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    Was doing more testing again. Just a simple out and back with a little fuel and a hand landing using the ILS. Sorry for so many cockpit shots.
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    2019-12-18_22-40-55-652 2019-12-18_22-41-3-827 2019-12-18_22-42-17-269 2019-12-18_22-43-28-461 2019-12-18_22-49-44-303 2019-12-18_22-50-4-581
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    2019-12-18_18-32-10-978 2019-12-18_18-37-44-336 2019-12-18_18-39-31-303 2019-12-18_19-14-49-907
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    A first discovery of my most recent addition to P3Dv4 and surprised by the detail of the airport on Alderney: Bonus: away from the Island direction France
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    Around Alderney. Still tweaking P3D v4.5.13 settings. Water & grass aren't right yet. TTM
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    P3D has been out of commission since the weekend & I have just rebuilt enough of Europe/UK, to put Alderney in & have a look. This is pure P3D v4.513 & Orbx, no Envtex, no ASC & so on. The aircraft is the Nigel Richards Avro, a great aircraft to look around in. The island itself has a lot of charm. TTM
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    Oh we’re not done with 2019 yet, a few more surprises are coming over the next week
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    Hi all, We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing this week the complete TrueEarth Great Britain series for P3Dv4 - Great Britain Central, Great Britain North as well as the much anticipated Version 2 for Great Britain South. This all-new version for Great Britain South adjusts other areas of the product to represent the region in higher detail. TrueEarth Great Britain South v2 also extends the original coverage area to now include an additional 3000 km2 of high-definition imagery. This brings the total coverage area to 195,064 km² of stunning British landscape. This update focuses significantly on performance, ensuring that you have the same stunning visual appearance whilst enhancing usability. New techniques have been discovered to improve the autogen, along with giving users the choice to use the simulator's settings to adjust scenery density depending on their personal system. These techniques have been carried over to Great Britain Central and North. Version 2 for Great Britain South will be a free update to existing customers and we plan to have an exciting offer to complete the whole package. Keep an eye out for the release announcement for more details! This product set is perfect for those looking for an exciting VFR flying experience around one of the most stunning places in the world. From rich golden coasts and lush green fields to urban cities and towering complexes, you won’t find a more comprehensive and up-to-date British flying experience anywhere! Features for all 3 regions Hand corrected, crisp, color-matched aerial imagery *New* Configurable options for those looking for additional performance gains Accurate building shapes to precisely match the ortho imagery footprints Millions of trees at the correct height and location Buildings at the correct height and location VFR landmarks such as masts, windfarms, churches, power-lines, castles, stadiums and lighthouses Hundreds of custom-modelled 3D POIs Hand-placed and custom modelled landmarks Sharp and detailed 10-meter mesh for South & Central and 20-meter mesh for North Superb watermasking along the entire coastline Summer season only with full night-lighting supported Coverage area Enjoy these screenshots! Southampton Edinburgh Leeds Manchester Lake District
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    V4.5 Orbx REXSF Warbirdsim
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    Minnesota. A flight from KGPZ - Grand Rapids Minnesota to a 5C3 Nary, a private airstrip just southeast of Bemidji, Minnesota. Global Basepack Global Vector OpenLC North America Airport Pack
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    So good to see so many great sceneries being released lately but where oh where is NZNV, Invercargill? It seems to have been in gestation for ever. NZ hardly features in the ORBX inventory so any small offering is greatly anticipated. It puzzles me that a country with so much diverse scenery packed into a small area has not been embraced by ORBX. XP11 on the other hand has some excellent freeware scenery covering most of the country. As Americans would say, go figure!
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    These are various shots from all three regions. TrueEarth Great Britain series for P3Dv4 - Great Britain Central, Great Britain North as well as the much anticipated Version 2 for Great Britain South.
