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    I am delighted to introduce Scandinavian Mountains Airport, the world's newest international airport! Kicking straight on from the groundbreaking Gothenburg Landvetter, acclaimed developer Marcus Nyberg brings us the latest in his Swedish series. Working in close consultation with (and appreciated support of) the airport's real-world owners, this project started work prior to the grand opening of the airfield on December 22nd last year. Combined with Marcus' ground-breaking snow technology, ESKS also brings to the simulator a true first - incredible 3cm drone-sourced aerial imagery. This stunning tech works around the 7cm ground limitation (without tweaking the core sim or cfg files) to bring to life one of the most immersive airports you will experience in Prepar3D. Scandinavian Mountains Airport is a brand-new, purpose-designed Swedish airport, located close to the Norwegian border. The airfield was constructed to primarily service the major ski resorts located nearby. Designed to handle aircraft up to B747 in size, ESKS hosts scheduled A320, RJ100 and ATR72 services to both Swedish and European destinations, including Gothenburg, Heathrow and Copenhagen. Whilst primarily a winter holiday destination, the airfield is expected to handle year-round traffic, including corporate and GA flights alongside RPT services. SMA is a trailblazer in another important aspect; it has the first purpose-built remote virtual control tower (RVT), meaning that ATC staff are based in Sundsvall, rather than the airport itself. The airport is also ideally placed for short-haul flights to many of your favourite Orbx airports, including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Kiruna, Visby and Dala. As to be expected from Marcus, the airport package includes all the latest technology; 4k mixed-material and PBR texturing, a sublime dynamic ground poly, advanced rendering techniques, internal modelling, beautiful hand-drawn night lighting, custom static aircraft and GSE. Of course, the icing on the cake is the stunning snow technology that builds upon what you have seen at Kiruna and Gothenburg - this truly is the best winter experience you will have in a simulator! An airport built to exacting standards, ESKS combines the latest P3Dv4 tech alongside best-practice optimization to ensure the perfect balance between stunning visuals and excellent performance. FEATURES Incredible drone-sourced 3cm aerial imagery around the airport, including advanced normal/spec maps beyond the normal GP The world's newest international airport, with flights to major Swedish and European destinations including Heathrow and Copenhagen Immaculately detailed multi-seasonal depiction of ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport Stunningly realistic depiction of unique snow during the winter months Interior modelling Advanced materials, including PBR Colour-corrected coverage area at 7cm & 50cm resolution, with hand-placed autogen Custom static aircraft & GSE unique to ESKS Weather-influenced ground textures Stunning night light lighting A short flight to our other Swedish destinations, Gothenburg, Stockholm Arlanda, Kiruna, Visby and Dala The perfect short-haul destination for A320/NGX, regional jet and GA flyers alike! Designed for P3Dv4 to blend seamlessly with Orbx Norway, Orbx Global Base and openLC Europe Painstakingly optimized for very high performance, even with high-end aircraft. The latest in our Swedish Series from acclaimed developer Marcus Nyberg Please stay tuned for more previews and details over the coming weeks!
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    Just when I thought the Orbx "elves" couldn't do better I paid a visit to Bar Harbour. I am really impressed.... To me, the vegetation looks totally natural for later in the summer season. As well , I found some interesting little "scenes" to examine, and still have many more to discover. All I can say is Ladies and Gentlemen I am impressed. You did good, nah much better than GOOD!!!!! Thank you team for the effort you put into this little gem. It is simply outstanding. Cheers Renault Not a lot of dialogue this time as in the first bit I was concentrating on my skill development. So here we are Jack @Jack Sawyer - a landing And as you may have gathered I didn't really want to leave. So I just stayed on
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    And how fascinating it looks, up here in Narvik. Everything has warmed up, so we can go. The easier airport to land is the nearby Evenes. But Narvik is by far looking more interesting (and is the bigger challenge for the simmers). Icebergs or islands? Who wants to try? This flight goes along the Lofoten islands, just as @jean marc had suspected. Svolvaer, ... ... and then, after crossing the strait, Bodö. Don´t say a Twotter can´t use ILS. And she is easy to land, if only you manage the speed way ahead. Here we are, ready to visit the city before going on.
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    Departed a desolate EGHI - removed the AI traffic file for flybe and there was very little activity left. Best wishes to all staff and hoping for speedy recruitment into positions at other airlines.
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    Found the correct Dala, (ESSD), Sweden. Early morning arrival. Neat airport. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    Thank you so much guys for the support! And yes of course I will do whatever I can to keep up the Nordic spirit
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    RealAir Russian Air Force, "Spitfire F Mk IX, depicted in original WW2-era condition, this aircraft was operated by 26th GIAP PVO (Air Defence) in Leningrad, April 1945" On approach into Dala-Jarna, Sweden? I am not sure if this is the 'Dala' that came with the Orbx Kiruna release as I couldn't find any airfield buildings. I may have landed at the wrong airfield. TTM (P3D v4.5) PS: Looks like I should have gone to ESSD, which has been referred to as Dala, or Borlange airport.
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    XP11, Orbx TE, UWXP, MAGKNIGHT 7879 Just a few shots of a new plane, it is still WIP and the FMC is not really very functionable. You do most of the setting up except the flightplan on the EFB. It seemed to me that I had to control the VNAV more than I had expected...
