group of contractor developers have about 10-12 P3D brand new airports in various stages of completion. Some of these are close to being announced. So there is plenty of goodness coming your way in the next 9-12 months.
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    We are proud to announce the second US TrueEarth region - the state of Oregon! Following on from Washington, TrueEarth US Oregon has been developed from highly detailed 10m Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and LiDAR data resulting in realism and accuracy that is hard to ignore. Affectionately known as The Beaver State, Oregon boasts some of the most scenic views in the USA. From the lush forests in the east, to the dry deserts and mountains of the west, Oregon contains a variety of landscapes which we have faithfully depicted in this package. Our X-Plane team has worked hard to create an immersive and picturesque region that any pilot can appreciate. We have gone all out in customizing TrueEarth US Oregon - you will really see the difference in the hand corrected and sharpened aerial imagery and water masking at 2m per pixel. We have also customized the autogen buildings, which means the residential areas for example are filled with actual Oregon-style houses. The tree and building heights are also accurate to the region. What really sets TrueEarth Oregon apart though, are the Points of Interest. All of our POIs were designed using PBR (physically-based rendering) which means that they will glint and reflect sun and rain - of which there is plenty in this part of the world! Of special note to aviation fans is the Tillamook Air Museum which features a giant US Navy blimp hangar! Portland has been massively overhauled as you can see in the slider image below. It has been given the Orbx CityScape treatment resulting in a stunning urban experience. We have also enhanced major cities and towns such as Eugene, Corvallis, and Salem. We have been collating feedback from you, and are offering you two options for purchase: TrueEarth US Oregon HD - AUD$64.95 The High Definition (HD) version of TrueEarth Oregon uses 1.2m/pixel (ZL17) orthoimagery and takes 225GB disk space when uncompressed by Orbx Central (similar to Washington). This version is better suited to those of you who have a video card with more than 8GB and ample disk storage space. This provides slightly more detailed imagery below 2000FT for those who like to fly low and slow. If you purchase this version, you will also get the SD version below for free. TE USA Oregon SD - AUD$54.95 The Standard Definition (SD) version of TrueEarth Oregon uses 2.4m/pixel (ZL16) sharpened orthoimagery and takes 63GB disk space and no decompression is used by Orbx Central. This version is better suited to customers with video cards less than 8GB. This allows the texture slider to be set to 'Max' resulting in imagery almost the same quality as the HD version, but using 1/4 of the disk space.If you decide to upgrade to the HD version at a later time, you can do so for AUD$10. And now for the screenshots - please note these are all taken with the HD pack installed: Newport Portland Tillamook Tillamook Air Museum North Bend Summer Lake Crater Lake National Park
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    Hi all, We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Orbx Central! Orbx Central greatly improves the purchase, download, and install process for Orbx products. We've designed it from the ground up to be easy to use. You can download Orbx Central from orbx.to/central for Windows, macOS and Linux. MAIN FEATURES Cross-Platform: whether you use Windows, macOS or Linux, Orbx Central will work for you. Modern UI: the user interface has received a full overhaul, making it easier to use than ever before. In-App Purchasing: you can now purchase and install Orbx products completely within Central! If you take the optional step to save your card, you can even complete purchases with just a few clicks! Automatic Updates: never wonder if you're using the latest version of Orbx scenery - Central will keep them up-to-date automatically. Install Anywhere: want to install your Orbx scenery to another drive? Libraries make this easy. You can choose any location you wish, and have your Orbx scenery intelligently linked back into your simulator (using symbolic links in X-Plane and Aerofly, and add-on packages in Prepar3D v4). Add-On Packages Support (add-on.xml): we now use add-on packages for Prepar3D v4! This means that if you need to re-install your whole simulator, you will not need to re-install all of your Orbx products. Speed Improvements: the download and install component of Central has been completely re-written. It is now more robust, stable, and faster than ever before! This is only scratching the surface of what's included in this massive update to our platform. For more information on the features and improvements included in Orbx Central, check out the preview topic here: If you encounter any issues, or have any questions, please post them in the Orbx Central Support Forum. Many frequent questions are answered by our User Guide.
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    In the starting blocks to explore a scenic area in the State of Washington
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    It may be a huge download, but there's just so much to enjoy per square mile! Here's some photoreal to feast on - around Mount Hood. Apologies for the UK aircraft - it was just handy, as it was low and slow and also had an autopilot! That's all folks! Adam.
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    Hard to believe this is from a sim!!! Flying Iron Spitfire MkIX over Kent - TEGB South. Adam.