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    Approaching Alderney after a flight from Southampton. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    Another P3D settings test flight, this time at Old Warden. TTM
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    V4.5 Orbx - Martins Bay, NZ REXSF Aerosoft - Wilga
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    That's nice, but did either of you ever consider that some people might have health reasons why they can't get a pilots license, and therefore sim flying might be the option for them? Or, maybe, simming is simply a hobby they enjoy. I am also into back country hiking, alpine skiing and cycling. Each one of those hobbies has had me spend way more than $2000-$3000 dollars. Heck, my GS race skiis cost $1000 new, and my new ski boots were $800....and that does not even count clothing, other skiis, lift tickets..etc. For me, I scratch MY head when people like to question and judge how people want to invest in their hobbies. It's not your concern how I, or anyone else chooses to spend on their hobby I pointed out what tech I had in my system so that the OP would know why I am possibly not having the same issues in P3D v4.5. That is all. I was not, nor am I suggesting that in order to enjoy P3D or any other sim or computer game, that you need to have XYZ tech in your PC. Simply sharing the information since the OP had requested others thoughts and ideas. At any rate, you both are entitled to your opinions, and if the OP gleans some useful info from your posts, mine or anyone else's, then I say Hoorah! In the meantime, Happy Holidays! Cheers! Landon
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    The turbo Centurion - Cessna's class act single. From Hoquiam down the coast to the Columbia then on down to Kelso. Reminds me of a Sandhill Crane getting those legs up. Picturesque Grays Harbor with Ocean Shores on the left and Westport bottom center. Wilapa Bay with Raymond, center right under its pall of happy smoke. Aptly named Long Beach and the turn to the Columbia. Astoria OR with the US101 bridge. Twin towns - Longview on this side of the Cowlitz River and Kelso, with the airport, on the other and the Columbia continues its long trip to Canada.
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    Finally made this flight without a CTD. I think the combination of ESSA and the NGXu was too much for my PC. So I finally managed to do it by starting somewhere else and moving the plane to ESSA. Nice wintry flight.
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    LM Cub color matched to the buildings at at Kiruna. TTM (P3D v4.5.13)
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    Connellan Airways was a small airline based in Alice Springs 2019-12-17_23-38-15-899 2019-12-17_23-44-24-422 2019-12-17_23-46-44-86 2019-12-17_23-49-48-441 2019-12-17_23-50-21-557 2019-12-17_23-51-53-12
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    Are you talking about P3D+ or XP11+? Have downloaded and tried this freeware version for P3D? https://www.fs2000.org/2018/05/23/fsx-p3d-invercargill-nznv-scenery/ Of course is you mention XP11, I have the entire country in high res ortho with overlays and some 50 freeware airports...my NZ flying experience couldn't be better. cheers.
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    Merry Christmas to you Iain & family, & all Orbxers... & wishing you a prosperous & fulfilling 2020... Lucky, my cat, says good times are ahead - & plenty of interesting & quality screenshots to entertain all the Orbx 'crew' ... best regards to all, craig
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    Remember when all anybody could imagine was -- if only - we had a 64 bit version of this or that? Doesn't seem all that long ago, does it? We will see what this new MSFS2020 is all about when it hits the shelves. Going to stick with what I have and that is a very acceptable P3D.
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    Very nice. Love that plane and that ain't no Bull.
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    Many apologies fr the hash up I made of things earlier, I am still not sure what happened. All is now well as I have actually installed the scenery now and what a delightful work it is. A few snaps here mostly around the airport. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. A very enjoyable place to take a closer look, now where is my para-motor.
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    Thanks John, couple bit faster
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    Terrific set of shots John and yes there are 10,000 + lakes : Although promoted as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes", Minnesota has 11,842 lakes of 10 acres (4.05 ha) or more. The 1968 state survey found 15,291 lake basins, of which 3,257 were dry. If all basins over 2.5 acres were counted, Minnesota would have 21,871 lakes. The prevalence of lakes has generated many repeat names. John
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    Over the last years I have visited a number of Orbx airports in reality. And I suspect, many of you have done that, too. That gave me an idea... let me start a little collection here: Someone posts a (real) photo of the airport in question. Community may guess, which place it is. Preferrably with a sim screenie of the same location. If the right answer is found within the next 3 days, the first one to get the correct one earns the right to post another and we go back to step 1. If no one gets the right answer or is not able to start the next round, I´ll jump in. Until I have no more and have to resign. Or book more travels... Here we go with the first one. Not too complicated I think. Have fun!