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    Airborne from Limberlost Ranch. Good luck to everyone.
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    C-47 arriving at Sun Valley from Yellowstone. The North Central Airlines Art Deco style livery is one of my favorites. Wikipedia has this to say as regards the airlines genesis: "Early history In 1939 the Four Wheel Drive Auto Company (FWD), a major manufacturer of four-wheel transmissions and heavy-duty trucks based in Clintonville, Wisconsin, opened a flight department and traded a company truck for a Waco biplane for their company's use. In 1944 company executives decided to start an airline, and service started between six Wisconsin cities in 1946. This led the company to buy two Cessna UC-78 Bobcats, and, soon after, three Lockheed Electra 10As. Certificated flights started with Electras to 19 airports on 25 February 1948; more revenue allowed three more Electra 10As, then six Douglas DC-3s. Post Wisconsin Central history In 1952 the airline moved their headquarters from Wisconsin to Minneapolis, Minnesota; that December their name became North Central Airlines.] Soon the airline ran into financial trouble when President Francis Higgins left, making Hal Carr the president. Carr quickly got the company out of debt and made it more reliable. Over time the company expanded their fleet to 32 DC-3s." TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    GFA Gloster Gladiator MK2 Fighter Tapini party
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    2020-1-7_22-44-52-763 2020-1-7_22-44-16-512 2020-1-7_22-43-44-202 2020-1-7_22-43-33-691 2020-1-7_22-43-14-7 2020-1-7_22-42-51-758 2020-1-7_22-42-28-599 2020-1-7_22-41-31-211
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    Beautiful morning departure from the San Francisco Bay area. KHAF->KACV Leg 53 of 72 on a lower 48 United States tour. P3d 4.5
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    C-47 leaving Yellowstone for Sun Valley. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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    amazing !!! I hate these announcements..then what I only think is...when???
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    Amazing Shots , looking forward Marcus Please develop some more Norwegian airports
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    What a great series of shots Mikee, great job!
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    Promo video for the Las Vegas Expo https://youtu.be/DO4ldAWUN6E Congratulations Orbx - I lost count of the number of times I saw the name Orbx This must have been a hand out promo for the tags at the previous expo - very clever
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    Hello Ken, just in case: please go to your Windows File Explorer and set it like this: Then you will see this: Right click on ModuleInstaller.exe and select run as an administrator from the drop down list.
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    RAAS: "Short runway... Short runway... Pray to the Lord... Pray to the Lord !!" Do not forget to change the break pads ! Cheers ! PS: were you able to take off after refueling and picking up passengers and cargo?
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    Thank you very much Jack ! Glad that you liked them
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    Perfekt Marcus. Tänk om vi kunde få ESNN Sundsvall också...! /Thomas
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    Beautiful captures from Bar Harbor there Pete!
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    That did the trick! My oceans have returned. Thanks, Doug. Sincerely, Patrick
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    Cool shots indeed.
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    Hi Please go to settings\downloader and clear the temp location, and try again.
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    Wow Marcus, you did it! This looks fantastic, a superb and very exciting new addition to the Orbx catalogue. Congratulations!!
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    Great shots and bridge work, Jack ! I heard P1D over on YT has taken fans of his channel on flights in his Premier 1A in Southern Florida. (He lives in Naples, after all.) I even heard he lets them take over the yoke at times .... .
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    What a bridge. What a water. What a pilot!
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    8,202' of runway at an altitude of 1,608' with dog sled transfers to the Salen skifields, (Ref Wikipedia), plus Marcus at the helm, what more could one ask for? Come on Marcus , lets have a dog team, or failing that, how about a snowmobile? Great geographical positioning as regards other Sweden/Norway Orbx products, and I can get some noisy vintage airliners in there. Off to find SAS liveries for the 727, L-10011, DC-10 & so on. Nice work so far. Particularly like the nuanced sunset coloring & park ferme' dampness in shot #2 TTMnoisey
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    Oops, you did it again ... Thanks for showing us beautifully the deep detail of this new piece of art from Orbx. Cheers ! PS : "1 point" for you in the flying under bridges 2020 contest!
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    Superb helicopter
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    Super shots!!!!!!! I do not think I have ever seen screenshots of Fuji.
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    Great shots Zinj. We will all be happy once OpenLC Asia is ready!
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    Fine set of shots. cheers Iain
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    Hello to all competitors, I'm the first to post my challenging shot --> A scramble take-off by a vintage Electric Lightning from East Midland airport EGNX at sunset:
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    Hi Jamie, welcome to the forums You will need to go to settings/Libraries and create a new Library in a location of your choosing, this is required for the installation of ObjectFlow for Orbx Central, then it will be installed and use 7mb of space in that new folder, and everything will work properly. You do not need to use this folder for anything else, Orbx Central will then give you the choice to install your products to that folder or to the root simulator folder.
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    Any update on how the airports are going? Did you make a choice already or are you still looking into it? In other words: when will I be able to install TE GB...? I've flown over every inch of TE Netherlands a few hundred times by now and I need some new TE scenery to fly over in my brand new Arrow IV.
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