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    Off the beaten track. Don't try this on site. I'll share in the screenshots forum my experience as the Avatar Redeemer or Milford Sound. Good luck to all
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    Flight taking off from Naples Italy _ Aerial perspective over Vesuvius Volcano Global BASE Pack + Global openLC Europe
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    This is a simple but very scenic scenery in the end of the world Cheers Carlos
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    Well then chaps Thank you all for taking the time to enter the contest and vote so many great shots by the way. Now the winner is........ digital 896. now if you shoot Ed an email ed@orbxsystems.com Saying which prize you would like with your OrbxDirect account details Ed will add your prize to your account. cheers Iain
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    Welcome to Oregon! TrueEarth US Oregon is now available to purchase from OrbxDirect in both SD and HD versions. The SD version is perfect for those with less disk space who tend to fly above 2000 feet. As you can see in the slider images above and below, the HD version provides more detail on the ground. We have transformed the city of Portland into a breathtaking CityScape to explore, while also enhancing other prominent cities such as Corvallis and Salem. As with TrueEarth US Washington, Oregon is packed full of features which make for an immersive flying experience unlike any other. This state has such a varied landscape, from forests to mountains, from deserts to coastlines - and we have filled it with accurately placed bridges, parks, train tracks, craters, and lighthouses. This pack covers a whopping 94,755 square miles (245,415 sq km) so there is always something new to discover. To give you an idea of scale, TrueEarth US Oregon boasts: 2,746,911 buildings Hundreds of millions of trees Nearly 600 Points of Interest (POIs) For recommended and minimum specs, please visit the product pages below. Please note you must have Orbx Central installed to use TrueEarth US Oregon. FTX Central 3 will not support your download.
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    Yes we begin on the east coast of the USA after Southern California is done.
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    Hello everyone, As we continue to develop TrueEarth (TE) regions apace, we are coming to the conclusion that 200GB+ products are perhaps a bridge too far for some of our customers, and this is creating a reluctance to invest in such product despite how beautiful they may look. We realise that even though the cost of HDDs and SSDs is dropping all the time, some folks simply don't want to end up with 16TB+ of large TE addons cramming their PCs. So the development team have been putting our thinking caps on about how to create TE regions that still look great, but are far smaller in size. The answer we arrived at is surprisingly simple. We plan to update TE USA Washington and keep the ZL17 imagery in key places such as Seattle, the northern Olympics, Lower Vancouver Island and all the major cities. Basically where you will spend 95% of your time. Everything else in the state is either dense forest covered in trees, or arid flatlands and farmlands. Those areas can be shown at ZL16 with an unsharpen mask and our tests show you will be hard pressed to tell the difference. Below is an example of some areas in ZL17 (large) versus ZL16 (smaller) with unsharpen mask. Desert LZ17 Desert LZ16 Plains LZ17 Plains LZ16 Forest LZ17 Forest LZ16 Urban LZ17 Urban LZ16 As you can see the difference (if any) is negligible, and for the most part, these titles are covered in autogen anyway, and away from core airport operations. The big difference? Well the product will be reduced in size by up to 75% or more, but still offer the same visual fidelity. This means the download will be closer to 10-15GB and the HDD/SSD footprint closer to 50-60GB. That is a massive reduction from 210GB currently. We intend to release Oregon using this system, and also update Washington in the same manner. I wanted to start an open a discussion with customers about this approach and see if this will influence decision making about making further investments in large TE regions.
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    Here is mine for the month. Good luck all! Cheers Renault
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    'When the Saints go marching in' OrbxGBTE - Freeware XP11 Jaguar with 16 Squadron repaint
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    Leaving Heathrow, shot taken from a window seat of an A320 BA to Munich
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    Here are the latest comments on future products for all platforms.
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    I decided to fly to a random place from KEKA, Murray. So I chose a little airport called Happy Camp, 36S. Well, I have to say this is almost as tough to get into as any airport in New Guinea. I had to go around several times before I finally landed, but it was worth it. I was just dipping into valleys and exploring, I loved it. There's Happy Camp, on approach I thinking this is "Angry Camp!" Going around. Very tricky.
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    Ok thanks everyone for the valued input into this discussion. We will provide two options for all future TE regions: 1. A HD version at 1.2m/pixel (ZL17) 2. An SD version at 2.4m/pixel (ZL16) sharpened, which looks the same as the HD version above 2000FT AGL, but takes 1/4 of the disk space Customers who buy the HD version get the SD version for free. Customers who buy the SD version will pay AU$10 for the HD version. The HD version is better suited to customers with video cards that have 8GB of VRAM or more, and no disk space constrains The SD version is better suited to customers with video cards that have 6GB of VRAM or less and who run textures at ‘Max’ settings.