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    Well then chaps I would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, And Thank you all my friends old and new for being here with us on the forum and supporting Orbx throughout the year. I hope you all have a great and safe time this Christmas. Take care Iain Ayiesha and Mr Rollo the cat.
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    The Colombia River close to Goldendale WA. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    Thanks John, ORBX TrueEarth Great Britain South is installed and a Nice New Look with ORBX Central. Almost one year with ORBX software and it keeps getting better. All I need now is more airports and Man I really wish I had at least half of the aircraft I do with FSX.
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    Here is a response I gave in early November regarding Terra Flora. Yes it does place a couple of files in resources as noted below: I update XP almost as soon as they are released and always choose to "keep existing files" as these will normally pertain to modded files by the user associated with an addon or an enhancement which the user,me, would want to keep. "It should be noted that Terra Flora not only installs in the Custom Scenery, but Terra Flora replaces 2 files in the directory: Resources\default scenery\1000 autogen\forests\textures The 2 files are "ag_trees_eu_ALB.dds" and "autogen_trees_ALB.dds. So enabling or disabling the folder of Terra Flora in the Custom Scenery will not remove the 2 files in Resources. The 2 pics below are what are in the Resources/default scenery/1000 autogen/forests/textures folder: " Terra Flora ag_trees_eu_ALBdds Default ag_trees_eu_ALB.dds
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    Great set and a very pleasant livery John northern Alaska has plenty of small lakes near the Artic sea - tundra / freezing effect on the ground
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    Fine shot Jack. cheers Iain
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    We have a Dell 32” 8K monitor in our UK development centre. I use it to produce wall art for our offices (4K is too low resolution to scale to 2 metres tall) and also to see how various sims perform at 8K. To drive 8K you need two DisplayPort cables and a beefy video card. In my case I have a Titan Pascal XP with 12GB of VRAM, which runs about 90% as well as a 2080Ti but has the benefit of more memory. Why nvidia decided to offer less than 12GB on their high end cards is a mystery to me. XP11 runs very well at 8K as long as you only use FXAA and nothing higher. I can get a solid 25-30fps with most sliders maxed. It is truly stunning to behold. As for the XBOX System X supporting 8K I am sure it will be capable of that but it will take some years for developers to write “to the metal’ to achieve 60fps. At the beginning you will likely get 8K at 30fps with non-ultra settings similar to what I am experiencing with XP11 on a high-end PC today. It may also need two HMDI cables or a new HMDI 2.x high bandwidth standard to push that much data. Also keep in mind that Microsoft’s new simulator will not be released for XBOX first; the dev team have repeatedly stated it is a Windows 10 launch and XBOX will follow.
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    Interesting geography learning for me, John. I always thought the "land of the 10000 lakes" would be Finland.
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    A wonderful set of views.
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    Nice to see you back Dolf with these cool shots!
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    Outstanding shots and paint JK!
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    Thanks John, I like it when people post them too, for the same reason.
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    Excellent shots and nice looking aircraft!!!!!!!
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    Awesome shots Jack. Nice bird.Love cockpit shots too.
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    Beautiful scenery and I like your aircraft too. A fine pair of clear colourful images.
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    Just thought I would share some of the paints and a couple of new models I have been working on for the next update to the FTX AU AI Traffic pack. Andras Neuman has been busy with his model building again and is creating a few new models for the simming world. This is the Diamond DA40 Star. I have converted the default FSX Mooney Bravo to an AI aircraft and created a number of repaints. Here is a sample. I've also updated the pack to include the new fleet of AMSA Commander 604's. I've also been busy updating a few models and creating paints for some of the Australian military aircraft. Here is the new RAAF Pilatus PC-21 training aircraft to commence operations later this year. Firstly the normal livery. And the new Roulettes livery. I'm afraid I don't like the Roulettes livery at all and wonder if it will gain any sort of acceptance with the general public. Time will tell. These paints along with the updated P3D V4 models will be made available to the MAIW guys for release with one of their military packages. I've also given them updated C130 Hercules and C27J Spartan paints for release.
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    Beautiful country!!!!!!!!! If Orbx created scenery for that area I would buy it.
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