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    EGLC captured after a rainfall (yes it happens to rain sometimes in London but the sun quickly comes back )
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    Hey everyone, The Orbx Melbourne team is pleased to announce the Orbx Central Open Beta for Windows, macOS and Linux. To learn what Orbx Central is all about visit the preview topic here: To download the beta and get started, head to https://orbxdirect.com/central There are a handful of products that are not available to download through Orbx Central just yet but we're working hard to have everything available as soon as possible. Any support enquires should be made on the Orbx Central Support Forum: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/283-orbx-central-support-forum/ The Orbx Central user guide can be found here: https://orbx.to/central-guide If you have any non-support related questions feel free to post them here. We hope that you enjoy all the improvements that Orbx Central brings. - The Orbx Melbourne Team
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    Avalon - Catalina Island coast - South ofshoare of Los Angeles. FS=P3Dv4.5 - Plane=Carenado Cessna 172N Floats : "
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    Setting off from KSAE to Las Vegas. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. That was it as I came to the edge of the ORBX world. Hope you enjoyed it.
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    V4.5 Orbx REXEF/SF A2A - Cherokee 180
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    Another set of 'epic" shots for you at EGLC, hope you'll like them Click on the pics to see them in larger format, if you want one in UHD resolution just let me know 1st test on wet runway 2nd test on dry runway
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    I have probably been flying in/out of EGLC more than 300 times so I am quite familiar with the place and I must admit the rendition of Orbx EGLC is quite spectacular, well done guys! Here are a few shots 'out of the box" of this new scenery
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    OK, since you asked, I'll toss in my 2-cents worth. Don't shoot the messenger. I've always bought ORBX scenery because ORBX "pushed the limits" of scenery technology and in almost all cases ORBX scenery looked better than anything else that was available. Also, there was a time ORBX said (sic), "We are not photoreal and never will be!!!" I guess as new HARDWARE and software capabilities improve, so do product production priorities, as TE seems to contains LOADS of HIGH DEFINITION "photoreal" files that are of course larger in file sizes than the previous "state of the art" landclass products. So what is the real issue here? Some (many?) ORBX users are unwilling (or yes, unable due to finances) to update their HARDWARE platforms to accommodate the new TE product sizes. OR, they have a distinct lack of knowledge on how to make their CURRENT (or any) computer platform work with what they already have. Case in point: There is NO REASON to NEED to put all of your ORBX TE products on an SSD drive. I have ALL of my ORBX TE X-Plane products installed on an external USB drive (currently a 6TB USB3 that cost me less than $125 when I bought it a year ago). They are "Symbolic Linked" to my main X-Plane installation on a 1TB SSD internal drive. ORBX even says this will work...and it DOES if the user KNOWS how to DO it. Trust me, there's still plenty of space on that 6TB external USB3 drive for plenty more future HD TE products, even if they are 200+ GB each. And by the time my 6TB USB3 drive gets filled up with new ORBX TE products, the price of a new 10TB USB drive will still be only $125 then. But now we have a company like ORBX...that has always been on the cutting edge of scenery design...decide it will start "watering down" their own product production because a percentage (majority?) of the user base will not upgrade their own hardware platforms to accommodate the new software technology? Or take the time to learn how to MAKE IT WORK on their current hardware without having to purchase 6TB's of SSD drives, when THAT isn't needed either? Folks, ORBX even endorses using Symbolic Links on external hard drives for their TE scenery if you "need the storage space". IT WILL WORK...IF the user understands HOW to make it work correctly in conjunction with the rest of their OWN computer hardware configuration. You really need to learn how to do those kinds of things. And please don't tell me you don't have the time or are too old to learn new things. I was an Instructor ("teacher") for 12 of my 26 years in the Air Force. Saying you don't have the time or are too old really means you are just too LAZY to do it. I'm 65-years old and still learning new things every day. My concern (and maybe it should be ORBX's also?) is that if I (and other X-Plane users) can start making my OWN Ortho4XP scenery (which I already can) that is at LEAST the same quality or maybe even better (if ORBX reduces their TE quality low enough), then I will honestly quit buying ORBX X-Plane TE altogether. Granted, not all ORBX users will be able to "learn" how to do that themselves (at least the lazy ones), but even if THAT isn't a show-stopper, their are already FREE Ortho4XP scenery downloads available for many X-Plane geographical areas that might end up being "as good as" ORBX TE...IF ORBX "waters down" their TE products enough. I can make my own ZL17 (and even 18 and 19) orthos now. If the highest quality ORBX TE I can get will only be ZL16 for most of the scenery (even if it has a "sharpen mask"), I don't need to pay for it anymore. I already have the hardware and knowledge (and will continue to upgrade as necessary) to run "state of the art" software for our flight sims...as long as somebody is still MAKING state of the art software for our flight sims. So...for me...I will need the OPTION of still purchasing the ORIGINAL quality TE product line. If ZL16 is the highest I can get in future TE products, I won't be purchasing it anymore. Just my observations for your consideration. Respectfully submitted from the "I'm not trying to run X-Plane 11 on a 5-year old computer" group. (Yes, I know that puts me in "The Minority" of most ORBX users. But you did ask for opinions, so....)
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    I really like this time of day. To me its a magical time Thanks for stopping by and enjoy! Cheers R "YDelta" has London, but I have Seattle …. Fair trade I think
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    My third and best version of Jarrad's jewel.
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    As always , thanks for stopping by Cheers Renault So the trip today is just out to the Isle of Wight and the Needles I had planned for an early morning start, but my companion wanted a "full English" instead So we'll be back in a bit .... Well that was a great breakfast. I admit I feel a lot better, even though we missed the sunrise over the Solent It sure is looking like it will be a nice day for a flight Just a little bit of a cirtitous route - she wanted to see a bit of the countryside from the air Just over Hillyfields Nice cruise ship - hope they enjoyed their holiday Yep, its a pretty busy place down there most days Now just a bit of a turn to the right Good ole Isle of Wight. You know it got its name from the Beaker People who came about 1600 BC. They called the island "Wiht" which means rises over the sea. I wonder what they would think if they saw us up here .... And thats where we're headed You know , I really could retire here. But a lot more flights - a lot more !!, before that could happen I love flying when its clear like this .... You can see almost forever We're just over the Golden Hill Fort. It was built between 1863 and 1872. Originally it was built for defense of the United Kingdom. Thats Freshwater right down below us. It was designed to hold 8 officers and about 120 men and even had its own hospital. They provided defense to the western end of the island. Its gone through a pretty checkered history, but in 2016 it was converted into some pretty swanky residences. And just beyond is another world famous sight -- the Needles car park Yep , its pretty neat ... Whoops, sorry ... Not a good move on a full English That's better And it looks like all is good back there Time to head for home Thanks for coming along!
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    Today marks the first touchdown of the brand new A350 British Airways on its new home soil. During the summer it will be used for training crews and testings before its commercial service debut in September. Right after landing at LHR it was brought to EGLC for some short take-off testings at minimum weight. The pilots were really good and managed to lift this heavy baby right before the end of the runway. I was just off the fence on the axis and I had to change my underwear after the session
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    P3D, KEGE Control Tower, Ultimate Traffic Live, SkyForce 3D, Active Sky! A "friend" ask if I could fill in at the tower this evening for him for a few hours, I, like the idiot I am said of course I could. I had not seen the weather report and I think that he had seen it! Anyway I showed up at KEGE for tower duty just about dusk, sat down at the computer to see how this might go. 1. Looks like it might be a quiet evening for me, nothing on the radar for several miles around, no arrivals, no departures to worry about other than a few small GA so, a little coffee, snacks and relaxation! HA! 2. About the time this little guy calls in for clearance for take off, all HE...double hockey sticks broke out around the area! Thunder, lighting, wind, not good, not good at all. So I hunkered down for the duration and made my plans to strangle my so called ATC friend! 3. After several hours of this mess, luckily no rain to speak of, although a couple of power outages and it was getting late... 4. The lightning and wind drove this poor fellow to ground in a hurry! 5. That bolt looks like it just might have made contact with the skin of the plane, but I guess not, he made it down to the runway just fine! 6. It finally started to clear up, other than an occasional strike off in the distance and I was able to enjoy my last cup of joe! 7. One last hoorah of a strike! Spilled that hot coffee all over myself, now my "friend" is really gonna suffer!! Thanks for spending a thrilling evening with me in the Control Tower at KEGE!
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    Amazing region around 1S2. I really love this incredible scenery.
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    Between all the PR shows there isn't hardly any attention to the magnificent Open LC products. Inspired by the Tour de France, I did a flight near Lourdes just north of the Pyrenees. I haven't been there before. What a nice area! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cheers, Ben.
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